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What Does Outdated Client Mean in Minecraft?

Pretty Self Explanatory, If you Ask Us!

What Does Outdated Client Mean in Minecraft

So, what does Outdated Client mean in Minecraft? There have been a huge variety of Minecraft releases throughout the years. Also, there has been no compelling reason not to keep the game updated to the most recent version. There are valid reasons in Minecraft to keep the game in older versions, such as how combat feels, the consistency of certain features, and so on.

This indicates that there are worlds and servers scattered around Minecraft operating on various versions of the game, which might result in an outdated client error. The good news is that there are a few straightforward solutions to this error, all outlined here for your convenience.

What Does Outdated Client Mean in Minecraft?

What Does Outdated Client Mean in Minecraft?
What Does Outdated Client Mean in Minecraft?

This may be a significant downer for players when they start Minecraft and are greeted with the warning “Could not connect: Outdated Client!” The error is not confined to certain realms or worlds and will likely harm any realm users attempt to enter.

In rare circumstances, the mistake will prohibit the user from actually starting the game itself. While the issue may enable gamers to run Minecraft in some cases, it will block them from joining any Minecraft realms or worlds.

There are situations when players are running an old Minecraft client that causes the ‘Outdated Client’ error. Essentially, this happens when the server and player have different game versions. Due to its vulnerability, this error may occur for various reasons, including but not limited to a server version being greater than the version of a client trying to connect or vice versa.

Traditional solutions like reinstalling Minecraft may not be effective in this case. However, this is a typical problem when users are utilizing Minecraft servers that need people to join on various client versions.

Reinstalling Minecraft can assist with problems like Minecraft not responding. However, it’s unlikely to help in circumstances like these. For example, reinforcing the game may not always automatically update the version of Minecraft currently being used.

A Minecraft update will almost always occur if you are an active player. So many times, you’ll have to compel the upgrading procedure to happen manually.

The method might be a little difficult for some people since each Minecraft platform requires a different set of actions to complete.

How Do You Fix an Outdated Client in Minecraft?

How Do You Fix an Outdated Client in Minecraft?
How Do You Fix an Outdated Client in Minecraft?

Updating Minecraft on mobile devices running the Bedrock Edition is simple for users who access the game via those platforms. The only thing players will need to do is go to the app store on their respective devices. Depending on their operating system, they can be the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

There will be a section that lists the applications currently awaiting an update. Another option available to gamers is to search for the game. There should be the option to launch the game if all its components are up-to-date. There should also be the option to update the game if any updates have not yet been installed. For example, suppose this alternative does not work either. In that case, you may try to force the installation of the most recent game files. You can do this by downloading the app associated with the game after first removing it from your device.

Console Players

Those playing the game on PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch, will have a similar procedure to the one described. There must be a notification to update the game included for any of these players who start the game for the first time after applying the patch. Players of certain consoles will have the option to skip downloading the update. But, if they do so, they will be unable to use any online features while playing.

If the update prompt does not appear, methods are available to make the update happen manually. 

For example, on Nintendo Switch, gamers should use the plus key once they’ve scrolled to the game. This ought to bring up a menu for them, where they can check for any available updates. 

Players who use a PlayStation may do the same thing by picking the game they want to play. After this, press the settings button to reveal a menu with a section where they can check for available updates.

Users of XBOX consoles should be able to access the marketplace and search for the game. For example, if an update is available for the game, they should be able to pick the option to upgrade it. However, you should be able to continue playing the game in all other cases.

Installing the game again should download the most current official version if the update prompts are unavailable, just as they are for mobile users. As of right now, that release is 1.19.

PC Gamers

When you start the launcher, Bedrock PC players must have the option to switch to the most current version of Minecraft immediately. Players have the option to close and reopen the launcher if the update does not automatically take place. They do this to compel the update to take place. 

That didn’t help? Try uninstalling and reinstalling it from the Microsoft Store. You should download the most current update files.

Players who access the game using Java will use the same launcher as those who access the game through Bedrock Edition. When they attempt to upgrade the game, the troubleshooting techniques will continue to function the same for them. Despite this, some servers still operate on more archaic versions of Java. For example, Java gamers may play on these servers by going to the installation menu, selecting fresh installation, and then selecting the game version required for the server.

After that, players should transfer their existing installation over to the new installation, which includes the needed version of the game. Then, when the player presses the start button, the game launcher will begin downloading and installing the chosen version.

What If You Can’t Fix The Outdated Client Error in Minecraft?

What If You Can't Fix The Outdated Client Error in Minecraft?
What If You Can’t Fix The Outdated Client Error in Minecraft?

Suppose you still can’t update the Outdated Client error in Minecraft. In that case, the other possibility is that the issue isn’t with your computer. If there are no available fixes for the version of Minecraft you’re using, this might be the case as well. Another alternative is that the issue lies elsewhere. You can determine what version of Minecraft the server uses. You can do this by going to the menu option “Server List,” adding the server they want to check, and then clicking the “Refresh” button.

After you have done this, a screen will open, which will indicate, in the upper right-hand corner, the version of the game that is supported. You have the option of attempting to make contact with the administrator of the server if the server version is outdated. This will allow the players to request that they update the server to the most recent version. In addition, you may be able to temporarily switch to the previous version of the software that the server is running. This is only possible in certain circumstances.

If none of these solutions seems to work for you, the problem is due to corruption in the system. However, this issue is uncommon compared to the typical source of the “Outdated Client” warning message. In these situations, the final recourse would be to utilize a Repair ToolRepair Tool, which would search through the game’s repositories to repair corrupted or missing data.

Final Words

It should not be surprising that Minecraft is prone to various bugs and glitches. The primary cause is that you can play the game on almost any current gaming platform. One of these problems is an “outdated client” error, which may prevent you from playing Minecraft online with your friends or on a public server. This can be quite frustrating. This is mostly due to the incorrect Minecraft version or outdated version of the client. An outdated Java version or server’s version may also be the case.

To get rid of the Minecraft Outdated Client error message, players will need to download the latest version of Minecraft. The particular actions you need to do will differ depending on the platform on which you’re playing Minecraft and whether players are playing Minecraft Bedrock Edition or the Java Edition.

Also, if you’re struggling with “A JNI Error Has Occurred in Minecraft,” we have you covered!


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