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What Do Cows Eat In Minecraft?

Grass? Maybe, or Maybe Not!

What Do Cows Eat in Minecraft?

Minecraft, oh Minecraft. Based on your look, this very soothing little game may be either a monument to pastoral wonderlands or a horrifying industrialized future, with just a texture set or standing between the two. Minecraft is home to a vast range of animals and species. Anything you can think of, there’s a strong possibility that the standard Minecraft gameplay includes it or that you can install a patch that brings it to the game. What cows eat is a very common question in Minecraft. So, let’s find out!

The humble cow is, of course, among the most commonly disregarded creatures in Minecraft. Cattle will appear naturally in various biomes based on the type of land you see on the map.

Cows, like other Minecraft creatures, consume Wheat. When a Cow is fed Wheat, red hearts emerge over its head. This indicates that it would be in love, and you could breed them to produce baby Cows.

You can use Cows for various purposes; they produce a variety of resources, react beautifully when observed, and make an excellent addition to a farm layout or ranch. But the age-old question remains: what do cows eat in Minecraft? Don’t worry, since we’re here to provide an answer.

How Do Cows Work in Minecraft?

What Do Cows Eat in Minecraft?
What Do Cows Eat in Minecraft?

First, let’s discuss what cows seem to be in Minecraft and how these animals work in the game. Cows are docile mobs that move about and do not attack. Second, you can frequently see them wandering throughout the globe. Based on the vegetation types you’ve generated into the world, they may exist spontaneously. You can mainly find them in plains and forests, so keep an eye out for them if you have a map with such places!

How Do You Feed Cows in Minecraft?

What Do Cows Eat in Minecraft?
What Do Cows Eat in Minecraft?

Players may feed cows by clicking the right mouse button on a cow holding wheat. The animals will fall in love as a result of this feeding. However, it is conceivable for adult cows to breed while in love. This results in newborn cows that are both cute and small.

What Do Mooshroom Cows Eat in Minecraft?

What Do Cows Eat in Minecraft?
What Do Cows Eat in Minecraft?

So now that we know a fair amount about cattle in Minecraft let’s get to the point: what do cows eat in Minecraft? Fortunately, the answer is relatively easy, but it is also fairly obvious if you understand anything about these animals in actual situations.


Yes, cows in Minecraft consume grass, exactly like they do in real life. Cows are frequently seen in Minecraft chewing on hay, mainly if they are nearby. It’s something to keep an eye out for.

Suppose you’ve grown grass to make your map appear particularly attractive. In that case, an inadequately-positioned cow – or simply one that seems to have been in the wrong spot at a bad time – might destroy the entire effect by consuming that grass. If you don’t want cows to eat your grass, don’t grow it near them. It’s worth emphasizing that cows grazing has no benefit for the creature; it won’t make your cow fall in love with you as grain does.


Cows in Minecraft consume Wheat as well as grass. Cows, unlike grass, will not consume Wheat if it is only naturally blooming on your map. Wheat will have to be provided to them for them to ingest it. So grab some wheat and give that to one of the cows if you want to witness something nice. They’ll appreciate the dinner! This implies that you may cultivate Wheat near cattle without fear of them devouring it.

Wheat even has an advantage for calves: it sends them in “love mode,” which implies they can reproduce if two cattle in this phase are near one another. So there’s a possibility these cows may mate, and if they want to, a young cow will be born. We dare you not to be caught up in the moment when you witness one of these adorable creatures. Therefore, it’s worth keeping cows near Wheat only to acquire a baby cow.

There is, of course, a time constraint; cows may only reproduce once every 6 minutes. Furthermore, there is a limit to how many mobs may be on one planet, so you can end up with too many young cows if you do get overwhelmed. We can’t say we blame you; after all, baby calves in Minecraft are very lovely.

What Do Baby Cows Eat in Minecraft?

What Do Cows Eat in Minecraft?
What Do Cows Eat in Minecraft?

The grass is the major source of nutrition for baby cows. Cows devour the grass that grows on dirt blocks. When you breed baby cows in captivity in stables, it is customary for them to consume the grass. This can cause stables to appear straggly at times. However, it typically contributes to the rural life appeal of some stable designs.

Baby cows consume Wheat in addition to grass. Only the player can feed Wheat to the little cows, and they cannot consume it off the ground or pick up wheat pieces that they have dropped.

Whenever the protagonist has Wheat in his hands, nearby cows will flock to them to devour it. The cows would nearly beg you to feed them Wheat.

How to Farm Cows In Minecraft?

Step-by-step instructions on farming cows in Minecraft!

Step 1: Obtaining the Food for Cows

The most crucial item you’ll need for cow ranching is food. Make sure you get some before you continue farming the cows. Wheat, not grass, must be used to feed the cows.

Step 2: Constructing a Barrier

Till you have the grain, you may construct an enclosure for the cows, either a vast field or a tiny pen. It might be indoors or outside, but the enclosure we require will bring the cows outside, so the surroundings will be a fantastic alternative.

Step 3: Installing Fences and Gates

You’ll also have to build fences and gateways. You may use this method to create a 12-block high barrier to prevent creatures from leaping over it. For example, you may make the barriers out of wooden sticks, which will automatically link when put next to one other. In the meantime, you may utilize gates to pass over fences that you can seal with just a right-click.

You can leap out from the field by placing a cube of soil one unit away from the door as a substitute for using gates. Even if you can only wire off a section and install a gate to get around, you must create a cow’s enclosure that makes it easy to get in from any direction.

Step 4: Track Down the Cows

You can begin looking for two cows after completing the cow’s enclosure. To breed them, you’ll need two of the same species. To attract cows, keep some wheat on hand as their preferred meal. When they see that you are holding their favorite meal, they will gaze at you and approach you.

Return them to their permanent place after you have them. If you escape the cow’s corral through a gate, you’ll need something besides animal food to keep them from chasing you.

To have your cows reproduce, start feeding them. For example, right-clicking on a cow while holding Wheat will reveal the hearts above its head. But, on the other hand, the hearts indicate that they are in love.

The cattle would not react to any more attempts to get them to reproduce for the following five minutes. However, you can have four breeding cows as soon as feasible. As a result, you’ll be able to produce and expand a huge herd easily.

Step 5: Cattle Harvesting

How should the cows be harvested? Entering the enclosure is the quickest and easiest technique to collect the cows. You may also use a sword to slaughter all of them, except for a couple that you might wish to breed again.

Cows provide miLeatherther, and meat, as previously indicated. If you reap the cows you’ve already farmed, you’ll receive all of them. You may then produce any things you want in the play with those yields.

How to Obtain Wheat to Feed Them to Cows in Minecraft?

What Do Cows Eat in Minecraft?
What Do Cows Eat in Minecraft?

You can also find Wheat in the trunks of the following locations:

  • Dungeon – 1 to 4 wheat.
  • 34.1% Appearance Rate
  • Igloo – 2 to 3 wheat.
  • 55.3% Appearance Rate
  • Pillager Outpost – 3 to 5 wheat.
  • 72.5% Appearance Rate
  • Shipwreck – 8 to 21 wheat.
  • 42.1% Appearance Rate
  • Underwater Ruins – 2 to 3 wheat.
  • 81% to 85% Appearance Rate
  • Woodland Mansion – 1 to 4 wheat.
  • 34.1% Appearance Rate

Wheat is a typical crop in village gardens. The Villagers won’t object if you harvest it because they have enough Wheat Seeds to sow more. You may also find Wheat in large quantities in Village Chests. As a result, make careful to plunder Villages fully. 

You may cultivate Wheat in addition to finding it. Transform some dirt into farmland with a hoe and drop Wheat Seeds. If such a block is within four blocks of some freshwater, it will develop into Wheat if exposed to enough sunshine during the day.

Wheat Seeds are referred to as “Seeds” in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

What Are Cows Used for in Minecraft?

You may reap your cows when you’re completed with them in Minecraft to gain those essential resources. Cows provide excellLeatherther, but they will also provide steak and milk if you want it. Naturally, the method you use to obtain these materials varies based on your goals.


Unfortunately, you will have to slaughter your cows to obtLeatherther. If you can get yourself to do it, you can accomplish this with any weapon.


Meat Once again, obtaining steak from a cow necessitates the animal’s death. It’s worth it to keep a few cattle living so you can continue to collect milk (and additional cows) from them.


Take a bucket and place it next to the cow you want to milk. Your container should then begin to fill with milk. You now have some milk!

Cows provide various resources, making them an excellent choice for farming. To begin, each adult Cow will drop 1 to 3 Uncooked Beef and 0 to 2 Leather. You may grill raw beef into steaks. That’s one of the game’s greatest foods. You also requLeatherther for the production of books and other significant goods. You’ll need a lot of books to create Bookshelves to increase your enchantment, so a Cow farm may be a good option.

You may also earn Milk Buckets by putting empty Buckets on Cows. Milk will erase negative status effects when drunk. Thus having some on hand might be a lifesaver if they poison you. Furthermore, you may use Milk Buckets to produce a Cake, an amazing culinary item.

What Happens When You Feed Wheat to Cows?

Any mature Cow will attain love mode if you feed it Wheat. If two-parent cows are near enough to touch, they will mate if they’re in love. The Cows will cuddle for a brief moment before parting. A baby Cow will appear next to one of the mother Cows a few moments later.

You may also feed Wheat to young cows to help them develop quicker. For example, feeding a newborn Cow 1 Grain will develop 10% closer to maturity. A newborn Cow would normally take 20 minutes to completely mature in the real world. However, feeding them Wheat might substantially cut this time. This is also true for nourishing several other animal hordes that consume Wheat.

Where to Find Cows?

You may find cows pretty much anyplace with vegetation and empty area in the Minecraft Java Edition. Cows will occur in all biomes, except for Wooded Badlands, Snowy Plains, and Meadows. These will only emerge if the lighting level is greater than 7 and at least 2 units of vacant space available. For example, 1 to 4 Cattle can grow on verdant Dirt blocks if these conditions are satisfied. Approximately 5% of Cows will have babies.

There are various variations in Cow spawning in the Bedrock Edition. Cows will only appear if the light intensity exceeds 9, regardless of the biome or physical space requirements. Cows will also only appear in groups of two or three. On the other hand, cows have a 5% chance of spawning as infants.

You can also see Cows in the pastures of towns. You may even leash confined Cows and transport them to your land if you possess a Lead. A Mooshroom will also convert into a standard Cow if you’re using a set of Shears on it.

Do Minecraft Cows Eat Grass?

Yes, they eat grass, and the grass is their favorite food.

Do Cows Eat Wheat in Minecraft?

Yes, Cows eat Wheat in Minecraft.

Final Words

Cows are calm, passive critters that you may find wandering the world map realm in Minecraft. They are widespread, especially in woodland and plains biomes. Cows are an excellent source of miLeatherther, and steak. Therefore breeding and taming them is a terrific idea. Cows don’t eat plants. Instead, you’ll find more cows in Minecraft than you can imagine.

If you want to produce calves in the play, ensure you have enough food to sustain them, as this is the only way for them to grow strong and healthy. You might be wondering what items you must feed cows. You won’t have to worry about the cows’ food because you can find it throughout your Minecraft environment. While you’re feeding cows, you may also want to grow grass faster in Minecraft to keep up with their footing demands.

Feed cows Wheat from a fully grown wheat pile or self-grown wheat tiles. The farm life appeal matters to these animals. Feed them Wheat immediately to gain their trust.

This was a complete guide on what cows eat in Minecraft.


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