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Is Fall Guys Free?

Good News Incoming?

Is Fall Guys Free

So, is Fall Guys free? The game, developed by Mediatonic, is now free on various gaming platforms, including PCs, PlayStation consoles, Xbox gaming consoles, and Nintendo Switch. Fall Guys mark the developers’ creativity. The gaming community has approved the developer’s choice to make Fall Guys a free-to-play game. This is evident because the game has registered more than 20 million players since the announcement.

In this article, we’ll learn more about Fall Guys.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Quick Intro

Fall Guys is a party royale game that you may play across many platforms simultaneously. You will compete in minigames against anything from one to sixty other players, regardless of whether you go it alone or team up with your pals. You should do all in your power to avoid others knocking you out, and if all goes well, you should be the only one left standing at the end of the match. All fellow contestants compete for the title. So, be careful.

The challenges are reminiscent of the television game show “Total Wipeout,” which is an inspiration for these challenges. Many minigames have an absurd obstacle course chaos until one lucky victor remains. However, there is still a respectable amount of variety in the selection. For example, attempting to win that first-place trophy may be pretty addicting, and you might repeatedly say “just one more round” in the process.

Is the Game Fall Guys Free?

Is the Game Fall Guys Free?


Developer Mediatonic announced that their battle royale game would be made available for free on all platforms beginning on June 21.

On May 16, Mediatonic announced that on June 21, Fall Guys would be made available without a subscription fee. In addition to moving on PlayStation and PC, Fall Guys will be made available as an unpaid title on all Xbox Consoles and Nintendo Switch. This comes after the game transitioned to free-to-play on PlayStation and PC.

In the not too distant future, the PC version of Fall Guys also will be made available for purchase directly through the Epic Games Store. After the game shifts to the Epic Games Store, Mediatonic has indicated that newbies will no longer be allowed to purchase Fall Guys anywhere. However, this change will not affect users who already have a game copy. 

According to Epic Games, players who previously acquired Fall Guys will be eligible to receive an in-game Legacy Pack as a thank-you gift. This bundle comes with a season pass for the first season, a nickname, a nameplate, and three new costumes. The names of the new costumes are Regal, Veggie Dog, and Feisty Dwarf.

In addition, pre-registration for the Fall Guys premiere has been made available by Epic Games. Also, the developer is providing incentives in the form of awards to entice gamers to sign up. There are a total of five awards up for grabs. They are as follows: a nameplate, 3,500 Kudos, a pattern for hamburgers, an emote called “Muscleman,” and a costume called “Melonhead.”

How Long Is Fall Guys Free For?

We think it will now be free forever.

Is Fall Guys Free on Xbox?

Yes, it is is free on Xbox.

Is Fall Guys Free on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, it is is free on Nintendo Switch.

Is Fall Guys Free on Chromebook?

Yes, it is is free on Chromebook.

Is Fall Guys Free With PlayStation Plus?

It is universally free, meaning the game is free whether or not you have a Playstation Plus subscription.

Will Fall Guys Be Free on PC?

Yes, Fall Guys is free on PC.

How Do You Get Fall Guys for Free?

The online battle royale party game Fall Guys is downloadable free from the Epic Games Store. If you include it in your collection, you will always have full ownership of it and will be able to play it whenever you like.

To obtain Fall Guys from the Epic Games Store, you must go to the page designated for free games on the Epic Games Store website. To play the game and claim the title, you need to have an Epic Games account and the Epic Games software client installed on your computer; however, all these things are free.

Suppose you are interested in giving it a shot. In that case, the instructions provided below will walk you through the process of downloading Fall Guys for free on a PC:

Start the Epic Games Launcher by clicking on the Epic Games logo or download the Epic Launcher from this site.

If you already possess an account for Epic Games, you can use that one to sign in. If there’s not already one, you should create your own.

After logging in, go to the search field and type “Fall Guys.”

You must click the Get option to include Fall Guys in your Library.

After hitting the “Install” option, all you have to do to begin downloading Fall Guys is going to your Library.

Before installing Fall Guys on your computer, you must ensure that your machine meets the System Requirements. This will allow you to determine whether or not your computer is compatible with the game and whether or not it can handle the load.

Final Words

So, that was it for today. We hope we answered your question on “Is Fall Guys Free?” Fall Guys is indeed a free-to-play title on all platforms. So, don’t wait and play Fall Guys.

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