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How to Turn Off Steam Notifications?

Stop Getting Annoyed by Steam Alerts!

How to Turn Off Steam Notifications

Even though most PC gamers are not bothered by their Steam buddies seeing the game they are playing, there are instances when users prefer playing secretly. And, they wonder how to turn off Steam notifications.

They want to enjoy their video games without being interrupted, which is essential regarding receiving alerts whenever a mate plays a video game on Steam.

It can also be frustrating to watch somebody repeatedly load the same title when you’re still doing other things. Or to have many pals “online” while using the Steam client on their pc.

In any situation with Valve, you get to choose the Steam alerts you want to get.

Here’s how to turn off alerts in the Steam client.

Why Turn Off Steam Notifications in a Game?

Constantly getting notified about everything while gaming is a bit annoying thing that a gamer experiences. For example, you can disable Steam notifications to limit your gaming distractions.

There are also a few other options, due to which you may want to disable notifications. For example, Steam will let you know when a friend joins.

Also, if you’re tired of receiving notifications, again and again, try turning off Steam notifications.

How to Disable Steam Notifications in a Game?

How to Turn Off Steam Notifications
How to Turn Off Steam Notifications

Follow the steps below to disable Steam notifications on your PC:

  1. On your PC, start the Steam application.
  2. Hit Friends in the upper left-hand side of the screen, then go to the View Friends List.
  3. “Friends” is almost always written in tiny letters, yet the button is always on the top right corner of the screen.
  4. You may modify your contact list by clicking on the gear icon.
  5. The gear symbol is easy to overlook, but you will always discover it in the upper-right corner of the Friends List tab.
  6. Select Notifications just on the top-right-hand corner of the screen.
  7. When the Notifications tab opens, unselect all the boxes beside each notification you don’t want to get.

You can modify your friends’ list settings from under the Friends tab.

Some Other Options You Need to Disable

Aside from Steam alerts, there are many more additional items you may turn off. You’ll find out everything about these further down.

Stop the new games and impending launch alerts via the Steam Notification options. You can locate the Steam’s preferences by going to the Settings tab under the Steam text.

Feel free to remove the option on the Interface tab that says, “I’d like to receive notifications about new releases, updates, and upcoming releases.” Then, finally, to complete, press OK. Please withdraw from that feature the very next moment you get a communication regarding your titles or new titles.

There is also a group notifications option in Steam.

How To Disable Steam Sound Notifications

How to Turn Off Steam Notifications

Gamers don’ appreciate Steam disrupting or doing just about anything since the music of every video game is already highly irritating. The game’s backing track and noises of the player crashing and striking themselves make it difficult to enjoy, particularly for people who like to play silently.

  1. Insert your Steam login information in the Music tab under Steam Settings
  2. Go to the Display option on the lower left-hand side. From the dropdown options, deselect the square “When a new track begins.

It’s as simple as that. If you follow all procedures in this article, you should have blocked all Steam notifications from bothering you. 

Disable Screenshot Notifications

How to Turn Off Steam Notifications
How to Turn Off Steam Notifications

Another piece of knowledge that might be problematic when enjoying the sport. To turn off the notification, follow the instructions beneath.

Once you’ve navigated to Steam -> Settings, tap on the In-Game again.

You may turn off both the display and sound screenshot notifications by deselecting all of the options underneath “When a screenshot is taken” on the right-hand side.

Final Words

Ever since the release of the Steam app, it has gained massive popularity among most players, with just a few bad ratings in the event of notification issues.

Nevertheless, with these suggestions, you won’t have to be concerned. With these methods, you may turn off all notifications.

Also, if you ever encounter Steam issues, you may want to restart Steam, so, check this out!

This was a complete guide on how to disable steam notifications.

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