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Play to Earn Games – A Detailed Guide

Let's Dive Deep Into the P2E Universe!

Play to Earn Games

Play-to-earn games reward participants with virtual currency or non-fungible tokens. These blockchain-based video games, also known as P2E, have exploded in popularity over the last decade, becoming a staple of practically every virtual world. Each site has its coin to compensate video gamers for their time investment.

One of the chief factors why play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity have grown so prominent is the key to gaining real-world dollars while having a great time. Another is to develop NFTs that you can turn into lucrative assets.

This article will discuss some popular play-to-earn games and how you can earn money from play-to-earn games. So without any further ado, let’s jump right into it!

What Is a Play to Earn Game?

Play to Earn Games
Play to Earn Games

A play-to-earn game is an online game wherein the player plays games in return for real-world rewards. For many years, players have been generating money from video games through tactics such as “gold farming” and illicit broader market places for game stuff. The introduction of blockchain technology and NFTs have altered the game.

NFTs are cryptographically different tokens that you may use to demonstrate ownership of materials such as images or music. For example, blockchain-based games let users acquire ownership of in-game goods like virtual clothing or buy plots or buy land.

In contrast to classic games, where in-game assets are kept on closed data network systems and controlled by the firms who created those games, NFTs allow the players to possess unique traits that they gain. Furthermore, if you possess any NFT, you may sell it outside the site on which the makers made it, something traditional games cannot do.

NFTs representing in-game items may be acquired and traded for fiat cash on any NFT marketplace. Because unique NFTs are scarce, they have real-world value.

There is no reason to play typical games other than for pure enjoyment. You charge for such a game, and unless you are a popular esports player or even a streamer with a large following, users will not be able to make money from it. On the other hand, Blockchain gaming allows users to make real money.

Players may transfer value. Also, the game will pay to participate irrespective of who they are or where individuals live on the earth since blockchain technology lets users transact from anywhere.

How to Earn Money Through Play to Earn Games?

Play to Earn Games
Play to Earn Games

There are multiple internet games by different game developers that could help you make extra cash. Virtual rummy is indeed a game that could be quite profitable. It is a wonderful alternative to part-time work if you want to augment your earnings.

Virtual rummy is the solution if you’ve thought of ways to make money with games. For example, one may know for yourself by enrolling in KhelPlay Rummy.

Playing Online Casino Games

Online casinos are the best and most popular way to make and win extra money. It can also be a great way to make money if you choose your games correctly. Online casino games are the solution if you’re wondering how to make an income online by playing games.

When it comes to an internet casino game, we all know that poker and blackjack are essential. These two thrilling games will net you a large sum of money. So if you’re wondering how to make money playing a game, one option is to play popular casino games.

You might want much practice to earn money in poker, but if you become a great player, you can quickly earn in-game currencies. If you’re wondering how to make money in virtual worlds simply by playing games, poker is the solution. It’s not easy, but it’s unquestionably the answer. Blackjack, on either hand, is a simple and entertaining game that you can learn in minutes. It provides an incredible possibility to win a large sum of money.

Game Testing  

Another common way to earn money is through game testing. The best way to learn how to generate money with games is to test them. The job role of this profile is new play games by performing tests, discovering issues, and providing feedback on the game. These occupations pay handsomely, but playing the same game over and over may grow tedious.

Remember that this is not your typical gaming session with friends or family. This task requires you to test every aspect of the game; each nook and corner of the game need your attention. Game testing is an excellent job for anybody interested in learning ways to earn money online through games.

8 Best Play to Earn Games

Play to Earn Games
Play to Earn Games

Lucky Block – Overall Best Play to Earn Game

Look no farther than Lucky Block for the greatest play-to-earn (P2E) crypto game in 2023. Lucky Block is a cutting-edge crypto-gaming platform housed on a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that allows gamers to win a prize every day. These jackpots are given out in LBLOCK, the native token of Lucky Block, allowing for quick reward distribution.

LBLOCK debuted on decentralized exchanges early last year, having a 12% tax on token purchases going straight to the Lucky Block reward pool. As a result, the prize pool is worth more than $2.2 million, with prize drawings set to begin in mid-May 2023. The game will choose every winner randomly using Chainlink VRF technology, guaranteeing Lucky Block follows all applicable regulations.

Tickets to Lucky Block’s daily prize drawings cost $5, and you must pay in LBLOCK. You can obtain LBLOCK in minutes by visiting Lucky Block’s website, purchasing BNB with a debit card, and then exchanging it into LBLOCK. Notably, LBLOCK users who connect their in-game cryptocurrency wallet to a Lucky Blocks platform will get an entry in every daily prize draw.

Luck Block will also contain extra P2E aspects, such as a slew of lotteries both for digital assets and physical items and these prize drawings. There will also be a games Gallery component with geo-targeted P2E games, providing players with even more possibilities to win prizes. In addition, Lucky Block NFT holders will be involved in special daily prize draws that run concurrently with the platform’s main drawings. Hence, giving them two opportunities to earn every day.

These aspects of a Lucky Block network have contributed to massive buzz, as indicated by the official Telegram group presently has over 46,000 members. With prize drawings starting soon, When it comes to the finest play-to-earn games, Lucky Block is our top option.


Silks is another of the greatest learn-to-play games for 2023. They are more than just a blockchain-powered game; it’s a whole metaverse in and of itself. This earn-to-play game acts as a link between truth and the digital metaverse.

Silks have created its virtual environment wherein it brings a horse race adventure to life. The platform integrates training history, racing data, species, bloodlines, and other data to produce one-of-a-kind digital horses.

This implies that you may own virtual horses in the form of NFTs linked to real-life thoroughbred racehorses. Each time a real horse wins a race, you, the owner, will receive $STT, Silks’ native crypto asset. There are several racetracks where you may compete with your horse.

As previously stated, NFTs will represent the horse and hence will be transferrable, allowing for the formation of the secondary market. For example, you may spend $STT on non-fungible tokens for property and other things in the Silks ecosystem. Staking Bitcoin, breeding, and selling horses are other methods for players to profit.

Moreover, the Silks roadmap states that a public sale of avatars will occur during the second quarter of 2022. The very first open bidding of Silks horses would take place in the third quarter, accompanied by property and stables for sale. In the fourth quarter of 2022, Silks individuals would be able to generate racing and breeding rewards through metaverse registration and onboarding.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is among the greatest blockchain games to make money for creative individuals. Makers created The Sandbox as an open-world game based on Ethereum. Since then, the title has transitioned to Polygon’s layer 2, mostly to lower the carbon footprint and taxes while also increasing speed.

It is a famous Game Fi crypto token initiative with a game similar to Roblox or Minecraft. You may create in-game items in the social center, build your universe, and plan adventures. Also, you can now resell everything for a profit. You could, for example, create your unique mini-game and charge others to play it.

The most precious resource in the Sandbox is LAND. Each LAND is an NFT that represents virtual land ownership. Players can even create their unique locales. As a result, you may rent out the LAND to others.

These P2E games also enable you to build one-of-a-kind items that you can sell. As a result, if you like making art, you can sell it in the market and earn SAND tokens. You can also utilize SAND tokens for value transfers, governance, mortgages, and other purposes in the metaverse.

You may acquire SAND tokens by participating in tournaments and playing games on the platform. The Sandbox is accessible as a mobile app and for Windows, iPad, and Mac. You may purchase sandbox coins on e Toro for a minimal and transparent charge.


Splinterlands is one of the best P2E games that use card-based NFT technology. This game is only available on the Hive chain and connects to various others. The card game was previously known as Steam Monsters, but gamers can battle monsters for prizes.

This game begins with a limited amount of cards. When you win more stages and win more in a shorter period, the number of tokens, you are handed increases. So you can level up by combining the two or multiple of the same card.

Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), an ERC-20 token, can be obtained through winning battles, purchasing cards, or engaging in other activities. Winning fights is the most common way to gain DEC. Furthermore, the game grants DEC depending upon your and the opponent’s ability and the proportion of captures obtained in each battle.

Your capture rate falls as you win, diminishing your payment, but it steadily refills between victory. Selling cards is another excellent way to obtain DEC. The game will reward every sale with DEC tokens. Cards with a higher rank are more valuable.

Splinterland is one of the best Android play-to-earn cryptocurrency games. If you’d rather play on your computer, the game is available for iOS and desktop. Although this game uses DEC, users might even make in-game purchases with Basic Attention tokens (BAT).

Pirate X Pirate

Pirate X Pirate is a blockchain-based NFT adventure with a turn-based strategy game. In this virtual world, you earn money by embarking on high-seas adventures.

Recruit your crew, build your fleet, and then put your skills to the test by battling against other pirates for money. You and your fleet will contribute to developing a pirate metaverse with its self-contained economy. The size of a ship and the matching abilities of a crew assigned to complete it determine the rewards and duration requirements of a mission.

People often use smaller ships for jobs that are easier to complete and require less time. Bigger ships, on either hand, are built to go on more arduous excursions that will take longer to accomplish but will pay off handsomely.

Every task necessitates a ship, a captain, and multiple staff men. The abilities of the two individuals will decide the additional prizes earned when you accomplish the work. Upgradable NFT avatars, multiplayer PVP mode, single-player awards, and an in-game shop are among the features. PXP is the in-game currency.

Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis, a blockchain-based puzzle game, has a fantasy RPG flavor. This title stands out since it is one of the greatest free-play-to-earn crypto games compatible with several blockchains.

At the time of writing, there are around 300 blockchain cards accessible in this game. Ethereum, Klaytn, & Bitcoin are all compatible blockchains. Within the game, an Asian Merchant offers blockchain cards directly to you. As a result, you may purchase these cards in-game using crypto tokens.

You start with such a four-card deck as your team. To shoot, aim with your finger and then release. The goal of your game is to hit the competitors as many times as you can. When you hit an opponent, you deal a certain amount of damage to them.

Try to remove enemies before they have a chance to fire. Spells are crucial in the Spells of Genesis. Spells are special powers on a card that can affect your own or your opponent’s cards. They may heal and protect your cards while also increasing the level of damage you are doing to your opponents.

Upgrade to their greatest level and afterward fuse 2 copies of the same card to make a stronger card. For example, a completely leveled-up card may be converted into NFTs and sold outside the games or withdrawn to just a blockchain account of your choosing.

The play-to-earn feature in Spells of Genesis essentially rewards players with crypto that you can convert into cash in exchange for the time spent playing a game. For example, you may spend Ethereum to purchase in-game products to increase your earning potential.

Star Atlas

With its expansive metaverse, Star Atlas is reinventing how a play-to-earn game could be. The Solana protocol enables a mostly serverless and safe gaming experience depending on blockchain technology. 

Three basic organizations have formed and are competing for resources in the game: an alliance of alien species, sentient robotics, and human. The game incorporates deflationary dynamics that eliminate resources used to make items whenever you generate a new item.

For example, if you lose a fight with another player, your NFT ship would be destroyed and burned. Star Atlas becomes more challenging as you leave the safety of NPC-populated villages and go into the unknown.

The game will reward you more richly if you make it out alive. Because the makers constructed this game on the Solana blockchain, SOL tokens will be required to perform transactions and record NFTs. Players can earn money by purchasing and selling products in the online marketplace represented by NFTs and ATLAS tokens.

Decentraland – Buy and Sell Virtual Real Estate as NFTs in the Metaverse

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Decentraland if you’ve done any research on the greatest P2E games. This is a virtual environment based upon an Ethereum blockchain in which you might earn NFTs by playing. The game also offers you land areas as NFTs, and various businesses are building shops there in the Decentraland world. This is the most undisputed play-to-earn crypto game. So you can find the in-game economy to be very interesting.

This includes anything from Samsung through fashion labels such as DKNY, sporty labels like Sketchers, or even Selfridges. In Decentraland, you can try to gain money by acquiring MANA tokens and waiting for a value to rise or buying land, represented by the NFT plot.

Then, you will hope that the price of your chosen polts goes up so that you make a profit. Owning a parcel of land might also help you generate money in a casino. Then, of course, casino owners ultimately acquire a roulette, blackjack, and poker table. Finally, you can receive a commission upon that money produced as the proprietor of a casino NFT.

In contrast, working as a casino host is comparable to becoming a dealer in that you engage with customers. The casino customers are real people in Decentraland. Avatars represent them. People can also generate money via advertising, organizing events, and charging for their services. To participate there in the Decentraland ecosystem, you must purchase MANA tokens.

How to Earn Crypto by Playing Games?

You may earn cryptocurrency by participating in crypto games that reward participants with free crypto.

Final Words – Play To Earn Games

It won’t be wrong to say that playing to earn crypto games is the next sensation in the gaming universe. And what’s better if you could make a good amount while entertaining yourself. Most play-to-earn games are not free-to-play. Play-to-earn gaming is very prominent these days.

However, it would be best if you were careful of the games asking for initial investment due to crypto volatility. You’ll be able to earn rewards in the games. To earn in-game currency, you need to make an initial investment.

Also, if you want to learn more about crypto gaming, check this out!

This was a complete guide to play-to-earn games.


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