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How to Reset Oculus Joystick?

For the Joy of the Game!

How to Reset Oculus Joystick

If you’re reading this, we know what happened. You’re wondering how you can reset Oculus Joystick to get back to having fun with your VR headset! A VR headset allows you to see the virtual world, but it’s not enjoyable unless you interact with it. You need a joystick to interact in your virtual world.

Sometimes technology does that thing where it decides at random, “Hey, I don’t want to work anymore. Cool? Cool.” It is even more disheartening if your new controller does this. But wait, before you freak out, we have several ideas for you to try.

This article will explain how to connect your Oculus joystick to your device to experience all of this device’s fantastic experiences! So let’s start on our journey to reset Oculus joystick!

Oculus Go Controller Not Working – Common Examples

Oculus Go Controller Not Working
Oculus Go Controller Not Working

Before we get into troubleshooting Oculus Go Controller issues, let’s look at three common scenarios in which the Oculus Go Controller may stop working.

The Controller is Still in Motion Outside of the Virtual Reality Window

Solution 1: Reset the view using the Settings Window

Follow these easy steps to reset the view window settings:

  • Select “Settings” from the toolbar menu on your Oculus Go headset.
  • From the drop-down option, choose “Reset View.”
  • Make sure your head is in the proper position and that your screen view is comfortable and natural.
  • Once you’ve positioned your head correctly, hit the “Trigger” button on the Oculus Go Controller.

Solution 2: Reset the Oculus Go Controller’s orientation

Follow these easy steps to reset the controller’s orientation

  • Make sure you point your Oculus Go Controller straight.
  • Press the “Oculus Button” to reset the orientation of your Oculus Go Controller.

Neither The Headset Nor the Controller Can Access Your Wi-Fi Network

Solution: Connect your Oculus Go Headset and Controller to a separate Wi-Fi network.

You have two options for changing the Wi-Fi network to which your Oculus Go Headset and Controller are connected:

  • Making use of your mobile device
  • How to operate the Oculus Go

Let’s take a look at each method separately.

How to Connect Your Oculus Rift to a New Wi-Fi Network Using Your Phone?

  • Turn on the Oculus Go by opening the Oculus Go app on your phone.
  • Select “Settings” from the bottom menu.
  • Select the headset that is currently in use.
  • Choose “Wi-Fi.”
  • Select a new Wi-Fi network to connect to and begin.

Connect your Oculus Go to a new Wi-Fi network with the Oculus Go.

  • Put on the Oculus Go headset and turn it on.
  • Select “Settings” from the bottom menu.
  • Choose “Wi-Fi.”
  • Select the new Wi-Fi network that you want to connect to.
  • Enter your password if prompted.
  • Click “Connect” to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

The Buttons On the Controller Stop Working

Solution 1: Inspect the controller thoroughly

Follow the steps below to analyze your Oculus Go Controller thoroughly:

  • You may remove the battery cap from the back of the controller by grabbing one end with your thumb and pulling.
  • Look inside for instructions on how to install the battery correctly.
  • While looking inside the controller, look for dust, dirt, or broken components.
  • If the battery is correctly attached, remove it and reinsert it. It’s critical to remember that you should first insert the flat side of the battery.
  • Firmly press the battery into position.
  • Put on the cap again to double-check the buttons.

Oculus Quest Controller Not Working – Common Examples

Oculus Quest Controller Not Working
Oculus Quest Controller Not Working

Now let’s see some common scenarios where the Oculus Quest controller may stop working.

Tracking & Guardian Problems

To begin, ensure that you are playing in a well-lit indoor place that is not in direct sunlight. The Quest is not intended to function in direct sunlight or outdoor situations; if you’re indoors, consider modestly shutting your shades to reduce natural light but keeping the space well-lit.

Next, attempt to clean the tracking cameras. Fingerprints and smears on the Quest’s four external tracking cameras might be a concern. Wipe off the four cameras on each corner of the headset using a microfiber cloth regularly. If you’re encountering issues with the guardian system’s dependability or the consistency of controller tracking, this might assist.

How to Fix an Oculus Go Controller Not Working

Time to get new batteries: To check your battery levels, do the following: 1. Launch the Oculus app. 2. Tap More, then Controller. 3. Tap your controller below “Paired Controllers” to view the battery level for your controller. If your battery levels are low and it’s time to replace it. So open the Battery slot, clean the area, then replace the old battery with a new one. After you’ve modified it, try using it again.

Reboot your phone: This simple repair can help you if your controller is lagging or not working correctly. Restarting will your controller light help. To do that, hold down the power button for a few seconds and select Restart.

Check to see if it is connected: Trying to use it without pairing is a relatively simple mistake that practically anyone can make. Check your Bluetooth and device to ensure they are correctly paired. Go to your settings and unpair it under Bluetooth if already paired. When they are unpaired, try pairing and using them again.

Disconnect the gamepad: If your device has gamepads, make sure to unpair them before pairing the Oculus Go controller.

Position reset: To center-align your controller, press and hold the home button while pointing it forward.

Check to see if your controller is operational: If you have tried all the above steps and nothing works, the Controller may be faulty. However, when you use a new battery but don’t see any light on your Controller, it could be a hardware issue. If all your efforts go in vain, you need to contact the oculus support team to resolve your issue.

How to Fix an Oculus Quest Controller Not Working

Replace the controller batteries: A hard reset may be a good answer for whatever problem you’re having with your Quest controller. It will necessitate the removal and reinsertion of the AA batteries included within.

To remove the batteries, push down from the top of the controller where you hold it (the white housing on the bottom). The battery compartment should pop open, allowing you to remove and replace the batteries.

Disconnect and pair the controller again: Because the Quest controllers are wireless, issues with connectivity between them and the headset may arise. You can try to unpair them, and they might get fixed.

The best way to do this is through the Oculus app, so make sure you have it installed on your smartphone and your Quest connected to it. After that, navigate through the universal menu, tap your Quest on your smartphone device, select Controllers, and tap the controller you want to unpair. You must perform this action for the right controller and left controller separately. After unpairing, repeat the process, but press Pair instead of Unpairing this time.

Restart your Quest headset: The traditional way for getting any technology to work is to switch on and off the device. Hold down the power button on your Oculus Quest headset until no indicators indicate the device is still active. After that, turn it back on and hit a couple of buttons on each Quest controller to allow them to be successfully linked again.

Factory reset the controller: The final option for resolving your Oculus Quest controller’s not working issue is conducting a factory reset on your headset.

If all your efforts end in a fiasco: If you have tried and tested all the remedies, then your controller is in serious trouble; you better contact the support team of Oculus.

How Do I Reconnect My Oculus Controller?

If you’re having difficulties reconnecting your Oculus Go controller to your headset, try these steps:

  • Press any button to wake the controller.
  • Then, to reposition the controller, press and hold the Oculus button.
  • To re-pair the controller, press and hold the Oculus button and the back button until the controller LED blinks and ultimately illuminates.
  • Please remove the battery and reinstall it in your Oculus Go remote.

Unpair and re-pair your Oculus Go controller as follows:

  • On your phone, launch the Oculus companion app
  • From the bottom menu, select Settings
  • Tap the headset which you have already connected
  • Tap Controller, tap on the already paired controller, and select the unpair controller option

How Do You Reset a Quest 2 Controller?

Oculus Quest 2 Controller Not Working
Oculus Quest 2 Controller Not Working

From the bottom menu, select Devices. If you have an Oculus Quest 2 or Quest headset connected, tap it to start using it. Go to Devices > Controllers > Unpair a Controller to unpair a controller. Tap Unpair Controller.

Reset to Factory Settings

If everything else fails, it’s time for the ultimate “have you tried turning it off and on again?”

A Factory Reset entirely erases all data on your headset. This is the closest thing to restoring it to new conditions from the inside.

If you want to save any data – screenshots, movies, game data, etc. – it’s a good idea to back it up somewhere else. You can save the information to a hard drive or immediately to your PC.

If you’re still stuck after attempting these alternatives, your controller may have a hardware problem. However, if the controller is relatively new, it may still be covered under warranty.

What Does the Oculus App do and How to Download It?

The Oculus mobile app works with your Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest headset. You can use the app to: 

  • Keep up with deals and new releases
  • Purchase, download, and remotely install VR apps
  • Make changes to your device’s settings
  • Browse and manage your virtual reality apps
  • Install the Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest headset
  • Cast your virtual reality experience to your phone or any Chromecast-enabled device

The Oculus app does various things to be continuously updated with the latest releases and does a lot of other stuff. This app makes your work a lot easier with all the above features, which is beneficial for you.

So, after learning about the app’s features, you’re probably eager to install it, so let us walk you through the process of downloading it so you can try it out:

First and foremost, to enjoy this fantastic app, Android users must have a version of 5.0 or higher, and iOS users must have a version of 10.0 or higher. If your system meets these requirements, you can install the app from Google Play if you’re an Android user or the AppStore if you’re an iOS user.

Oculus Controller LED Blinks, What to Do?

You may become confused when you see an LED blinking on your oculus device. However, you don’t need to be concerned; we’ll explain this flashing LED.

  • When the battery power is low, the status light blinks orange.
  • After the pairing is successful, the screen will flash white once, and the controller vibrates.
  • When there is a pairing between controller and headset, and you press a button, it blinks white only once.
  • When there is no connection with the headset, it blinks white.
  • It turns white when the controller firmware is updating.

Final Words – How to Reset Oculus Joystick?

We believe we have provided you with enough information to operate your oculus controller successfully. Now you know how to connect and reset your Oculus device and also explained the purpose and utility of the Oculus app. We hope this article greatly assists you while using your Oculus controller. Above all, if you continue to have issues, the oculus support team is only a phone call away.

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