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Who Is The Bloodborne Doll?

Will She Haunt You?

Who is the Bloodborne Doll

Bloodborne’s storyline is a subtle and horrific tale steeped in Lovecraftian history and oozing with a few of the unique FromSoftware aesthetics in a long time for the uninitiated. You’ll easily miss many people, side-quests, and deep, dramatic elements of character development unless you know where to search or what precise actions you need to do. The Bloodborne Doll is another significant figure in the game.

Lady Maria and the Doll – why do they seem so hauntingly similar? – is one specific mind pincher that held the supporter base up deep into the night. And how it related to the overall mind-bending narrative.

Their similarities, it turns out, are no accident, and it’s at the heart of a story of unrequited love turned melancholy obsession. So here’s how the Doll and Lady Maria work for those new to the Hunter’s Dream!

The Doll does nothing unless you lose trying to battle the first foe, Cleric Beast. If you die while attempting to battle the boss, you’ll wake up in The Hunter’s Dream with one clue to the location of the Cleric Beast, and The Doll will “wake up.” To get the ability to enhance your character, speak with her. Once awoken, the Doll will walk about and respond to your actions by clapping her wrists in response to various motions you make in front of her.

Who Is the Doll in Bloodborne?

Who Is The Bloodborne Doll
Who Is The Bloodborne Doll

Like the disabled Gehrman in the Hunters Nightmare, the Doll is your loyal partner in cosmic terror at first. However, as you go through Bloodborne and gain more understanding, she becomes alive. She welcomes you gravely as a continuous friend whenever you enter and serves as a spot where you may level up your character, similar to a Dark Souls Fire Keeper.

Before you even meet her, she mentions Gehrman’s invisibility in the dreaming world, comparing it with his tenacity in continuing in the vision, “such is his mission.”

She’s a strange and solemn girl who appears in various locations across the Hunters Dream with each new arrival. Beneath her fluffy bonnet and grime-covered clothing hide a rather dark and twisted relationship to a DLC character.

Gehrman initially made her give him company. While it seems charming on the surface, there’s a frightening undertone when you dive deeper into the mythology. It’s something that people frequently neglect.

What’s Her Impact on The Story?

The Doll has a minor role in Bloodborne’s plot – she’s more of a helpful Hub Character than almost anything – but she’s a pleasant face in an otherwise unfriendly universe. She is either positioned right beside the Hunter, taking Gehrman’s duty as hostess of the Hunters Nightmare. You can also find her cradling a baby Great One, the Hunter reborn, by the conclusion of Bloodborne, based on the outcome you got.

She responds to specific flairs, like Bow, plus you can discover her Doll Set outfit in the Hunters Dream’s Deserted Old Workshop. Those who desire to complement this solemn and sophisticated Lantern Keeper may do so. She never departs the Hunters Dream, presumably pleased to welcome fresh hunters as the Old Ones’ blight draws in more lost souls’ wayward minds.

Who Is Lady Maria?

Who Is The Bloodborne Doll
Who Is The Bloodborne Doll

As You can officially call Maria or Lady Maria Of The Astral Clocktower, she is a mythical hunter in Bloodborne. The latter appears as a boss encounter in the Old Hunters DLC. She was previously a pupil of Gehrman’s and is regarded as one of the game’s top bosses.

Her combat has several phases, and it provides a challenging test and some excellent gear for Hunters who are experienced enough to take on her. A fast-paced, particle-filled fury keeps you on your feet; it’ll be a stumbling block to your progress if you’re not prepared.

She’s resting lifelessly on a chair within the Astral Clocktower, on top of the Asylum once you beat the Living Failures when you first meet her. She appears to be dead at first, but when approached, she lurches to life, grasping the Hunter for a brief exchange before fighting, attempting to block the path to the Fishing Hamlet ahead.

Lady Maria’s blade may be partially buried in a nearby well, implying that she regrets her prior activities as a Hunter – a revelation few are aware of.

What’s Her Impact on The Story?

Lady Maria is imprisoned in her lofty refuge, even though she appears to be at ease there. She previously roamed the country as a competent Hunter. However, she is now permanently bound in the Hunters Nightmare due to a curse. Lady Maria was with a party of Hunters looking for evidence of an Old One in an abandoned fishing town.

However, after discovering that the power of Kos had altered the entire community and that a massive Old One had washed ashore on a nearby island, Lady Maria and her henchmen slaughtered the villagers and their new demonic patron.

This action cast a curse on the party, imprisoning them forever in Hunter’s Nightmare, a nightmarish hell hole filled with creatures and other Hunters who had been lost in the Dream. It’s a tormented panorama of unending Lovecraftian horror from which she can not get out. And it’s difficult not to feel terrible for her, even if she brought it upon herself. Maria is stuck in the nightmare, just as Gehrman is in the Hunter’s Dream – the Student is indeed the Master.

How Are the Doll and Lady Maria Interrelated?

Who Is The Bloodborne Doll
Who Is The Bloodborne Doll

Lady Maria and the Doll have an unmistakable resemblance that even the most eagle-eyed viewer will recognize. This isn’t a coincidence or an Eldritch twist of fate; the two are connected, but not how you may expect.

Gehrman created the Doll to “keep him company,” and Gehrman chose her semblance to Lady Maria because Gehrman has solid affections for her. For a time, the two worked closely as Hunters, with Lady Maria playing the role of the pupil to the elder Veteran. But she did not reciprocate her sentiments. Gehrman built the Doll when she mysteriously vanished while visiting the Fishing Hamlet. He poured his obsession and dream for a relationship into something that isn’t possible.

While he was first ecstatic with his invention, Gehrman grew disinterested in her; the Doll may appear and talk like Lady Maria, but she lacked her personality. So he left here to remain in Hunter’s Nightmare, a courteous, almost stalker-like portrayal of someone he’d never see again. Lore’s melancholy discovery rests in that appropriately dark abyss in its bleak and depressing tone, in the classic Bloodborne way.

Some Facts About the Doll

  • The Doll will occasionally take a nap or go to a nearby cemetery.
  • Evetta Muradasilova, the woman playing the Simple Doll, also appears in Demon’s Souls as the Maiden in Black and voices Lady Maria in The Old Hunters DLC.
  • Winter Lanterns resemble the Doll in appearance and contain a deformed variation of the Doll Set.
  • Apart from her outward appearance and voice, the tropes of her clothing demonstrate her linkage to Lady Maria. Maria wore a lumenflower brooch and favored the mark like her own. Gehrman replicated these themes in the Doll’s apparel by showcasing lumenflower trends and a lumenflower pendant.
  • The Doll Set also contains the following note: “Discarded doll clothes, most likely a spare for play. The superb craftsmanship of this item and the attention with which the owner preserved it suggest a profound affection for the Doll. It has a subtle warmth to it and borders on frenzy.” This implies that Gehrman’s concerns extend beyond Maria’s.
  • The Doll has a minor possibility of humming a Russian lullaby in an unfixed version of the game. Bayu-Bayushki-Bayu appears to be the lullaby in question.
  • Suppose the player makes the Make Contact motion and awaits their hands to swap allegiances. In that case, the Doll will applaud as if praising the Hunter for appropriately acting. This is a tip for how the player can obtain the Moon rune from Mensis’ Brain.


  • A simple Doll is a lifeless machine, although she comes to life in Hunter’s Dream and looks possessed by an eldritch entity. Even though people created her, she seemed to live and sleep. She contained artificial components (the most evident are her hands).
  • She claims that “humans made her,” which might indicate that the flesh she is occupying is artificial. However, many of her behaviors suggest that she is a powerful entity. You can kill the Doll, and she can employ blood echoes to help hunters when they engage with her.
  • In the whole of Bloodborne, the Doll spills pure white blood. Heavenly ambassadors and celestial children, for example, bleeds pale blood.
  • “She is there to encourage your diseased spirit,” she says to the Hunter after getting one insight and speaking with the Doll.
  • As per the Beast Roar and Clawmark Rune, everyone has a ferocious essence. This might indicate that the Doll is attempting to lead you to transcend humanity and grow into a higher entity capable of defeating the beast inside.
  • After beating Rom later in the game, the Doll will remark, “Your presence, good Hunter, calms… I can feel the old echoes coursing through your veins.” Blood Echoes reflect the will of murdered adversaries. After Hunter consumes Rom’s Blood Echoes, she feels Hunter’s aura pleasant.
  • The Doll says she can feel “old echoes rushing through the hunter’s blood.” This implies she detects the ancients’ will from the Hunter; she notices the Great Ones’ will within. The Doll finds Hunter’s company relaxing, indicating that the Hunter evolves into something more than a beast.
  • She seems to be the only NPC in Bloodborne who treats hunters with kindness and affection.
  • Gehrman designed her outfit with enormous love that borders on madness and emits a subtle warmth, as per the Small Hair Ornament and the Doll Set. “Perhaps the doll’s designer had hoped for precisely such a buddy, although in vain,” says the Tear Blood Gem.
  • It appears that whoever made the Doll desired company to alleviate the creator’s loneliness. Because you find the lifeless Doll and little hair ornament inside the Old Abandoned Workshop, many people believe Gehrman is the Doll’s maker.
  • The Maria Hunter Set implies that Ghermandesigned his Doll to mimic Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower. Furthermore, Maria admires Gehrman but is oblivious of his madness on the set.
  • “The Great Ones who occupy the dream are compassionate in spirit and frequently answer when called upon,” says the Caryll rune Moon. We can deduce from this account that Moon Presence or some other cosmic creature possessed the Doll to alleviate Gehrman’s melancholy out of sympathy.
  • According to the letter uncovered in the lecture hall, “Laurence and his companions were drawn to the mysterious moon apparition. Paleblood.”
  • This comment implies that More than one individual used the umbilical cord to call the Moon and give birth to Hunter’s Dream. During the emergence of The Hunter’s Dream, the Plain Doll very likely came to life.
  • Maria, a Cainhurst Hunter, formerly Gehrman’s pupil, is the basis for her creation. The Old Hunters DLC subsequently verified this.

Is The Doll Good in Bloodborne?

Yes, The Doll is an unharmful NPC companion who helps you upgrade your attributes in Bloodborne. The Doll devotes itself to the Hunter. She embraces her duty as a servant, feeling it is her calling. Every conclusion shows this, as she either helps the Hunter or bids him well.

Where Can You Find the Doll?

You can find the Doll at Hunter’s Dream, generally in front of the house’s stairs, but occasionally shifts to the tombstone directly next to the house’s backdoor. Suppose your protagonist is carrying a high number of blood echoes when they return to the vision after a lengthy hunt. In that case, she will be near the gravestone. After finishing the title with a specific condition, you may find her in a different area.

How Tall is The Doll in Bloodborne?

Surprisingly, the Doll is nearly a foot higher than the player (12 Inches).

How To Activate The Doll in Bloodborne?

After gaining 1 Insight, the simple doll springs to life, and you can interact with her. Visiting Father Gascoigne’s arena or the Cleric Beast, drinking a Madman’s Knowledge, grants the first insight. She will revert to an inert doll if your wisdom dips below zero.

How to Use The Doll in Bloodborne?

You can use the Doll to level up and upgrade your character in bloodborne. Even though the Doll is lifeless, she may assist you in leveling up. Nevertheless, users should have 1 Insight at any time in the game and speak with her at least once before they can gain points at her lifeless body. For example, you can murder the Doll and bring it back to the Hunter’s Dream.

What Is the Doll Holding at the End of Bloodborne?

When defeated, a new cinematic will play, depicting the Doll scooping up a little slug-like thing and stating, “Oh, Good Hunter.” This last ending implies that the player has ascended to the level of an infant Great One. Fans are still debating if the cycle of eternal dreams, nightmares, and the hunt has also ended and whether gamers will now assume the position of the Moon Presence themselves.

How to Awaken the Doll in Bloodborne?

The Doll does nothing till you perish trying to battle the first enemy, Cleric Beast. If you fail to beat the monster, you will emerge in The Hunter’s Dream with just one insight about where the Cleric Beast is, and The Doll will “awaken.”

What Happens If You Kill the Doll in Bloodborne?

Who Is The Bloodborne Doll
Who Is The Bloodborne Doll

Nothing significant happens. If you choose to kill her (she is harmless even if attacked), you can still elevate your attributes by engaging with her shattered body. She will resurrect when you eventually return to the hunters’ Dream.

How to Get the Doll Set in Bloodborne?

Location of the Doll Set: Visit the Healing Church Workshop and proceed to the lowest level by going to the outside of the building. Enter the entryway, look for the rope dangling from the plank to the left of the entry, drop down the left side thrice, and unlock the door to the Old Abandoned Workshop.

Final Words

In Bloodborne, the Doll’s job is to care for novice hunters and empower their flesh with the force of blood echoes. It lives in the Hunter’s Dream. It’s challenging to know what she thinks since she lacks human feelings. She’s not one for light chat, but she may occasionally reveal insightful insights when you interact with her during the game. She is a very sickly spirit.

The Doll explicitly declares in one interaction that she was “made by humans”; however, you should not take this seriously as she lives in her waking world. She sometimes says that she can hear Gehrman sleeping. You’ll come across her often once your hunt begins. While you’re busy interacting with the doll, you may also wonder how long it would take you to beat Bloodborne. So check it out!

Her distant and occasionally flirtatious demeanor indicates that she understands more than she’s prepared to reveal. However, she’s relatively ignorant. Her knowledge and understanding beyond the Dream are limited to the stories told to her by previous hunters. So fighting you is not a thing she can do. This can sound strange, but it’s true.

This article was a complete guide on the Bloodborne Doll!


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