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How to Start a Minecraft Youtube Channel?

Keen To Become a Youtuber? Here Are Some Tips!

How to Start a Minecraft Youtube Channel

It’s still worthwhile to start a Minecraft Youtube channel in 2023. After all, Nick Farzy, the inventor of Minecraft, has racked up 330k views in just four years. Could you be the next victim?

Do you want to establish a Minecraft channel as a gamer? We have some fantastic information for both you and the millions of extra subscribers you’ll be getting. Despite whatever you’ve heard, it’s never too old to be a Minecraft content maker. The game has been around for 12 years and defeats the purpose of fading in appeal, even in 2023.

A large number of YouTubers create Minecraft material. For example, people created 50,000 Minecraft-related channels in the previous quarter alone. The Nether upgrade, which made things so much better for viewers and entertainers to showcase their creativity on the world’s second-best search query, was released just last year.

But, before doing anything, it’s crucial to create a Youtube channel or account first. So, with that being said, let’s dive right into it.

How To Create a Youtube Channel?

How to Start a Minecraft Youtube Channel
How to Start a Minecraft Youtube Channel

You can watch, share, and comment on YouTube videos with a Google account. But Google accounts don’t make YouTube channels by themselves. Setting up a new channel is easy, free, and doesn’t take long.

  1. Sign up for a YouTube account. In the upper right corner of, click “Sign in.” Then sign in with the Google account you want to be linked to your channel.
  2. Go to the YouTube preferences page. Create a channel by clicking on your profile symbol in the upper right corner of the screen and then selecting “Create a channel.”
  3. Create your channel. Next, you’ll be able to choose between making a personal channel or one with a gaming or other name.

How to Start a Successful Minecraft YouTube Channel?

Develop a Sub-Niche for Your Minecraft Channel

You should be familiar with this piece of guidance if you take our recommendations on YouTube to heart. Having targeted material is essential if you want to be successful on the platform; therefore, you need to ensure a solid edit specialty. To distinguish yourself as a Minecraft content developer, you must delve more deeply and precisely.

Want your Minecraft channel to be famous? You can choose to focus on building challenges, speedrunning, making new worlds, or anything else you want in the game. Then, put these parts of the Minecraft server in your titles and thumbnails.

Watch Out for Which Videos Get More Views and Make Similar Content

Imagine that when you went to YouTube, one of your Minecraft tutorial videos had gone viral. So what would you do if something like that happened to you? If your answer is, “Find out what caused it and make more content like it,” you’re doing it right. More than anything else, the best way to grow your Minecraft channel is to look at how popular videos do and copy what works.

It didn’t matter if the videos had been out for a few weeks or longer. Instead, YouTube told people to watch his videos, so take advantage of that.

Find a Balance Between Let’s Plays and Minecraft Tutorials

Is it a good idea to mix Minecraft tutorials with “let’s play” sessions? Balance is key. Searchable and SEO-friendly Minecraft lessons help you stand out. You can acquire more views by answering game questions or explaining how to overcome problems.

Let’s-play content is different. This part of “Minecraft YouTube” is saturated and less common.

Use Minecraft Thumbnails Wisely

Consider a first-time viewer. Is your channel easy to follow if they’re new to Minecraft? Can viewers tell let’s play from Minecraft tutorials? If not, use thumbnails and descriptions strategically, which will be helpful for them.

Have Perseverance

Youtube growth isn’t overnight. It’s a relatively similar challenge even if you’re launching a channel that observes doves in nature. So it would be best to have lots of patience and fortitude to get more views and subscribers consistently.

In the gaming community world, many people make jokes and spread hate. However, you have to upload often, disable comments, and never lose hope. You’ll grow a Minecraft channel eventually.

How Do Minecraft YouTubers Make Money?

How to Start a Minecraft Youtube Channel
How to Start a Minecraft Youtube Channel

YouTube game content has made it possible for many creators to make a career. The Minecraft YouTuber is a good example. As a result, calculating how much money a YouTuber receives from ad income can be a bit more complicated. Subscribers are essential for channels to satisfy YouTube’s compensation threshold and advertisers wishing to support large-audience streamers. Subscribers are necessary for channels to help YouTube’s compensation threshold and advertisers wanting to support large-audience streamers.

A YouTube channel’s primary concern is the number of viewers it receives. Remember that not all views of view have the same monetary value. Various variables, such as the viewers and the genre of the video, influence how much money a viewership makes per video and how valuable a view is.

Ideas for Minecraft Gaming Videos

Starting a YouTube channel with a survival series is an excellent idea. If you’re funny, you can still get people to play videos no matter how common they are. It makes it more interesting by creating a twist/tricks/challenge.

How Much Money Do Minecraft YouTubers Make?

How to Start a Minecraft Youtube Channel
How to Start a Minecraft Youtube Channel

More people will learn about your channel as you continue uploading and developing new material, leading to an increase in subscribers. As soon as you reach 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, you’ll be able to display advertisements on your videos. Some launched their YouTube gaming channels without the intention of making money from it. They were having fun. That’s what makes the dream of a compensated gaming career so attractive.

To quantify a gaming YouTuber’s ad earnings, compute their “real CPM.” You can ignore ad blockers by evaluating a channel or gaming video revenue per 1,000 views. This is calculated by dividing a video’s earnings by its total views, then multiplying by 1,000.

How to Use Audio, a Microphone, or a Webcam to Record Your Computer Screen?

A computer screen recorder with a sound system is a necessary step towards becoming a YouTuber. It’s a way for you to make your work available to others. To submit your recordings directly to YouTube, you can use the Bandicam application on your PC.

How to Upload Videos From Bandicam to YouTube?

YouTube is the foremost prominent video-sharing platform on the internet. You can upload Bandicam files to YouTube without transcoding (you can create 1080p HD or 4K UHD quality video). YouTubers love Bandicam because it quickly converts recordings.

How to Become a Well-Known YouTube Minecraft Player?

Make a fun Minecraft video and add it to a series of other Minecraft videos you’ve already made. Make the first video interesting and try to make people wonder what will happen next.

End each video by encouraging viewers to subscribe. Ask them what Minecraft gameplay and mods they’d like to see next and with which youtube friends they want to see play.

Just be funny, play Minecraft, and have fun.

Everyone loves YouTubers with great voices and videos. Make your videos more funny, entertaining, and original to get more subscribers.

Join a Minecraft Community to Get Ideas and also comments in the community answer for Your Minecraft Videos

Does the Creator of Minecraft Have a YouTube Channel?

How to Start a Minecraft Youtube Channel
How to Start a Minecraft Youtube Channel

Markus Alexej “Notch” Persson is an indie computer games software designer widely famous for making the enormously popular video game Minecraft. He is also a co-founder of Mojang Studios, a video game studio in Sweden.

Yes, the creator of Minecraft has a YouTube channel. On August 11, 2008, Notch launched his YouTube channel. He called his first video “Creating the Tower.” Until Minecraft’s 2011 release, he posted daily development videos. After leaving Mojang, he private his original channel’s videos. He will have over 3 million subscribers by 2023. Notch still posts stuff to his primary account, which has 765k followers, primarily blog posts and satisfactory and factorio gameplays. On his initial channel, he posted daily vlogs, such as music or awards. Youtube subsequently moved these films to his account and has linked his Twitter and Instagram to YouTube.

Final Words – How To Start A Minecraft Youtube Channel

Due to the increasing demand for Minecraft globally, many players want to become YouTubers. However, the problem is that they don’t know how to start a Minecraft youtube channel.

Here are some kinds of modes that will be in Minecraft by 2023. In the end, YouTube is a search engine. When it comes to YouTube gaming, tips and tricks, reviews, and tutorials are the types of content that will help you get noticed and focus on one game. See how other channels are covering the games you’re covering. You can learn a lot from your competitors’ videos about what you should do next.

Also, if you want to start a YouTube channel, you would need a good microphone for streaming, so, check this out!

Every new video that you will be posting will be a unique opportunity for a new viewer to find you, so make sure each video is helpful.

Participate in a Meaningful Way in the Online Gaming Community answer and comment on creators’ interesting and important parts of the community answer.

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