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10 Best Streaming Accessories in 2023

Become a Streaming Giant!

10 Best Streaming Accessories in 2022

So, what are the best streaming accessories on twitch? On YouTube, Twitch, and various other channels, many players have begun broadcasting their gaming in real-time. It has become a way for gamers to pass the time and socialize, and some have also started streaming professionally.

When you think about game streaming, the first things that come to mind are:

  • Enjoyable experiences
  • A large number of viewers
  • Extended periods spent communicating with fans
  • Possibility of making money

Yes, all these things are attainable. They require time and effort but are attainable with the correct tools.

In this article, we’ll talk about the 10 best streaming accessories in 2023.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Roundup of the Best Streaming Accessories

Best Mic for StreamingHyperX QuadCast – USB Condenser Gaming Microphone
Best Content Creation ControllerElgato Stream Deck Mini
Best Game Capture CardUCEC GAM Live
Best Streaming CameraLogitech Mevo Start
Best Audio Interface for StreamingUA Volt 276 USB Audio Interface
Best Headset for StreamingLogitech G733 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Headset
Best Lighting for StreamingNeewer 2-Pack Dimmable 5600K USB LED Video Light
Best Monitor for StreamingAcer SB220Q bi 21.5 Inches Full HD
Best Desk for StreamingSEVEN WARRIOR L-Shaped Gaming Desk
Best PC for StreamingSkytech Gaming Archangel 3.0 Gaming PC

Top 10 Must-Have Accessories for Streamers

Here’s a list of the 10 best streaming accessories for streamers:

Streaming Mic – HyperX QuadCast – USB Condenser Gaming Microphone

Best Mic for Streaming

Why Is This Important?

When you are streaming, the quality of your voice is essential. It is much more than the quality of the little video of yourself that appears in the bottom-left or bottom-right corner of your screen.

Your audience does not want to listen to hissing, popping, or a voice that is generally poor quality.

People want to be able to hear what you are playing very clearly.

Because of this, you should prioritize acquiring a high-quality microphone above everything else. For example, suppose you’re looking to upgrade your game streaming gear. In that case, we’d recommend starting with a high-quality microphone like the HyperX QuadCast. It should be the first item on your shopping list.

Why We Recommend it?

To put it another way, given the price, there aren’t many much better options. For example, the Blue Yeti is an excellent microphone, and we even have one of these in our possession. Nonetheless, we do not believe it is nearly on par with the HyperX. So when you talk, the Hyper X appears to take up a less low-frequency base, making the sound more crisp and clear while preventing any unwanted p-popping.

It also has all the capabilities, from mid-range to high-end microphones. It comes with things like gain control, microphone pattern selection, and incredibly high-quality sound recording.

It also comes with a Shock mount, so you won’t have to run out and get a separate one.

It is at this time, the greatest microphone available on the market for its price point. It is also the best microphone we have ever had, and we cannot recommend it highly enough.

The HyperX QuadCast will provide a significant improvement to the overall sound quality of your broadcast. In addition to that, it has a stunning appearance.

  • Built-in pop shield
  • Clear sound
  • LED lighting
  • Low price
  • Easy to set
  • Built-in Shockmount
  • None

View on Amazon: HyperX QuadCast – USB Condenser Gaming Microphone

Content Creation Controller – Elgato Stream Deck Mini

Best Content Creation Controller

Why Is This Important?

The Elgato Streaming Deck mini effectively enables users to preprogram various actions, making it possible to carry out those orders with a single button.

Every one of those buttons is a little LCD panel. You can personalize it by adding pictures, text, graphics, or any combination of the three.

For instance, you can play your stream’s introduction sequence with the push of a single button. Also, you can publish on all social media networks simultaneously to inform your followers that you are live.

Since you asked, we have a mini, but we haven’t even begun to touch the surface of what it can do. And we mean barely.

The Elgato Streaming Deck is not required, although it is helpful and fantastic. Everything that you can do on it, you can also do on a regular keyboard by making much effort, having much trouble, and learning much new information.

Why We Recommend It?

Simply because of the different things you may achieve with a stream deck.

Do you want to make some adjustments to the lighting in your room? That is possible, right?

What do you think about playing some manufactured sound effects instead? Oh, so it’s capable of doing that as well?

What about offering viewers some kind of incentive for mailing in donations? You can send pre-recorded greetings and pick goods, such as downloadables, with only the touch of a single button. So yes, this feature is available.

Or, what about switching between applications and having new buttons show after each transition that acts as shortcuts for the apps you just switched to? Yes, you can also accomplish that goal.

You can now do everything that, in the past, you would have had to do manually but couldn’t because you didn’t have the time to do it in the middle of the live stream by just pressing a single button on the Streaming Deck.

  • LED keys allow for unparalleled flexibility
  • Small and durable, perfect for home or travel
  • Inexpensive
  • Good build quality
  • Easy to use drag & drop software system
  • The software is a bit clumsy

View on Amazon: Elgato Stream Deck Mini

Game Capture Card – UCEC GAM Live

Best Game Capture Card

Why Is This Important?

A capture card like the UCEC GAM Live is an absolute must if you broadcast content created on a console and want to improve the quality of the stream you produce.

If you don’t have one, you’ll have to make do with the relatively limited streaming capabilities that come pre-installed on your console.

On the other hand, if you get a streaming card, you will have access to an infinite number of content options. For example, suppose you have a capture card connected in. In that case, you can send the broadcast from your console using OBS and other current PC-based streaming tools. In addition, OBS provides you with a toolbox full of streaming tools and many entertaining features. These will assist your broadcast in standing out from the congested streaming arena and identify your brand.

In addition, you’ll have the option to play in full-screen mode. So instead of having the border that still streams like on the PS4, it will have this.

Why We Recommend It?

UCEC presents a video capture card that is mid-range and comes with many capabilities similar to those found on the Elgato HD 60 but costs just a fraction of the price of the latter. It also has a sleek design and comes in with large promises.

This outstanding video capture equipment is all you need to take your game streaming to a new level. Most streamers love it because of its favorable price-to-value ratio.

You can link this gadget to older gaming consoles like the PS2. However, you can also link it to your camera, Xbox, smartphone, and other electronic devices. Fortunately, there is no need to download any software; all you need to do is plug in and stream.

It supports 4k30 input and can connect to several devices at once. The video quality is perfect to the point where it is crystal clear, and the whole watching experience provides a more natural feel.

Unfortunately, the major drawback of the gadget is that it does not have a mic port, which means that you cannot record your voice using it. Aside from that, it is a fantastic deal considering that it incorporates the most cutting-edge functions of today’s capture technology.

  • 1080p/ 60fps record resolution
  • 4K passthrough
  • Extensive compatibility
  • USB 3.0
  • Instant Gameview
  • No mic port

View on Amazon: UCEC GAM Live

Streaming Camera – Logitech Mevo Start

Best Streaming Camera

Why Is This Important?

It is much more crucial, in our view, to be able to hear every word that comes out of your mouth while you are streaming or recording videos for YouTube. It’s even more important to see oneself on screen as a grainy tiny picture-in-picture box in the corner of the screen.

There will be situations when you need to enlarge your picture-in-picture avatar significantly. In particular, producing a stream showing how you respond to an event is just as crucial as presenting it.

Because of these factors, you should invest in a web camera of sufficient quality.

Suppose you have a web camera that is up to the mark. In that case, you will also be able to produce video broadcasts that focus less on you playing a game and more on you interacting with your audience in real-time via the camera.

Why We Recommend It?

The Mevo is a purpose-built streaming camera that allows you to pan, tilt and zoom as you are recording. It does this using a specialized phone app that is very simple to use. Because you can manage the camera with a Wi-Fi connection or a personal hotspot, it enables you to stream live from any location.

The Mevo Start is the successor of the Mevo Plus, made available to the public in 2018. Yet, it has the attributes of a refined, second-generation model.

This itty-bitty camera can film at a breadth of 84 degrees or crop in and follow your face. If anything goes wrong, you will always have a backup of your live broadcast since it also records everything to a Micro SD card. You can record sound using the built-in microphone, which utilizes Fraunhofer upHear Spatial Processing. However, you can also record sound using a 3.5mm microphone or your phone.

In terms of its functionality, the application is not only simple to use and connect to common streaming platforms, but it also provides a wide range of visual modifications. These modifications are either in the form of presets or manual. For example, you will be able to broadcast to many platforms at the same time and add live graphics if you have a premium membership.

This piece of hardware allows you to broadcast your streaming channels wirelessly and in high fidelity regardless of where you are, making it ideal for those who want to take your online video content on the road. Additionally, a single charge can keep you running for up to six hours at a time.

  • Pan, tilt & zoom feature
  • Simple smartphone software
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Stream wirelessly
  • Excellent built-in mic
  • Zoom is limited

View on Amazon: Logitech Mevo Start

Audio Interface – Universal Audio Volt 276 USB Audio Interface

Best Audio Interface for Streaming

Why Is This Important?

The most important reason to invest in a USB Audio Interface is so that you can record high-quality audio signals utilizing XLR microphones. Another reason to get a USB Audio Interface is to connect your headphones so you can hear what you’re saying and the rest of the audio streamed through them. However, you can also accomplish this with a mixer and USB microphone.

Why We Recommend It?

An XLR/TRS combination input on the front panel, with phantom power (a single button for both inputs), instrument switches, and a headphone jack are all included in the Volt 276, a desktop module.

Gain controls for each channel are present on this panel, as well as the ability to switch between 76 Compressor and Vintage modes. In addition, using an analog circuit, there is a choice of 1176-style vocal, guitar, fast, or off compression during the recording stage.

However, although the Vintage option isn’t what we directly refer to, it gives the tube simulation, moderate saturation, and top-end lift of the old 610 channel from UA. Both variants have no extra controls, such as Ratio switch choices for the 76 Compressor. Nevertheless, each of the three compression levels has a distinct flavor without being overpowering.

A blue-lit direct button allows direct monitoring by wiring the inputs directly to the outputs. At the same time, the main Monitor dial regulates the speaker level. USB and MIDI connectors are present on the rear of the device. You may find stereo outputs on the side.

The 176 provides all of the above features but only allows for a single input.

In a departure from the UA brand, the Volts give a taste of the brand’s essential components at a lower price point. They don’t even operate with the LUNA software provided by UA, making them incompatible with other UAD plugins. Instead, it’s a wonderful design, a plug-and-play workflow, and an excellent audio converter that can’t be beaten in the cheap interface market.

  • Attractive, intuitive, easy to use, plug-and-play design
  • Excellent sound for the price
  • Beautiful design
  • Surprisingly competent microphone
  • Classic UA recording channels with Vintage and 76 Compressor embellishments
  • Pricey

View on Amazon: Universal Audio Volt 276 USB Audio Interface

Streaming Headset – Logitech G733 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Headset

Best Headset for Streaming

Why Is It Important?

While we advise you to stream without a headset on at all times, we understand that this is not always feasible. In such cases, the next best option would be to invest in a high-quality headset.

There are several features and capabilities that you should look for in a headset.

It has to be comfortable enough to wear for extended periods while yet sturdy enough that it won’t break when you start moving about.

You won’t be able to make out a thing if the sound quality is poor, so make sure you get a decent one.

In addition, you require a high-quality microphone to ensure that everyone can follow what you are saying.

Why We Recommend It?

The Logitech G733 Lightspeed Wireless RGB gaming headset is, without a doubt, a show-stopper in terms of its aesthetic appeal. Even those who aren’t fond of tapered or rectangular ear cups will have to admit that this gaming headset looks quite distinct from the majority of others currently available.

People have become used to the fact that headsets that place a significant amount of emphasis on their appearance do not always have exceptional sound quality. This is something that they may anticipate. 

That is not the case in this circumstance. The Logitech G733 does more than simply provide an immersive sound, particularly because of the simulated surround sound technology that Logitech sneaked into the product. It also has a plethora of adjustments so that you can make it your own. These changes range from its suspension straps to its mic EQ, including features that manufacturers often don’t include in wireless gaming headsets.

This may be the Logitech G733’s most impressive quality. The way it appears piques your interest, then the sound quality and features will blow you away. Finally, the level of comfort it provides clinches the sale.

Because Logitech is such a master of design and function, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Logitech G733 Lightspeed Wireless RGB operates exactly as well as it seems to and feels. It can accomplish it so proficiently while still providing a wide variety of customization options and features is a nice surprise.

  • Balanced sound
  • Great sound quality
  • Excellent battery life
  • Surround sound
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Long wireless range
  • Cups don’t rotate in either direction

View on Amazon: Logitech G733 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Headset

Streaming Lighting – Neewer 2-Pack Dimmable 5600K USB LED Video Light

Best Lighting for Streaming

Why Is This important?

Lighting is the single most important component that determines the overall quality of the video you broadcast that is unrelated to games. For example, you would be better off utilizing a web camera with a lesser resolution and a higher-quality lighting setup.

Suppose you have been following our suggestions in the correct order. In that case, you will know that we propose utilizing the 3-point lighting setup to generate an amazing professionally lit video. This setup utilizes the three lights (key, fill, and backlight) to get this effect.

There are many methods to provide back and fill light, such as opening the curtains behind you, putting on a lamp to the side or front of the room, or turning on the primary overhead ceiling light.

Why We Recommend It?

The Neewer Dimmable 5600K USB LED Video Light is a little unusual. It is a lighting panel that measures 5.5 inches by 3.7 inches and draws electricity from a USB connector. However, although the product website gives the impression that it is possible to connect it to a laptop, desktop computer, or power bank, and even though Neewer recommended just using an AC adapter to power the lights, it is possible that you could do any of those things.

A second complication is that the packaging does not include a USB AC adapter; thus, you will need to purchase one separately at an additional expense. Therefore, unless you are okay with continually plugging it into the wall, using it will be a difficult experience for you because of all these factors.

But if you could somehow get past this, the Neewer lights are a good option if you need to light anything on your workstation or are searching for some fill lighting for your face. This two-pack will cost you very little and provide you with two lights in addition to tripods and colored gels.

The brightness of the light may be adjusted from its maximum setting of one hundred percent down to ten percent using controls conveniently located inline on the USB cord. The tripod is suitable for use on a desk and can be adjusted to raise the light to a maximum height of about 8.8 inches.

  • Bright 55-watt lighting
  • Adjustable brightness from 100% to 10%
  • It comes with a stand, camera mount, and filters
  • It has 8 Color filters
  • Inline controls on the USB cable
  • Powered by AC wall outlet

View on Amazon: Neewer 2-Pack Dimmable 5600K USB LED Video Light

Streaming Monitor – Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 Inches Full HD

Best Monitor for Streaming

Why Is This important?

To avoid any confusion, this is not to be confused with the monitor that you use for gaming. Because this is a low-end display with low-end capabilities, you should anticipate that the games you play on it will look and feel similarly low-end.

So why are we suggesting that you do so?

Having a second monitor allows you to more easily maintain tabs on the progress of your broadcast, engage in chats with other players and spectators, and do rapid searches throughout the internet.

Believe us when we say that the last thing you want to happen in the middle of anything is for someone to contact you. You alt-tab to the message and then return to the game only to discover that you’re dead.

It makes you want to throw in the towel in a fit of wrath!

Why We Recommend It?

Although the price of the SB220Q is its most appealing feature, in many other respects, this is the perfect monitor for beginning streamers who are only testing the waters.

With this all-purpose 21.5″ monitor, Acer demonstrates that dependable quality is more than just a showy overpriced sticker price “display capable of full HD.

1920 by 1080 pixels resolution on a 21″ screen provides a high pixel density (102pp). Hence, making it possible to have clear text even in games like Final Fantasy XIII, which are notorious for having text problems. In some of the titles, such as “Kena Bridge of Spirits” and “It Takes Two,” the artwork is animated and full of life.

Acer has offered enough brightness with 250 nits and above-average contrast during gloomy settings. However, the pictures never appear boring, even from extreme angles. Yes, colors get muted, but the hue has no dramatic alterations.

Because input reaction time is under 5 milliseconds, playing first-person shooter games should not be too difficult.

The construction is lean, flexible, and can accommodate even the strictest space limits while maintaining a low weight. Because of these factors, the SB220Q is the ideal streaming monitor for beginners.

  • Low price for an elegant design
  • Three-year warranty
  • Ultra-thin IPS panel
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Basic feature set

View on Amazon: Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 Inches Full HD

Streaming Desk – SEVEN WARRIOR L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Best Desk for Streaming

Why Is This important?

Suppose you truly want to keep improving your streaming setup and have certain requirements that a gaming desk can only meet. In that case, it is worth investing in a gaming desk.

The purpose of a streaming desk is to get a more interactive experience, which, when taken in conjunction with gaming chairs, can assist players in getting into the zone during their gaming sessions. This is especially true when you use the desk with other gaming accessories, such as gaming chairs. In addition to that, they have a really interesting appearance.

Why We Recommend It?

During our testing, we noticed that this Gaming Desk is constructed completely out of alloy steel. It can support up to 330 pounds of weight, making it ultra-stable and excellent in most situations. As a result, you are free to retain any PC components together with the product.

In conclusion, it has excellent storage shelves, a wonderful cable management system, is water-resistant, and is simple to clean. The solidity of the desk is outstanding, and it is also our favorite attribute of the product. This gaming desk is sure to win over the hearts of all gamers thanks to its alloy steel top and lightweight frame. Because of these qualities, we regard it as one of the most superior versions. We’ve even ranked it among the top gaming desks.

  • Solid steel frame and ultra-stable
  • Spacious and space-saving
  • Enhanced storage space
  • Unadjustable desk height

View on Amazon: SEVEN WARRIOR L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Streaming PC – Skytech Gaming Archangel 3.0 Gaming PC

Best PC for Streaming

Why Is This important?

When you’re broadcasting live games, your computer does two things at once: playing and broadcasting. Since Twitch broadcasting doesn’t put much strain on your computer, you can stream from just one machine if your CPU has enough cores (we suggest six at least).

But suppose you want to stream AAA titles and visually tough games like first-person shooters. In that case, removing the streaming pressure off your gaming rig allows it to do what it does. Instead, it leaves the lesser weight of broadcasting to a less remarkable streaming PC.

Hence, having a streaming PC is crucial.

Why We Recommend It?

A boutique PC builder’s goal in 2023 is to construct some of the most powerful gaming rigs that you just can’t build yourself. And they do it at a reasonable price. But, as you can see from the SkyTech Archangel 3.0 gaming PC, making a personal computer is simpler than ever. Also, custom PC makers are developing distinctive chassis and souped-up connections that are eye-catching.

In addition to its tempered glass pane and RGB-lit fans, this budget-conscious gaming tower has an AMD Ryzen CPU and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card that provides a seamless 1080p gaming experience.

Using a fast SSD, the SkyTech Archangel 3.0 Gaming Computer is about 30 times quicker than a typical PC. This product’s graphics card has a 6 GB capacity, making it ideal for playing games demanding much graphical power. Also, it has a 6-core AMD 2600X CPU.

The robust Wi-Fi channel on the SkyTech Archangel 3.0 Gaming Computer enables you to utilize the product with as many wireless devices as possible. Along with this, the device also contains 3 RGB ring fans, which serve to promote optimum air circulation inside the cabinet.

  • Solid 1080p gaming and streaming performance
  • Sleek-looking case
  • Clean installation and cable management
  • No front USB-C ports or flash-card reader

View on Amazon: Skytech Gaming Archangel 3.0 Gaming PC

Final Words – Best Streaming Accessories

You will need to invest in better equipment if you want to treat live game streaming as a serious endeavor and are considering making a profession out of it. Your streaming company will be heavily influenced, both positively and negatively, by the video quality and the equipment that you utilize.

Suppose you want to take your streaming business to the next level. In that case, you should invest in a gaming workstation, a gaming chair, and other great streaming gear.

Pair these streaming accessories with the Best Streaming Software For Twitch, and take your streaming to the next level.

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