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Why Can’t I Type in Among Us?

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Why Can't I Type in Among Us

Ever wondered “Why can’t I type in Among Us”? You’re at the right place. The video game Among Us is plainly about working together as a unit. After all, everyone is attempting to find out who the suspect is, apparently except for the person who is really the suspect. There is a problem with certain players being unable to type in the Among Us chat.

If you cannot communicate with your teammates, you will not be able to play the game to your full potential. However, it has come to our attention that being unable to write in the Among Us conversation is a rather prevalent issue that you may easily remedy. So, if you’re also saying – “Why can’t I type in Among Us,” we have the answer to your query!

So, let’s get into it!

Why Can’t I Type in Among Us Chat?

There are 2 reasons why can’t you type in Among Us:

You Have Not Logged Into Your Among Us Account

You Have Not Logged Into Your Among Us Account
You Have Not Logged Into Your Among Us Account

As was indicated before, the Airship Update added a new, optional account system in which players will be able to join into a free account, getting access to a few more features. Players who sign up for a free account can upgrade to a paid account anytime (Custom Display Names, Account Moderation).

Although it seems that players will be able to enjoy the game by using Guest Mode, the fact is that this is by far the most evident cause of the previously described problem. For example, in the Airship Update, Among Us removed the Free Chat feature available in the Guest Mode. In its stead, they introduced a new Quick Chat feature.

The Quick Chat Wheel often comprises numerous pre-defined messages that players may traverse, allowing them to pick the proper message to send to their crewmates. Players can access the Quick Chat Wheel by pressing the “Q” key on their keyboard. Even while it was a useful tool, most gamers continued to choose the more traditional free chat option when it came to communicating with one another.

You must sign up for a free account to use the basic chat function. The new user interface for the game integrates Free Chat and Quick Chat, allowing players to switch between the two while actively playing the game. Players also can choose which option they would want to use.

You Are Below 13

You Are Below 13
You Are Below 13

After the Airship upgrade, many players reported that they could not send messages even after successfully logging into their accounts. The explanation for this problem is pretty straightforward. For example, all players who could not use the regular chat function were under 13 years old.

The game prevented all players under 13 years of age from using the Free Chat function after the latest update to this game included enhanced parental restrictions. This indicates that players within that age range had no access to any other game features other than the Quick Chat Wheel while playing.

Therefore, there are only two possible explanations why you cannot use the chat feature in Among Us. First, your account is subject to an age restriction, or the chat option is configured only to allow quick messages.

How to Fix Among Us Not Typing Issue?

Follow these methods to fix the Among Us not typing issue:

How To Create A Free Account In Among Us

For those of you who have previously played Among Us in Guest Mode, these are the steps you need to do to create a free account:

  1. Access the Account option by navigating to it on the game’s Home Screen and selecting it.
  2. You will see a pop-up screen with the option to sign in when it appears. Make use of your existing credentials to log in to a free account.
  3. After successfully logging in, go to Settings > Data and determine if the Free Chat option is on by default on your account. If not, activate it, and you should be ready to go!

Launch Among Us if this is your first time playing the game, and then proceed with the instructions outlined below:

  1. Get the most recent update for this game by downloading it. Make certain that you’ve reliably connected yourself to the internet.
  2. After the update is complete, the game will prompt you to accept the Terms and Conditions shown on the screen.
  3. If you do so, a screen will appear in the corner of your screen asking you to sign in to your account.
  4. After you have logged in, go to the Settings menu and choose to turn on free chat.

You won’t have any problems interacting with your pals using the customized text system if you apply this straightforward workaround to the problem.

On the other hand, if you have already logged into your account but can still not use the Free Chat option, there may be another problem with your account, which is something we will discuss in the next part of this post.

How To Change Your Age In Among Us on PC?

The following is a rundown of the procedures you must complete to play Among Us on the personal computer platform. Changing your age to a higher number is a straightforward solution that you can accomplish by the procedures that are detailed below:

Note: (It is important to remember that the approach described in this tutorial will not be a perfect solution and that you will be accountable for anything after it.)

  1. To begin, you will need to make changes to the configuration file already in use on your system. Open the App Data folder by navigating to C: Users[username] and clicking on it.

2. After you have navigated to the AppData folder, search for a folder that is titled LocalLow and then open that folder.

3. Within this folder, travel to the directory, InnerslothAmong Us, and then right-click on the file titled playerPrefs. Launch a text editor such as Notepad and choose the file to be opened.

4. Once you open the file, you should look for a string of digits representing your birth date and attempt to decipher it. This will be the same one that you entered when you were initially starting up the game.

5. For illustration purposes, if you were to write “11.3.2010” as your birth date, the result would look like “11,3,2010.” In addition, you may locate the required value using the shortcut key combination “Ctrl+F.”

6. Switch to a lower year of birth.

7. After making the adjustments, you should save the file by selecting Save from the File menu or hitting the ‘Ctrl + S’ shortcut on your keyboard.

8. Put an end to the file’s current session, then start the game. You have now added a new option to your device’s Settings menu to enable Free Chat.

How To Change Your Age In Among Us on Android?

If you play Among Us on an Android smartphone, you will need to delete the game’s previous save data before you may modify your age in the game. To do this, proceed as described in the following steps:

Note: (It is important to remember that the approach described in this tutorial will not be a perfect solution and that you will be accountable for anything after it.)

1. Choose Apps & notifications from the drop-down menu when you access the Android Settings menu on your Android smartphone.

2. Locate the program “Among Us,” and then launch it.

3. Select the Clear Data option with your finger.

4. Begin playing the game. After you have acknowledged and accepted the Terms & Conditions, the game will prompt you to input your new date of birth. Please bear in mind that the year of your birth must be one that came before 2009.

5. In the last step, go to the Settings menu and turn on the option for free chat.

How To Change Your Age In Among Us on iOS? 

IOS users cannot delete all of the game’s saved information and start again. Instead, you will need to remove the game from your device and reinstall it. Please proceed in the following manner:

Note: (It is important to remember that the approach described in this tutorial will not be a perfect solution and that you will be accountable for anything after it.)

1. Keep your finger on the Among Us app icon while it’s active for a few seconds.

2. Choose “Remove App” from the list of alternatives shown to you.

3. After completing those steps, choose the option to Delete App.

4. When you do this, a warning box will appear informing you that removing the application will also remove all of the associated information. To confirm, tap the Delete button. Performing this action will remove the game from your device.

5. Simply finding the icon for the App Store and opening it will allow you to reinstall the game.

6. In the search box at the top of the screen, type “Among Us.”

7. Click the GET button. This will cause the game to download once more for you.

8. Begin playing the game. Accept the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement. After that, a page that requests your date of birth will open up, and you will be required to input it. Choose any year before 2009 from the list.

9. In the last step, go to the Settings menu and turn on the Free Chat option.

Final Words – Why Can’t I Type In Among Us

To summarize everything we’ve discussed in this tutorial, the “why can’t I type” problem may occur for various causes. However, I’ve covered practically all of them and potential solutions. At first, it looked as if players were under the impression that the Among Us designers had entirely done away with the usual chat function.

But that did not turn out to be the case. The patch notes for the Airship update did not include any important information about the change made to the chat settings, which resulted in such widespread outcry from the gaming community.

After learning all there is to know about the reinstatement of the default chat function, you should be able to appreciate the game for all that it has to offer once again. You can now easily disable quick chat and unlock free chat. If you’re looking to download the game on your phone, here’s some help!

This was a complete guide on “Why can’t I type in Among Us”!

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