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Valorant 2 Release Date, System Requirements, and More

Episode 5 Act 2 Will Fire Up Very Soon!

Valorant 2 Release Date, System Requirements, and More

So, when is the Valorant 2 release date? The current Act of Valorant is coming to a close, and with it comes the introduction of new and exciting elements to the game. Each act’s package includes Battle Passes, user interface updates, and exciting new meta-shifting material. The game’s dynamic gameplay ensures that it always feels new.

Valorant isn’t opting to go for a game sequel – Valorant 2, right now. It is opting to continue the episodes and acts system.

Act 2 of Valorant Episode 5 is coming soon, and like Act 1, it will likely include new elements in the game. Each preceding Episode had three Acts, making this the 14th Act overall.

Here’s everything you need to know about the next act.

Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 Release Date

Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 Release Date
Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 Release Date

Before we start, Valorant has a system of episodes and acts.

Riot Games hasn’t officially announced a release date yet, but they are always adding fresh material to Valorant. As a result, the release announcement of the upcoming act might come at any time. The current Episode 5 Act 1 battle pass expired on August 22, 2022. If this timeline holds, we should expect the next update on or around August 24, 2022.

If there are no setbacks, the second act of Valorant’s fifth Episode will release on August 24, 2022. Riot Games has always stuck to a regular schedule for releasing new content for this game. However, since the Act 1 battle pass for Episode 5 expired on August 22, we can safely assume this will be the release date.

Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 System Requirements

Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 System Requirements
Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 System Requirements

The system requirements for Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 are so minimal that almost any functional laptop or PC is capable of running the game. Riot Games is well known as the creator of League of Legends. Players with access to the most powerful gaming laptops or custom-built gaming computers can increase their frames per second and have a more fluid gameplay experience. Here are the system requirements:

Hardware requirements:

  • Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
  • 4GB RAM
  • 1GB VRAM

Minimum requirements (30 fps):

  • CPU: Intel i3-370M
  • GPU: Intel HD 3000

Recommended requirements(60 fps):

  • CPU: Intel i3-4150
  • GPU: GeForce GT 730

High-end requirements (144+ fps)

  • CPU: Intel i5 4460 (3.2GHz)
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 Trailer

The present act by Valorant finished on August 22, and a new one is about to take place. Riot has just released the trailer for Episode 5: Act 2. It is a new Battle Pass video showcasing a variety of skins that players will be able to win as they go through the newest season of the game.

Riot Games chose the term “Kickoff” for the new season since the first step on the path to becoming a Valorant Champion will begin in only eight days. As is customary, there is a special collection of weapon charms and skins. The clip showcased glossy skin for the Vandal and cool blue skin for Judge.

Here’s the trailer.

Including additional video showing the Champions Phantom Skin in action will undoubtedly be one of the most exciting aspects of the teaser. The finisher and the golden aura acquired by the rifle when it racks up kills are visible in the teaser for the new gun, set to come with a butterfly knife with a Champions theme.

Along with the release of the Champions package in the marketplace, a free smaller Champions-themed battle pass will also go live, complete with 10 levels worth of Champions-themed loot.

We also think this act will not include a new map as there are already seven maps in the Valorant map pool.

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Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 Gaming Platforms

Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 Gaming Platforms
Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 Gaming Platforms

The Act 2 will only be available for PC.

Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 Rumors

Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 Rumors
Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 Rumors

Here are some rumors going around about valorant Episode 5 Act 2:

New Agent: Varun Batra

It’s possible that the much-talked-about Indian-origin Agent would debut in Act 2 of Episode 5. According to reports, the new Agent’s official name is Varun Batra, although people once knew him by the alias “Mage.” In addition, there are persistent rumors that he belongs to either the Controller or the Sentinel class.

On the other hand, the identity of Varun Batra’s representative in the Valorant Protocol is unknown now. Riot Games disclosed further information on him by covering up a secret inside the Open Range portion of the game. Varun is an antiques specialist and a REALM operator in a communication sent in confidence by Fade to Brimstone.

Shattered, the cinematic accompanying the fifth Episode of Legion, revealed that Varun presently has the new power source for Legion. According to the cinematic, Legion, a mirror of Valorant Protocol on Omega Earth, intends to employ Radianite to establish a life-support system.

It would be interesting to see how Riot Games develops the backstory to introduce this new Agent who, based on his codename, may be modeled after a popular champion type in League of Legends. However, whether the authorities intend to launch the 20th Agent during the act that is about to begin or during the act that will follow is not quite apparent.

New Weapon Bundle

The Champions 2022 package will be available for a limited time only on August 24. The bundle represents the upcoming Valorant Champions 2022 tournament, scheduled to start on August 31. In addition to a Spray, a Buddy, and a Player Card, the package includes a Butterfly Knife and stunning Phantom skin.

A Champions 2022 Event Pass, which comes with some unique benefits and is free as part of this package, is also included. In addition, the Champions 2022 package, which functions as a premium weapon collection, will include the new act if it launches on August 24 and will do so automatically. If this is not the case, the bundle will be available following Reaver 2.0 as a stand-alone collection.

Valorant accidentally announced a key piece of information on a future skin collection by the official Valorant Twitter account a few days ago. Although they erased the now-deleted tweet so swiftly, observant fans and leakers were still able to get some information.

It’s interesting to note that Riot Games used an older design for a weapon skin as the basis for the Daedalus collection of hypothetical future weapon skins. However, this Daedalus skin may become part of a Battle Pass collection. Alternatively, Riot Games will sell it in the Store as part of a separate collection of weapon skins.

New Battle Pass

The battle passes that Valorant has supplied in the past have been amazing. A lot of sports enthusiasts wear skin bundles to show their support. But they’ve also impacted games in bad ways.

As with prior battle passes, we expect Riot to include new skin sets in the most recent pack. Riot Games is keeping the premise of the upcoming Battle Pass under wraps. You can connect Riot’s prior accidental disclosure of the Daedalus collection to this.

The Valorant Act 2 Battle Pass will offer three different skin packs for weapons. The same Premium, Deluxe, and Select skin tiers as the previous Battle Passes will also be available. Each skin pack will have four skins, except the Premium tier, which includes a melee weapon. We think they should’ve included a new skin line.

The melee skin is one of 13 weapon skins in the Act 2 Battle Pass for Episode 5. Users must buy the Battle Pass and reach certain levels to get these Battle Pass skins. Weapon skins aren’t the only thing you can get with the Episode 5 Act 2 Battle Pass; there are also Player cards, Gunbuddies, and Sprays to use. These supplementary goods, which act as skins for players’ weapons, can only be unlocked by leveling up their Battle Pass.

Based on prior battle pass rates, the Ep 5 Act 2 Battle Pass should be about 1000 VP, or around $10. In addition, a new competitive queue will begin at the same time as the Battle Pass, giving players a two-month window to climb Valorant’s ranked ladder.

It is unknown at this time what kind of cosmetics and prizes the Ep 5 Act 2 battle pass will bring, so be on the lookout and check back for updates.

Final Words – Valorant 2 Release Date, System Requirements, and More

So, this concludes our article on Valorant Episode 5 Act 2. While we do not have the exact release date, we think Episode 5, Act 2 of Valorant will probably release on August 24, and gamers can’t wait to dive in. Gamers will root for many new features and a new game mode. So we’ll keep you updated on further info regarding the game.

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