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Is Elden Ring Cross-Platform?

Uniting Sony and Microsoft or Not?

Is Elden Ring Cross Platform?

Is Elden Ring Cross Platform? All the games that FromSoftware has developed and released after Demon’s Souls have been crazy, and all have introduced mind-boggling features that no game developer has even tried to introduce into their games. We’re not talking about just the difficulty. These features include leveling up, storyline, currency, and how characters die in the game.

When FromSoftware introduced these features in the games, every gamer was unaware of how to make the most of these features. These features were simply new, and the gamers had seen such a game style for the first time. Perhaps the best innovation came in the multiplayer components.

Elden Ring is a brilliant improvisation to the previous games from FromSoftware, mainly made to give the players an open-world game. The title retains a majority of multiplayer innovations like ghosts, player-written messages, bloodstains showing memories of the dead, summoning assistance, invading, and getting invaded.

Fans of the studio will instantly notice the changes and the similarities that Elden Ring has inherited from its previous titles.

But, since the game is coming to all next-gen and previous-gen platforms, will you be allowed to team up and play with your buddies on different platforms? Let’s find out.

Is the game Cross-Platform?

Is Elden Ring Cross Platform?
Is Elden Ring Cross Platform?

Elden Ring has had very high stakes to keep up with since the inception of the game’s development. Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s most recent addition to a series of super-successful open-world games like Dark Souls. But, the game has surpassed every expectation on every possible front almost easily.

Elden Ring is available to play on all platforms, including Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox, and PC. It also features a slick multiplayer mode that you can enjoy with your buddies all over the globe. But, the game disappoints in terms of having cross-platform support.

Unfortunately, there is no cross-platform support for Elden Ring, and if you’re a diehard multiplayer gamer, you’ll be very disappointed because if you play on an Xbox, you won’t be able to play with a friend who plays on a PS4. The same goes for PC as well.

The developers are constantly releasing updates and improvements, but we do not expect cross-platform play.

Is Elden Ring Going to Be Cross-Platform Multiplayer?

No, Elden Ring is not a cross-platform multiplayer. Instead, the game does not support cross-platform gameplay, which means you’ll only be able to play with friends that play on the same platform as you.

Elden Ring only features cross-gen support, which means that if you’re playing on a PS4, you can play with PS5 players. Elden Ring features a smart delivery system that automatically updates your current-gen game to the next-gen on the console that you’re playing in.

From Which Platforms Will Elden Ring Get Cross-Platform Support?

Elden Ring will not get cross-platform support from any platform because Elden Ring has cross-gen support. It will enable players to play with players in the same console family, like PS4 players with PS5 players and Xbox One players with Xbox Series X players.

How Will Elden Ring Cross-Platform Work?

There is no cross-platform support for the game. As of now, the developers have no plan of introducing cross-play into the game. But, we hope that Bandai Namco will enable cross-platform support on Elden Ring soon. The game only supports cross-gen play, which means PlayStation users can play only with other PlayStation users and vice versa.

Final Words

Elden Ring has a lot of hype around its name since its release on multiple platforms. Many players have been wondering the same thing – “Is Elden Ring crossplay?”. The answer to your question would be disappointing because the game doesn’t feature crossplay support.

Elden Ring features a smart delivery system that gives your copy of the game a free current-gen upgrade. Elden Ring, however, allows you to summon players in your game and world by using a consumable item, “Furlcalling Finger Remedy,” which is very cool. This was a complete guide on if Elden Ring will support crossplay.

On an ending note, we recommend having a beast of a PC to play Elden Ring. Check out our guide on the best gaming setups for you to enjoy the game!


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