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What Do Pigs Eat in Minecraft?

Do They Eat Grass or Something Else?

What do pigs eat in Minecraft

Pigs are one of the most commonly found animals in Minecraft. They are super friendly and cute too. They make excellent pets because of their friendly nature. Pigs prove to be quite useful because they give food and help players commute in the game. But, like any other animal in Minecraft, to domesticate pigs, you need to feed them and nurture them properly. So, what do pigs eat in Minecraft?

These animals are harmless, and you will even obtain a Pork Chop if you kill them. If there’s something that pigs truly love, it is indeed food.

What Do Pigs Eat in Minecraft?

If you want to build your pig farm, you’ll need to entice them back to your house with their favorite delicacies.

Pigs in Minecraft adore carrots, potatoes, and beetroots. To collect your first vegetables, you must travel to a village or a dungeon or hope for a lucky random drop from zombies. Once you have at least one vegetable, you can plant them straight on your own farm.

You can feed pigs any of the three vegetables, although we recommend beetroots. Players primarily use Beetroots for dyes. However, carrots and potatoes can be utilized as a temporary food source. You can create beetroot soup with six beets and a bowl, but a single baked potato can satisfy your hunger just as well.

How to Feed Pigs in Minecraft?

Feeding a Pig in Minecraft
Feeding a Pig in Minecraft

Hold one of the three vegetables in your hand and feed it to the pig while staring at it. The floating hearts over a pig’s head suggest that they are in “love mode” after being fed. If another pig in the vicinity is likewise in love, the two will breed and have a baby pig!

After having a baby, pigs cannot procreate for another five minutes. Baby pigs will follow their parents around for 20 minutes before maturing into adult pigs. You may feed the same vegetables to baby pigs to help them grow faster.

How to Breed Pigs in Minecraft?

Pigs Breeding in Minecraft
Pigs Breeding in Minecraft

Pigs also can be bred in Minecraft to provide a source of food near the player’s home. They can also be employed as a rideable mob, and having a large number of them at once is ideal.

Players will need carrots, potatoes, and beetroots to breed the pigs. Piglets are born when two pigs feeding in close proximity fall in love and form a Piglet. Before they may breed again, they must wait 5 minutes.

The Piglets will reach full size in 20 minutes, and feeding them will speed up the process.

How to Tame Pigs in Minecraft?

Players can feed carrots to pigs to tame them.

To tame any animal in Minecraft, you must first gain their trust. Feed a pig a carrot or two to gain its trust and tame it. This applies to all the animals. Every animal has a unique technique of becoming tamed, and players must uniquely approach them. Some species, such as polar bears and foxes, resist domestication.

They are passive-aggressive, defending against taming until the very end. On the other hand, Pigs are one of the best companions and fantastic mates for any Minecraft player.

Because pigs are naturally submissive, they are easily tamed. When pigs are shown their favorite food, carrots, they are easily misled.

To tame pigs, follow these procedures and feed them carrots.

A player must equip themselves with the carrot before approaching a pig. When the pig notices the carrot in the player’s hand, it begins to pursue him.

Once you’ve persuaded him to follow you, lead him into a secure area, such as a fence or a gate. (For this reason, you can construct a fence with a wooden gate.) There are also various buildings containing the animals. To keep the pigs from straying, construct any of them.) Close the gate once the pig is inside the fence or barn, and it will become your pet. Feed them pig food like carrots, beets, or potatoes regularly to keep them happy.

How to Lure Pigs in Minecraft?

You’ll need carrots to entice them in, which you may find in village garden plots. Zombies also drop carrots, though at a far lower rate. So approach the pig with the carrot in hand, and he will begin following you. Bring them to your enclosure and close the gate once they’re inside.

Final Words – What Do Pigs Eat in Minecraft?

There are lots of different animals in Minecraft. Pigs are popular passive creatures that can be utilized as a mount on the grass blocks of the Overworld. Pigs give lots of valuable resources. For example, an adult pig gives around 3 experience orbs. There are certain food items that pigs adore i.e.carrots, beetroots, etc. If you’re on your quest to find supply chests, you can use pigs as a mode of transport.

Pigs are an excellent source of food, and players can kill them for flesh and pork chops and retain them as a mode of transportation. Pigs love food. The players will require a special item called Carrot on a Stick to manage the pig while mounting it. Be sure to check out our other Minecraft guides if you have more queries!


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