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How to Restart Discord?

Let's Connect With Your Friends Again!

How to Restart Discord

So, how to restart Discord? On mobile devices as well as desktop computers, Discord is a communication platform that works very well thanks to its great optimization.

On the other hand, there is no such thing as a flawless program; this implies that it may sometimes crash, show errors, or have other problems.

This guide will walk you through the process of restarting Discord so that you can handle any difficulties that may have arisen.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Why Won’t Discord Work?

Why Won't Discord Work?
Why Won’t Discord Work?

The Discord app won’t launch for many of the users. Also, nothing will happen when you double-click the executable file on your computer. It does open for some people, but nothing is visible on the screen; instead, there is simply a plain backdrop. Nothing else happens. Many users attempt to launch the application after a system restart or a comprehensive reinstallation. However, none of these solutions seems to be effective in rectifying the problem.

Although we do not have a definitive answer to what prevents Discord from starting up, we know that the Discord software has some bugs. For example, launching the task manager will show that the discord.exe program is currently running in the background. Therefore, the Discord server is often up and running, but there is no indication of it on the screen.

Those of you who are just seeing a gray screen may be experiencing this issue because Discord is attempting to log you in but cannot complete the process because it is frozen. Consequently, the Discord software does not display anything on the screen since it cannot log in.

The good news is that there are solutions for this issue, and they can help you whether your Discord will not open at all or if it will just display you a blank screen.

There are several potential causes for the error that occurs when you cannot open Discord, and some of these causes are below:

  1. It seems like you are playing a game on your computer
  2. .You may have a game active in the background, preventing Discord from opening. If this is the case, try closing the game.
  3. Files that are corrupted or are missing altogether
  4. It is possible that the damaged or infected files are to blame for Discord’s inability to work properly since corrupted or damaged files are one of the primary causes of system failure.
  5. Another application has restricted the user’s access to Discord
  6. The game may have its permissions blocked. Hence, you cannot access it via Discord. Alternatively, another piece of software is likely taking resources, and as a result, it is preventing Discord from opening.
  7. Problems and concerns relating to Windows
  8. It’s possible that the error message “Discord won’t open” is caused by one of Windows’s many faults or problems. Hence, they might be a contributing factor.

Can You Restart Discord?

Can You Restart Discord?
Can You Restart Discord?

Searching for information on this topic on the internet will bring up a lot of misinformation and poorly-written articles that don’t define exactly what a Discord restart is. Discord client or Discord server restarts are two examples of what you may choose from.

There is a huge gulf in knowledge between the two, and this disparity must be made plain. Once Discord has stopped working, or the connection has been disrupted, the only way to get it back up and running is to quit and restart the client (if needed) forcefully. Because of this, you are welcome to resume using Discord without any further issues.

There is a separate topic if, on the other hand, you wish to restart a Discord server. However, it is impossible to “refresh” your server by hitting F4 continuously. For this article, we will assume that this means either reactivating the server or wiping it and starting from scratch with no past settings, members, or modifications.

Because Discord is a web-based platform, it hosts its own servers and provides users with access to those servers throughout the clock. So, for example, suppose there is a problem. In that case, you cannot maintain a server where the functionality may be turned on or off. For any troubles you are having while using Discord, the problem is with your client or platform, not your server.

Suppose, for example, too many users are using your server, or there is a lack of interest in the server’s subject matter, and you want to start again. In that case, you may delete your server and start over. This is something that the owner of the Discord server can only do, so if you haven’t already established your server or had the ownership transferred to you, you’re out of luck.

When Should You Restart Discord?

When Should You Restart Discord?
When Should You Restart Discord?

Restarting your Discord window lets you see the most recent status updates posted by other users, which is one of the most useful features. However, it is important to note that Discord does not provide its own status updates. Consequently, you could notice some inconsistencies in the status updates.

In addition, you may resolve a plethora of additional problems by reloading Discord. The following are some of the most significant ones which we have mentioned:

Frozen Channels

A frozen channel is one of the most frequent errors in Discord. When it occurs, your microphone will unexpectedly cease functioning correctly.

Wrong Status

As was just said, the information on Discord does not renew itself automatically. Because of these bugs, online users could give the impression that they are offline and vice versa. Alternately, you can come across people whose status is yellow. In reality, they are green and actively participating in the game. Therefore, users are strongly encouraged to refresh the application by hand at certain time intervals, which is why we always suggest this practice.

Not Getting New Direct Messages

A new version of Discord may be necessary if you haven’t been receiving messages from your fellow Discord users recently. Simply restarting Discord could be all needed to fix this problem immediately.

How to Restart Discord on PC?

You may restart or exit the Discord desktop program using several available methods. Here’s how to restart discord on Windows:

Top-Right Close Button

Top-Right Close Button
Top-Right Close Button

Simply clicking on the cross icon (X) that you can see in the top-right corner of Discord is how most users are acquainted with it. Additionally, you may find this button in the window of each program that you run on Microsoft Windows.

On the other hand, clicking the close button in the Discord app will minimize it to your tray rather than exiting the program.

You will need to first access the User Settings in Discord and then go to the Settings menu in Windows to stop it from taking place.

Look for the option to minimize the tray, and then make sure it is not enabled. If it turns off, using the button will cause Discord to exit entirely rather than minimize.

After you have completed those steps, all you need to do to fix your problem is start the application again.

Close From System Tray

Close From System Tray
Close From System Tray

You may also try exiting Discord entirely from the system tray if the earlier technique does not seem to work.

Every Windows computer has a component called the system tray that is a part of the taskbar. It especially refers to the icons that can be seen at the bottom-right corner of the screen, just next to the time and date.

If the Discord application is active, you should be able to view the company’s logo when you click the little arrow that points upward. For example, you may close the Discord window by right-clicking it and selecting the appropriate option.

After you have finished using Discord for the current session, restart the software and check to see whether the application is again operating as expected.

Close With Task Manager

Close With Task Manager
Close With Task Manager

When an application hangs or crashes, the performance of Windows might suffer to a large degree as a result. However, there are various conditions under which you won’t even be able to access the system tray to shut off Discord manually.

Utilizing the Task Manager is the recommended course of action. To open Task Manager as quickly as possible, use Ctrl + Shift + Escape on your keyboard. This will bring up the program.

Alternately, you may choose Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete on your keyboard.

It is not a problem if you do not have access to a keyboard or if some of these keys are not operating as they should be. Another choice is available, thanks to Microsoft! You may access Task Manager by doing a right-click on the taskbar.

After opening Task Manager, be sure to expand it by selecting the More Details button when prompted to do so. Then, you’ll find the button at the far left corner of the window’s bottom bar.

Under the tab labeled “Processes,” arrange the list of names alphabetically, then look for “Discord.” Choose it, then either right-click the Discord icon or hit the End Task button to terminate the task. This should result in the application being closed entirely. However, if you want to be certain, you may go down the list and look for any additional processes that are called Discord.

Alternately, you may keep hitting the letter D on your keyboard to go through all of the procedures that begin with the letter D.

You will be able to open the program after completing all of the processes associated with the desktop app. It ought to be that none of your issues remain.

Restarting The Computer

Restarting The Computer
Restarting The Computer

If none of these solutions resolves the issue, or if you cannot even reach the Task Manager or the system tray, the easiest remedy is to restart your computer completely.

To shut down or restart the computer, open the Start Menu. If this is not an option, you may manually shut down your computer by pressing the “Power” button.

After your computer has finished restarting, launch Discord and determine whether or not everything is functioning as it should.

On the desktop app, you can access all of these different approaches you may experiment with. Continue reading this article if you’d rather use the mobile version.

How to Restart Discord on Mobile?

How to Restart Discord on Mobile?
How to Restart Discord on Mobile?

A significant portion of Discord’s user base favors mobile access via the mobile app on their smartphones or in conjunction with the desktop client. It doesn’t matter whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone; Discord is simple to understand, beautifully streamlined, and straightforward.

Even though Discord is quite dependable, it is still important to understand how to restart it on mobile devices.


There are many different exit methods available for apps on Android. The easiest approach to dismiss an application is first to touch the menu button and then slide away from the app you want to end on the screen. In this particular scenario, you should delete Discord.

When using Android without the built-in navigation bar, you’ll have to drag upwards from the bottom of the screen and wait a few seconds before seeing your list of installed apps.

However, since this strategy does not always compel applications to quit, you may still face problems even after attempting to use it. In such a scenario, you must carry out the procedure by hand.

To access the settings menu on Android, bring down the top bar and tap the gear icon that appears. You may find apps by scrolling down. Open and select Discord tab, hit the Force Stop button and then confirm the action.

After giving the program, a hard stop, starting it back up should fix the problem you were having.


If you are not using Android, the procedure on iOS is quite similar. This is a brief guide that will be of use to you.

Entering the App Switcher is required to shut an application forcibly. To do this, drag up from the bottom of the screen until you reach the center of the display, and then let go of the mouse button.

Swipe up on the Discord app once you see cards for all of the applications you currently have open, and it will be closed automatically. Now, restart it.

How to Restart the Discord App?

How to Restart the Discord App?
How to Restart the Discord App?

Although Discord is completely compatible with mobile devices, there is no ability to restart or refresh Discord. Exit the program on the mobile device, wait a few seconds, and then resume the application. If the issue does not resolve, another option available to you is to remove the program from your mobile and then reinstall it.

How to Restart a Discord Server?

Restarting a Discord server in the traditional sense, as one may do with a Teamspeak server, is not feasible due to what we’ve previously been saying. The servers that constitute Discord are constantly available; anybody may join them anytime they want if there’s no outage.

Reinstalling the Discord software from scratch is the only way to “restart” the server. The lines, texts, and server users will all be restored to their pre-disruption state. If you’re having issues with Discord’s connection to your device, you may wish to follow the steps given here to restart your server:

  1. Remove your server by logging into Discord on your computer or browser, then selecting it from a list on the left side of the screen. Just follow these simple steps to remove your server from the Discord network. You may find Server Settings in the drop-down selection when you choose the server’s name from the channels list.
  2. In the Settings menu, go to where it says “Delete Server” and click on that choice.
  3. As soon as you begin deleting your server, Discord will ask for your confirmation. You cannot stop the deletion process once it has begun. However, you may delete your server by entering its name in the box provided and then clicking the following Delete Server option. You may cancel the process by clicking the Cancel option if this isn’t the case.

You’ll need to create a new Discord server or join an existing one once you’ve deleted your old one. Then, delete your server at your peril. As a result, after restoring your Discord server, you may have to re-invite your members to resume communication. These steps are ideal if you want to force discord servers to restart.

Final Words

Various apps enable individuals to interact with one another and share their insights and experiences on a certain subject matter with one another.

In this piece, we discussed one such program called Discord, which is available on several platforms. Then, at the beginning of the post, we discussed what Discord is. We went over the issue when you try to access Discord on Windows. Then, in the latter part of the article, we went over why this error occurs and the solutions to it. In case you don’t have Discord, download it from here.

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