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Will Valorant Be on Console?

Is There a Possibility?

Will Valorant be On Console

Valorant is one of the greatest and most successful PC games. It’s simple to understand why Riot Games’ 5 v 5 first-person strategic shooter is still a hit. However, console-only gamers ask whether the game will release on Xbox and Playstation. Like others, you also may be wondering – will valorant be on console? Let’s find out

In FPS games, Riot Games’ Valorant pushed the focus away from typical shooters and toward a blend of fiction and tactical gameplay. The game’s sole drawback is that it is only available on PC.

It’s no wonder that console gamers want in on the fun, and supporters have been pleading for Riot to release the game on PS and Xbox since its first release.

While Riot hasn’t confirmed whether or not Valorant will release on consoles, several leaks and speculations imply that it will, so let’s look at the newest information.

Is Valorant Coming To Consoles?

Mike, a well-known Riot Games leaker, has announced that Valorant may be heading to consoles soon. Since its release on June 2, 2020, the title is only accessible on PC. It’s still unknown which systems the game will release on.

Mike announced on Twitter that “Riot is presently looking for a Valorant interface role.”

“I assume they’re looking for consoles in Valorant.”

The post in issue is on Riot’s Valorant team as a Senior Game Designer, Console. “You will build, polish, and enhance the player experience as a Lead Game Designer,” according to the job description. 

“Your analytical skills, player knowledge, and imagination help you create compelling and surprising in-game and out-of-game perceptions.” “You will collaborate with an interprofessional team and utilize every tool at your disposal to create and iterate player-centric concepts that will enthrall millions of people worldwide,” the job description states. To assist in creating console gaming goods, establish better features, modes, and systems.” 

Does This Mean Something Significant?

The console game designers’ responsibilities are numerous. But, they all amount to a thorough grasp of what distinguishes an excellent console experience from a fantastic PC experience.

Work with other fields of study to create features to meet content objectives.

Aim possibilities for innovative layout rooms in partnership with product owners and design leaders. Establish and provide numerous possible design concepts.

Intelligent barter, and threats between various possibilities.

Playtest our videogame, and help propel for upgrades for existing content.

Design and enhance systems that excite and satisfy players.

Collaborate with other departments to produce features that match product objectives. They were also looking for a mobile gaming developer. This means that we’ll be exploring Valorant on the Valorant mobile version.

Valorant is coming to consoles, according to his statement.

Is Valorant on Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch?

Will Valorant be On Console
Will Valorant be On Console

According to Valorleaks, Riot Games has two Senior Game Designer positions vacant for Valorant. It’s worth noting that these positions are only for console game creators.

A data miner discovered strings in Valorant’s files related to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The strings were already added to the game’s archives for “API purposes.”

Riot Games’ Amelia posted about the available positions on her team on May 2, hinting at a Valorant game release.

Riot Games stated in June 2020 that they’re “prototyping” a portable variant of Valorant. However, they didn’t guarantee anything since the developer feels “there’s a way to enjoy this game that we’re not convinced translates perfectly to console play.”

Riot’s job postings for the console version of Valorant show that production is on track. Therefore the studio is likely to have enormous plans to release the game on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The introduction of Valorant on these platforms is currently one of the biggest critical problems.

Coming to Xbox exclusively?

We can reasonably assume that if Riot decides to distribute Valorant on consoles, it will be for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. If or not the game will release on older platforms depends on how long Riot takes to build a high-quality console version.

There’s little question that bringing the game to the Ps4 and Xbox One might help the game attract as many users as possible, but that depends on how many people are still playing on those systems.

Several websites offer a platform for broadcasting professional Valorant and Valorant gambling, and the game will only grow in popularity. Things are looking up since Riot developers repeatedly said during Panel discussions that they would produce console releases, and the expansion of Valorant in 2021 will undoubtedly intensify this focus.

Even though Riot Games has concentrated on refining the game ever since its introduction, the idea of console expansion has been welcomed. However, players are unsure whether and when Valorant will release on consoles.

Riot is “open to investigating the new potential for other platforms,” according to Trevor Romleski, Valorant’s lead designer. – This occurred during the PC’s closed beta period.

While Valorant’s release on consoles is confirmed for Xbox and Playstation, a Nintendo Switch Version is yet to be declared.

When Will Valorant Release on Consoles?

Will Valorant be On Console
Will Valorant be On Console

Sadly, the developers have not announced the rollout date for Valorant’s console version, nor the complete assurance that they will release the game.

We know that Riot revealed a console edition of the game for some time, intending to replicate the PC experience. An insider spotted the game’s files with some console threads. Game Director Joe Ziegler revealed to US Gamer that Riot has “teams who are engaged on it right now.”

However, he did admit that the growth process was not without obstacles and challenges: “Can we apply these principles to other platforms and see whether they work?” Is it even fun to play on those platforms?”

Final Words – Will Valorant Be On Console?

For the time being, that’s all we know about Valorant’s console version and its expected release date. So while some may be disappointed that Riot is dragging their time bringing the videogame to other devices, it’s clear that they want to provide a high-quality experience for console gamers. With the company hiring for a Valorant console position and senior game designers, we eagerly wait for a Valorant console release in the near future.

If you’re reading this article it’s obvious that you’re a Valorant player, so, if you want to change the Valorant installation folder, check this out!

The game development is under process, and we cross our fingers that Riot can make a platform copy of the game that’s as entertaining as the PC version so we can play Valorant on our favorite consoles. Stay tuned as we update this post with all the latest news, leaks, and information about Valorant’s console release.


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