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Stellaris Bunker Bot: A Crucial Event

Let's Crack This Event!

Stellaris Bunker Bot: A Crucial Event

So, what is the Stellaris Bunker Bot all about? In Stellaris, as your empire expands and you dispatch your science ships to explore the galaxy’s far reaches, you will encounter more strange occurrences.

You can find the thrill in this category’s ordinary spectrum of anomalies. One of the anomalies that stands out as particularly fascinating is known as the Stellaris Bunker Bot anomaly.

You’ll have a few different options, each of which will get you a different reward. Continue reading this article if you are not a gambler but still want to know which options yield what benefits.

Stellaris Bunker Bot: All You Need to Know

Stellaris Bunker Bot: All You Need to Know
Stellaris Bunker Bot: All You Need to Know

What Is the Stellaris Bunker Bot?

What Is the Stellaris Bunker Bot?
What Is the Stellaris Bunker Bot?

The Stellaris Bunker Bot is a massive supercomputer buried deep underground, approximately the same size as a battleship.

Locating something buried in Stellaris is exciting because such discoveries are uncommon. People believe that the computer is in a secret location for hundreds or maybe thousands of years while it has been working on a single issue.

Following your team’s discovery of the computer, it will send out a message, but no one will know to whom it is addressed.

Everything about this machine sounds a little fishy to us. Since we have all watched The Terminator and The Matrix, science fiction has instilled a deep-seated distrust of unknown supercomputers in us.

To your great fortune, none of the choices you can make will result in very significant benefits in the long run.

Suppose you don’t intervene and stop the computer from carrying out its program. In that case, there is no danger of an evil artificial intelligence seizing control of your empire.

Stellaris Bunker Bot Choices

Stellaris Bunker Bot Choices
Stellaris Bunker Bot Choices

So, what are your options, and what are the consequences of each?

  • Destroy the computer and disassemble it for its components.
  • Make use of it to improve the research capabilities of your empire.
  • Let it continue


“A computer that has failed to solve a single problem in a thousand years will serve us better as a new ship hull….”

The first choice is to detonate the device and then dismantle it for its valuable components. If you choose this route, you will be able to obtain the following items:

  • 100 alloys
  • 50 minerals
  • 50 rare crystals

It’s nothing to write home about, but getting a swift kick in the teeth from your new AI master is preferable, isn’t it?

Make Use of it for Your Own Purposes

“This requires that we keep the AI maintaining the facility offline and will cause the computer to break down within the foreseeable future.”

You have discovered an incredible supercomputer, and you figure you might as well use it for a bit. Doing this will get you:

  • The Bunker-Bot modifier provides an additional 10% to monthly engineering production and lasts ten years.

A pleasant bonus that will surely be beneficial in the long run.

Just Let Things Stay As it Is

“We had better not disturb it. Whatever problem the computer is trying to solve, it seems important….”

You have the choice of allowing it to continue calculating in the expectation that it will eventually produce results that are of some use to you, or you may choose the option that feels the most like a gamble.

Well, here’s what you’ll find out straight off the bat:

  • 200 influence

Which is certainly not anything to scoff at.

Having the Distant Stars DLC is required to appreciate what this event has to offer fully.

If you do have the DLC, then the game will incorporate the outcomes of this decision into the L-Cluster and L-Gate event without any more consideration.

What Is the L-Gate?

What Is the L-Gate?

The L gate is an isolated entrance to the campus. The sole gate provides access to a single group of schools and is not connected to any of the other gates.

The only way to get to the stars is through the L gate, and what takes place there is very cool, but we won’t give anything away here.

However, you need to know that activating the L gate is not a simple process. Therefore, you will need to finish a specific project to activate the L gate. To finish this project, you will need L-Gate insights.

Our good buddy, the Stellaris Bunker Bot, comes into play because the unique project requires seven L-Gate insights, which you may obtain through the Bunker Bot.

The game will reward you with one L-Gate insight at some point in the not-too-distant future after beginning the unique L-Gate project Bunker if you just give the Stellaris Bunker Bot room to do its own thing.

Which Stellaris Bunker Bot to choose?

Which Stellaris Bunker Bot to choose?
Which Stellaris Bunker Bot to choose?

Your current position in the game and whether or not you have the Distant Stars DLC both factor into the choice you have to make.

Option 1 is the least fascinating choice. Even though it has some pretty crystals, the alloys and minerals it contains are nothing to write about.

Nope, cancel this.

Option 2 is where things start to get interesting. For example, a 10% increase in research is a great little windfall, so consider this option if you’re hoping to obtain a technological advantage and accelerate through particular tech trees.

Option 3 provides substantial influence; therefore, if you concentrate on expansion but are frequently short on influence, you should probably choose this choice.

On top of everything else, we have the L-gate, which shouldn’t be a cause for alarm if you don’t have the DLC or are still early in the game and haven’t found an L-Gate yet.

Finding an L-Gate and gaining the necessary information for the Bunker Bot might take a long time. However, there are many different ways to acquire the necessary insight.

You can concentrate on the tangible prizes instead of the L-Gate because it may not come for a very long time.

On the other hand, if you are getting near to finishing the remarkable job, the third alternative will become a lot more enticing to you.

We don’t want to give away the outcomes of the Stellaris L-gate. However, there are some excellent rewards to be had. If you’re getting near to completing the project, it’s worth accelerating towards that goal.

When everything is said and done, the question of what to do with the Stellaris bunker bot is not particularly pressing.

Since developers have eliminated bugs from Stellaris Bunker Bot 2.2 in recent releases, you should just select the option that now gives you the reward you require.

There is no “wrong choice,” and regardless of your path, you won’t derail your campaign.

Final Words

The Bunker Bot event is among the most intriguing and puzzling ones during the game. Regardless of your options’ charm, making a decision might sometimes be difficult. Nonetheless, please remember that there is no “wrong choice” other than the one you start with. In addition, selecting anything will not result in any bad consequences, as this event will not produce any unfavorable consequences.

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