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4 Best VR Cable Management Systems in 2023

Don't Let Some Mere Cables Affect your Experience!

4 Best VR Cable Management Systems in 2022

So, what is the best VR cable management system in 2023? Many individuals have VR headsets in their homes because of VR games, applications, and hardware expansion. However, they find the bunch of cables connecting the computer and the VR headset annoying.

This article will introduce you to the most effective VR cable management systems available. Get quotes from several service providers and pick the one that best meets your needs and your wallet.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Roundup of the Best VR Cable Management Systems

Overall Best VR Cable Management SystemKIWI design VR Cable Management, 6 Packs VR Pulley System
Most Easy-to-Use VR Cable Management SystemAMVR [Pro Version] VR Cable Management System, 6 Packs Ceiling Pulley System
Best Budget VR Cable Management SystemCALIDAKA VR Cable Management 3/6 Packs Retractable Ceiling Pulley System
Most Versatile VR Cable Management SystemOrzero VR Cable Management 6 Pack

VR Cable Management Tips

Here are some useful tips and accessories for better cable management:

Cable Extensions

Cable Extensions
Cable Extensions

Extending your cables prevents you from running into the limits of your headset’s physical range or twisting it up by wrapping it too many times around your body. So, suppose you want to increase your virtual reality headset’s immersion and range. In that case, you need to know how to extend the cable.

You can use significantly longer wires or premium DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB cables. In addition, you may need to invest in active USB or other cables to reach such great distances. For example, seeing how much VR headsets use DisplayPort to connect to the PC, an active DisplayPort extension cable of up to 7.5m in length is a perfect option.

You should know that the physical range of any cable is limited. However, VR cables typically need to be shorter than that because of signal deterioration. However, using a better-quality wired headset is useless if its sound quality is degraded by a cable that is too long.

Clips and Straps

Clips and Straps
Clips and Straps

Your virtual reality cables will be more optimal with the help of clips and straps. Cables or straps lessen the possibility of the cable snaking around your waist, over your shoulder, or becoming a tripping hazard. This method of VR cable management can keep the cables from tripping you up or becoming tangled in your feet by routing them behind you.

Manufacturers don’t usually sell official clips. However, several fan-made alternatives exist. For example, clips for attaching to a belt or waistline, rubber bands, and stationary clips are available.

Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling Mounts
Ceiling Mounts

When it comes to virtual reality (VR), the best way to organize cables is to suspend them from the ceiling using elastic extensions or ceiling mounts. This way, you’ll always have access to a generous supply of cables without worrying about them getting in the way or tripping you up. This method comes as near as possible to truly wireless virtual reality systems.

The Hyperkin Freestep is one of the least expensive options. It has six extendable hooks that can be attached to your ceiling and used to hide your VR connection. Each comes with a retractable carabiner that can be extended up to four feet from its base, giving you the freedom to choose from various cable setups. You may enjoy the whole cable length without worrying about a cable on the ground.

Suppose you frequently display virtual reality to friends and family. In that case, this is a fantastic solution because you won’t have to spend the entire session holding the cable to ensure nobody trips.

Having sticky pads on the back of each hook makes the Hyperkin solution so convenient for use in the ceiling. It is not suitable for use with a popcorn ceiling. However, this wire management solution allows mounting a virtual reality headset to the ceiling to be far less messy and permanent than alternative methods.

Things to Consider When Looking for a VR Cable Management System

Here are some things to consider when buying a VR cable management system:

Ease of Installation

Ease of Installation
Ease of Installation

Mounting is the most crucial part of an installation. A proper VR headset and system to attach cable management solutions is crucial when managing VR cables.

Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee
Lifetime Guarantee

Some methods of VR cable management are permanent, while others are more suitable for shorter or longer-term deployments.

Consider environmental conditions like heat if long-term VR cable management is your goal. The presence of heat could compromise the product’s durability if you want to use a permanent adhesive cable mount. However, using an adhesive-free, clip-on attachment method may be the best choice for your application. On the other hand, an adhesive-based solution would be ideal if you’re looking for something quick and easy for temporary cable management.

Cable Colours

Cable Colours
Cable Colours

In many cases, the color of the VR cable management system will correspond with the cable’s function, making it easier for the user to locate the appropriate cable. Separating cables that run to distinct equipment or have distinct purposes can also be accomplished with the help of colored cable ties or heat shrink tubing. Recognizing cables quickly facilitates repairs and helps operations run smoothly.

Top 4VR Cable Management Solutions on the Market

1. KIWI Design VR Cable Management, 6 Packs VR Pulley System

Overall Best VR Cable Management System

  • Very affordable
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • It works very well and enhances the VR experience
  • Ceiling screw hooks, drywall studs
  • Adhesive plates for easy setup
  • 360-degree retractable design
  • We couldn’t find any flaws in this product

The KIWI Design VR cable management system uses hooks and adhesive plates to keep your cables in place. It has retractable pulleys that are adjustable and spring back into place on their own, keeping cables out of sight.

Not only are cables never going to become tangled up, but you can also retract the system in any direction.

We used painter’s tape to hold the adhesive hooks in place. At the same time, we tried the KIWI Design cable management system with various placements and orientations.

We settled on suitable placement for the hooks. Then we tweaked the length of the various retractable cables to suit our needs.

Even with an Allen key and a tiny nut, adjusting the cable length with the pulleys is easy. Holding the retractable wire steady while we adjusted the little nut was simpler with a helping hand.

After determining a suitable cable length, we hung the pulleys connecting the computer with the main VR station.

We hung one pulley from three others fixed to the ceiling using the ring hook and then tested the system.

We played with much energy. However, the KIWI Design VR cable management system kept the cable out of the way the entire time.

The KIWI Design VR cable management system was unaffected by our jumping, spinning, and whipping actions.

We had all the freedom of movement from the ring hook’s three pulleys that we needed to face Minecraft’s worst monsters.

In conclusion, the KIWI Design VR cable management system is a helpful accessory for any virtual reality (VR) setup. With its straightforward mounting and pulleys, your VR experience may proceed without interruption from tripping over cables. It has loads of features and versatility to give you the best value. It is the best VR cable management system overall.

View on Amazon: KIWI Design VR Cable Management, 6 Packs VR Pulley System

2. AMVR [Pro Version] VR Cable Management System, 6 Packs Ceiling Pulley System

Most Easy-to-Use VR Cable Management System

  • Compatible with all VR headsets
  • Adhesive hooks
  • 6 adhesive ceiling hooks
  • Screw hooks and screw caps for popcorn ceilings
  • Wire tension might be too weak for some users

AMVR’s VR cable management system is built on a foundation of silicone, ABS, and rubber, with noise-dampening technology incorporated throughout for a more peaceful and tension-free experience. The VR wire pulley system allows you to freely move around your play area without worrying about pulling your wire or headset. You won’t have to worry about tripping over or becoming tangled up in the cables of your VR headset, too.

The AMVR VR cable management system uses a noise-free integration framework of the top soft ring and pulley body plus a 360° rotation feature inside the HMD cable bracket. Hence, AMVR streamlines the VR cable management system and makes it simple to set up and take down. It is possible to increase the available space for play by combining the metal ring hook with the retractable VR pulley system. You barely even notice the pulleys as you glide along; that’s how smooth it is.

You need not fret over the safety of your cables when using the HMD cable holder, as it is made from a stretchy rubber.

You can set up the cable routing system quickly and easily. Choose adhesive hooks or screw hooks for a more permanent installation, depending on your ceiling type. For example, suppose you’re using Oculus Quest 2 or another PC VR headset that requires a VR cable link. In that case, the AMVR VR cable management system’s retractable cable will make your virtual reality experience more pleasant thanks to its mild tension, ability to extend to 71 inches (1.8m), and automatic rebound.

In conclusion, the AMVR VR cable management system is an excellent VR cable management system that will work flawlessly on any VR device. It has excellent build quality and is very easy to use. Even a child can use it out of the box. Moreover, it is a very high-quality kit, and you’ll be extremely satisfied after making this purchase.

View on Amazon: AMVR [Pro Version] VR Cable Management System, 6 Packs Ceiling Pulley System

3. CALIDAKA VR Cable Management 3/6 Packs Retractable Ceiling Pulley System

Best Budget VR Cable Management System

  • Affordable
  • Great value-for-money
  • Easy to install
  • Very comfortable VR experience
  • The wire tension could have been better

The Calidaka VR cable management system uses noise dampener technology in conjunction with materials such as silicone, ABS, and rubber to provide the highest possible level of operational silence and the fewest possible instances of cable drag.

The Calidaka VR cable management system has an extremely straightforward and uncomplicated layout in its construction. This system features a noise-free integrated design on the top soft loop, a pulley body that can rotate around 360 degrees, and a function integrated inside the cable holder.

The Calidaka VR cable management system is simple to put up and take apart. It can adjust to accommodate a wide variety of cable types so that it may secure those cables without slipping over them.

The cable management system is really simple to install, and you can use either adhesive hooks or screw hooks, depending on whether or not you wish to attach it permanently.

The Calidaka VR cable management system is compatible with most VR devices.

The kit includes

  • 1 wrench
  • 6 adhesive hooks
  • 6 rubber stoppers
  • 3 ring hooks
  • 6 VR cable hooks
  • 6 ceiling screw hooks

The VR cable management system has a very pleasant ergonomic design. Your virtual reality experience will be more enjoyable due to the retractable wire’s moderate tension. You can extend this wire to a length of up to 71 inches before automatically retracting itself, offering you a more pleasant VR experience.

In conclusion, the Calidaka VR cable management system is a good option for beginners or someone purchasing their first VR cable management system. The cable management system is very convenient, easy to install, and has broad compatibility. Moreover, the price at which Calidaka offers such performance is amazing. It is the best budget VR cable management system on our list.

View on Amazon: CALIDAKA VR Cable Management 3/6 Packs Retractable Ceiling Pulley System

4. Orzero VR Cable Management 6 Pack

Most Versatile VR Cable Management System

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy setup
  • Broad compatibility
  • Highly versatile
  • Compact
  • Build quality could have been better

The ORZERO VR cable management system is compatible with a very wide variety of devices.

This cable management system has a total of six self-adhesive ceiling hooks. It is important to point out that each pulley has a retractable wire that is 4 feet in length and a carabiner clip that will keep your wires in place.

On the ORZERO, you can change the amount of pulling force. The system springs back into shape on its own and is simple to stretch. It is simple to mount to any flat surface and unquestionably lessens the shock transferred to other gadgets or walls.

The bundle comes with six VR stretchable wire rope reels, six adhesive hooks, six mountaineering buckle reels, three key rings, and one reel of a screwdriver. The ORZERO system is an essential piece of VR hardware.

The cable organizer will not prevent you from using any of the buttons in any way. It is ideal for untangling VR wires and removing them from the path of your foot. A complete range of motion is made available by the ORZERO system. You can completely immerse yourself in the game world.

The ORZERO system uses hooks and sticky plates to retain your cables securely. However, the retractable pulleys can be changed and intended to rebound automatically, which keeps cables out of the way and clears the pulleys of obstructions.

In conclusion, the ORZERO VR cable management system is a great option on the market. It is compact, adjustable, and very easy to set up. The system is extremely lightweight and simple to put together. You’ll be very happy with this purchase owing to its enhanced versatility.

View on Amazon: Orzero VR Cable Management 6 Pack

Frequently Asked Questions About VR Cable Management

How Do You Keep VR Cables From Twisting?

Drop the full length of a cable while gripping the other end with your thumb and index finger to untwist it. Then, firmly roll the cable back and forth between your fingers, working your way down the length of the cable. You may quickly smooth out curls and kinks with this technique.

If the cables are thick, like Ethernet cables, you can coil them into a neat little cylinder. Next, grasp the bundle with both hands like you’re behind the wheel of a car and rock it forth and backward. 

Bundle Your Cables

Deciding how you’ll position your cables before you begin is important. You can bundle more cables together if you plan the route well. There will be fewer twists in the cable and less chance of it being crushed and twisted if you bundle it. Avoid using knives. Instead, use velcro or reusable zip ties to allow for future adjustments.

Although mobility is essential to a cable’s functioning, you can protect cables against twisting by limiting their range of motion using cable weights.

How Do You Keep VR Cables Out of Way?

Keeping VR cables out of the way is super easy. You can choose any of the VR cable management systems mentioned above, like the KIWI Design VR cable management system, to keep your VR cables out of the way and have a smooth, uninterrupted gaming experience.

Final Words

A solid VR cable management system is crucial if you use wired virtual reality headsets. A VR cable management system will allow you to keep your cords out of the way during gaming sessions, which is a huge time saver.

We have shown some of virtual reality’s most effective cable management systems. Also, it is our sincere hope that you will be able to locate the system that is ideal for your needs.

Our recommendation as the best VR cable management system overall is the KIWI Design VR cable management system owing to its feature-rich design and value for money. However, suppose you want a more budget-friendly approach to VR cable management systems. In that case, the Calidaka VR Cable management system is your best bet.

Also, if you want to build a complete VR gaming setup, check out the 5 Best VR Headset for Sim Racing Options in 2023!

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