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How to Tame Polar Bears In Minecraft?

Is It Difficult?

how to tame polar bears in minecraft

If you’ve ever wondered how to tame polar bears in Minecraft, then this article is for you.

Minecraft is a Mojang Studios 3D sandbox game where users interact with a completely customizable three-dimensional environment of bricks and creatures. Its varied gameplay allows users to customize their experience, opening them to a world of options. Markus “Notch” Persson designed the game using the Programming languages.

With over 238 million units sold and almost 140 million active monthly users or players as of 2021, Minecraft is the greatest video game ever made.

Minecraft lets users explore and harvest raw materials, create tools and items, and build stuff, embankments, and primitive machinery in a randomly generated 3D area with seemingly limitless geography.

Players can combat computer-controlled hordes, collaborate with other gamers in the same environment, or compete against them, depending on the game mode. There is an adventure version of the game, in which players must acquire resources to build the world and remain fit, and a creation mode, in which players have an unlimited ability to get access to flight.

Players may customize the game by adding new gameplay systems, objects, and materials. In Minecraft, users may tame a wide variety of critters. For example, in Minecraft, players may acquire and breed sheep, tame cats, panda bears, chickens, and even horses.

How To Tame Polar Bears in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, Adult Polar bears spawn in groups of up to two above grasses or snow in frozen rivers, ice spikes, and normal and deep icy ocean biomes at light level 7 or above. They also have panda bears, but panda bears are an unusual neutral mob found in jungles. The personality of a panda influences certain aspects of its behavior and appearance.

If there is one, the next bear is a polar bear cub. In Bedrock Edition, they can also appear in frozen streams, legacy frozen oceans, icy slopes, and occasionally at the jagged peaks. Polar bears may be either friendly or aggressive. Adult polar bears are aggressive when confronted with a polar bear cub or provoked (until killed in one hit).

They strike if a player approaches them in the Bedrock version. If a player or mob assaults infant bears, all parents in the area get enraged, irrespective of difficulty. However, their assaults deal no harm to players on Peaceful difficulty.

So, without any further ado, let’s answer the question – how to tame Polar Bears in Minecraft

How to Tame a Polar Bear in Minecraft Nintendo Switch?

4J Studios and Mojang Studios collaborated to create a Nintendo Switch-exclusive edition. It was revealed on January 12, 2017, during the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017. It was available for US$29.99 on the Nintendo eShop between January 11 and June 21, 2018.

This version may still be accessed, re-downloaded, and played by existing digital owners. You can find adult and infant polar bears in forests, and they can both be tamed. They wander in groups ranging from 1 to four bears, and the quickest method to tame them is to look for solitary bears without cubs.

With a kid in tow, polar bears may be rather violent. Thus players must be extra careful while taming one of its bunch. Assume you don’t enjoy swimming or fishing in the ocean. Then, you can always fight a polar bear in that scenario. However, it is challenging to kill polar bears in Minecraft.

Instead of killing polar bears, we should rather tame them. For each bear they intend to tame, players need to bring several fish and salmon. Players should use an enchanted rod and fish in the sunshine when the weather is fine to catch as many fish as possible in a short time.

How To Feed Polar Bears in Minecraft?

When the weather permits, players should fish in water exposed to direct sunlight or moonlight. Feed the fish to the polar bears and continue doing so until hearts emerge over their heads. All tame bears will require numerous fish and salmon, so make sure you have enough on hand. The bear gets tamed once the hearts appear.

Feeding Pigs and Polar Bears are relatively simple in Minecraft. Players may now assault, protect, and even ride polar bears. Hence, this is a very efficient taming method. Minecraft Polar bears are one of the most useful critters in Minecraft. You should avoid polar bears since they can cause significant harm. On an easy level, a polar bear adult will inflict three hit points of damage on an unarmored or unprotected player, scaling up to five on regular mode and a whopping eight on expert mode.

Raiding castles and stealing from the local’s Rods for fishing can also be fished out of the water. You can find random chests all across the map. You may also discover enchanted fishing rods in underwater ruins that you can explore by creating Water Breathing Potions in Minecraft. Each tool enchantment on fishing rods in Minecraft improves fishing.

How to Tame a Polar Bear in Minecraft Nintendo PS3 and PS4?

How to Tame Polar Bears In Minecraft?
How to Tame Polar Bears In Minecraft?

For taming a polar bear in Minecraft Nintendo, ps3, and ps4, gamers must bring numerous fish with the help of villagers’ fishing rods or enchanted fishing rods for each animal they intend to tame. Then, feed the fish to the polar bears and keep feeding them until hearts emerge over their heads. These hearts represent the triumph of taming. You’ll probably have to feed it several times to finish the taming process.

If you go after the baby polar bear, a parent will undoubtedly fight you, so go for one alone. You’ll need fish once you’ve discovered one, and you’ll probably need a lot of them. So approach it with a fish and feed it with LT.

After catching a certain number of fish through a fishing rod, hearts will emerge above the bear, indicating it is your pet, which will fight monsters for you, enabling you to ride on its back (similar to riding a horse) more. If some animal attacks Adult tame bears’ buddies, they will also defend their buddies.

If there are no cubs around, a group of adults will defend another polar bear if one player attacks them. Mature polar bears and their pups will attack foxes on notice in the Java Edition. Adult polar bears will still kill foxes who get too near them in the Nintendo Edition, but pups will not.

How to Tame a Polar Bear in Minecraft Xbox 360?

 4J Studios developed Xbox 360 Edition in partnership with Mojang Studios and Xbox Game Studios for the Xbox 360. Notch and Microsoft announced it during the 2011 E3 conference. It was launched on Xbox Live Arcade on May 9, 2012, accompanying a free trial edition. It costs $19.99 in the United States. Buzzy Bees, Village & Pillage, the Nether Update, and Caves & Cliffs have not yet been added to the Xbox 360 Edition as of TU75.

To tame Polar Bears in Minecraft on Xbox One, you must first locate one of these creatures. The Snowy Tundra, frozen Mountains, and Ice Spikes tundras all have them. For each bear they intend to tame, Minecraft players need to bring a lot of fish.

Feed the fish to the polar bears and continue doing so until hearts emerge over their heads. You can find them in groups of four or alone. When there are two or more bears present, there will be a baby bear, and the other will be a dad to that baby bear.

How to Find Polar Bears in Minecraft?

You can see Polar bears in Minecraft’s chilly legacy of frozen ocean biomes and snowy mountains. You can find Polar bears as infants, and older ice-loving bears can be tamed and roam freely in the wild. They go in groups ranging from 1 to four bears; bears without cubs are the easiest to tame. Unfortunately, polar bears may be rather violent; thus, players must be especially cautious when taming bears.

You may tame polar bears in the Minecraft universe by offering them raw salmon. So gamers will have to catch a few before taming the white polar bears. You can even bribe dolphins, tame cats, and various other animal versions through this technique. Usually, they spawn in clusters of 0-2 cubs, with the second one having a chance to be a cub.

They are exclusively found in ice biomes and consequently only at freezing temperatures. Make sure you’re prepared before you start seeking them and returning them to your base. We highly recommend Shield and Iron Armor. Make sure you bring a Lead with you as well. Polar Bears will still not follow you unless they are aggressive; thus, a Lead is a safe technique to get them to do so.

How Do Polar Bears Behave?

Polar bears are a neutral mob until they’re near their young. At that moment, they are antagonistic. Polar bear cubs are passive, making them the second group after wolves to fall throughout all three types of behavior. When they attack in the water, their diving speed is equivalent to the team’s players, making them tough to avoid. They will attack adjacent foxes despite being passive towards the player.

Despite their acclimatization to cold environments, powder snow causes them to freeze. Suppose you provoke the alone polar bear inside a 41x21x41 block cuboid. In that case, all polar bears inside will indulge in a hostile state of mind to the assaulting player or group, similar to zombie pigmen and wolves.

Polar bears cannot mate, nor can they hasten their offspring’s growth. Like other infant animals, murdering a baby polar bear yields no goods or skill points. These animals assault by rising and mauling the victim for their front paws.

Polar bears were the first to be introduced to the game, followed by pandas. They were excluded from spawning during the formation of the freshly frozen ocean because they were thought too “sad.” They were reinstated since it is more realistic to the polar bear’s current situation.

How to Build a Polar Bear Enclosure in Minecraft?

How to Tame Polar Bears In Minecraft?
How to Tame Polar Bears In Minecraft?

We explained how to create a Polar Bear habitat as an option for taming them in one of our earlier posts. It’s a shame you can’t connect more with these Mobs, so you’ll have to find other methods to employ them and hold them up. So putting them in a lovely chilly house with snow on the ground and snowfall will make them very happy.

The Cubs will ultimately mature, which will be the only concern. Although feeding them will not speed their growth, they will eventually mature. However, you’ll only have Cubs briefly before a swarm, of Big Polar Bears, surround you.

However, because you cannot feed Polar Bears since you cannot domesticate them they cannot be led through a food item from one location to another. You can include Polar Bears for aesthetic reasons even if you cannot domesticate or farm them.

Having just a few Polar Bears in an enclosure near your safe base might be wonderful. Like any construction, there are several options and approaches to take. The two types of enclosures for Polar Bears are:

A Simple Enclosure

The easiest technique to construct an enclosure is to choose a relatively level space for it. Then, surround the space with your choice of walls or fences. Stone Walls or Stone Brick Walls are my favorites since they appear robust enough to keep a bear away. Bears cannot leap over or climb fences or walls, but they can strike you over them if they are aggressive.

If this appears to be an issue, you may construct a two-block tall wall using normal blocks, such as Cobblestone. You wouldn’t see all the Bears through this wall very well, but you may climb it and securely view them. A couple of Spruce or Oak trees might help the area appear more natural. You may also utilize Leaves to construct a few shrubs in the surrounding region.

A Large Enclosure

When it comes to enormous cages, I always draw inspiration from actual zoos. You can frequently put Bears in what you can describe as a huge hole into which we may peer. You’ll need a lot of resources and terraforming equipment for this. 

Suppose terraforming isn’t your thing for Survival. You may always seek naturally formed gaps or indents in the terrain to construct your enclosure. A place near a hilltop with a little cave might also be beneficial. Just make sure the cave isn’t too deep and doesn’t have a dead end. Also, ensure that the space is simple to enclose.

Feel free to bring your Polar Bears inside after you complete your cage. However, make sure you do not pair them with other animals, especially Foxes, as Polar Bears may murder them.

How to Tame a Polar Bear in Minecraft Java Edition?

Polar Bears are neutral Mobs in Java Edition, which means they won’t attack until provoked. They will be aggressive if they have children nearby, much like actual bears. When agitated or when you assault their offspring, they will strike even in a peaceful mode. They will, however, not harm the gamer.

Older bears assault any fox that remains around it for a long time in Java Edition, striking very frequently. Cubs are more violent than foxes, attacking them every 16 blocks. The polar bear has been the only mob in Java Edition whose baby variation may grow up. However, adults cannot reproduce or breed.

This is how to tame Polar Bears in Minecraft Java Edition.

Final Words

Polar bears are difficult to tame, yet they are beneficial creatures. If you chance to be near an ice or snow-themed biome where they build their homes, it would be criminal not to take advantage of their attack power and above-average strength.

Hopefully, we were able to describe how and when to tame a polar bear to all Minecraft players and emphasize all of the essential elements to comprehend all of the options available to them in the game.

Unfortunately, these were the only methods to tame a polar bear right now, depending on which part of Minecraft you have. Maybe taming polar bears would become an official feature in the future.

This was a complete guide on how to tame polar bears in Minecraft.

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