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How to Move Valorant to a Different Drive?

If You Can't Find Space, let The Hard Drive Make It For You!

How to Move Valorant to a Different Drive

People who love to invest in PC games and are fans of valorant might have faced this issue once when they don’t know how to move valorant to a different hard drive. Advanced graphics of the game also adds up to the file, thus taking more space.

As a result, gamers may want to copy the game to another drive, folder, or SSD. However, for players, this position might become a complicated issue.

It’s fine if you invest in high-end computers, hard drives, and other pieces of equipment to save the files of different PC games. But, how to move them without having to re-download and move the file into a new location are some of the problems gamers face even with all the resources in their hands. So we are here to solve these issues.

How to Move Valorant to a Different Drive on PC?

How to Move Valorant to a Different Drive
How to Move Valorant to a Different Drive

Transferring the files decreases internet usage because we are not using its quota to download the same file again on a different PC.

Start with this procedure where you situated your game file originally on the PC :

  • First, right-click the icon of Valorant and select a file location where you can find the game’s installation file.
  • The computer will show you the file’s name- ‘riot games’ or ‘riot client .’Before proceeding, open the Riot Games folder, which contains two folders: ‘Riot Client’ and ‘valorant .’The valorant folder is what you’re going to relocate.
  • Copy the Valorant folder to an external hard drive or another storage device with at least 16 GB of space to finish the first step.

You need to complete the remaining steps on the PC on which the game’s transfer will happen:

  • You must download riot clients first before proceeding with the game.
  • Open the ‘riot client’ file, which will further show options- under which click ‘install’ to install the file into your new PC under the said location.
  • The game login screen can be seen, with the game download process running at the bottom. As a result, you must pause the procedure.
  • Use a hard/flash drive to copy the game folder inside.
  • You can install the game file in the selected installation folder by opening the file location and putting the game inside that file.

If a duplicate data dialogue box opens, select Replace File. After you finish it, open the valorant. The PC won’t open it at the moment because it might be verifying the game file, which is a normal process when you install a new file on a new PC. So let it get verified, and once the player has done it, the player can log in and enjoy the game.

Some people who have a limited data plan can use this strategy and need to download games that are large enough.

You can also use this method to update in-game files in the same way you update the file by copying, pasting, and replacing.

How to Move Valorant to Another Folder?

How to Move Valorant to a Different Drive
How to Move Valorant to a Different Drive

There are two methods for moving Valorant to another drive. First, removing the game and re-downloading it to the new place is one approach. This procedure, however, depends on your internet connection and can be difficult and time-consuming at times.

The second option is to alter some game files and relocate the game anywhere you wish. Start with copying riot client and valorant files from the riot games folder and paste them to the new folder, disc, or PC.

Follow these steps for a successful migration:

  1. Open the Local Disk C drive on your PC
  2. Then, open the ‘Riot Games’ folder that you can find under the ‘ProgramData’ folder
  3. Open the file named ‘RiotClientInstalls.json’ in notepad
  4. Once you open the json file, replace the paths with the new path and save the file
  5. Open the ‘Riot Games’ folder again and click on ‘Metadata.’
  6. Inside that file, click open ‘’ folder-> Within this folder, a file named ‘’ needs to be opened with notepad
  7. ‘product_install_root’ and ‘product_install_full_path’ need to be changed with new path
  8. Finally, save the file.

Which Software is Useful To Transfer Games Between PCs?

How to Move Valorant to a Different Drive
How to Move Valorant to a Different Drive
  • Steam– On Steam, the procedure is straightforward: navigate to your Steam games folder. You will require two items. The first step is to obtain the appmanifest ######.ACF file. If the user uses Steam, the user can obtain this file by checking the URL.
  • You also require ‘subdirectory’ or ‘common subdirectory’ for the procedure. You can find this by sending the copy appmanifest file to the Steam folder on the new PC. Once you have done it, you can see the game icon.
  • Instead of using Steam’s built-in backup capabilities, you may use the same technique to back up a game’s files.
  • GOG Galaxy– Even easier than Steam is OG Galaxy and several other digital marketplaces. This is due to the lack of a separate ACF file. Go to the GOG folder and copy the contents to a separate computer.
  • The folder can technically be stored anywhere on the new PC, including a network drive, though we do not recommend this if 10GbE is unavailable. Open GOG Galaxy, navigate to the collection, and select the right game.
  • On the game page, click the ‘More dropdown’ icon under which ‘import folder’ would be seen through ‘manage an installation .’If you prefer it to the required files, it will validate the installation.
  • Origin – It’s not as efficient as GOG or Blizzard, but easy to use. To begin, locate the game folder—the default installation path is typical “C: Program Files.”  
  • The game folder must be copied to that folder on the new PC, whether the default location is used or modified to another folder. Click download once the transfer is complete; if everything goes well, Origin will check the contents and install the game instead of downloading it. It’s a little complicated, but it’s still rather painless.

How to Move Valorant to a Different Hard Drive?

Games are converted to SSD because it reduces game latency, allows for faster execution and better performance in less time, and allows the game’s textures to load faster. Because of its great speed, SSD saves a lot of time.

Even though the game isn’t particularly large but with advanced graphics, space limits push users to hunt for ways to transfer their game files to another drive. On one drive, the player might remove and reinstall the game. However, most people aren’t looking for that.

We’ll go over the technicalities of moving the full game from one disc to another without reloading it in this guide.

Transfer of game cannot be started without the internet since the hard drives on different machines aren’t separated. But as long as the new hard drive is connected correctly on the same computer as the original hard drive, You can easily move single or several games from one drive to the new drive. We have mentioned the whole process below:

  • Choose the place where you want to transfer games from their original position. Connect the drive to the computer and after running the software for game transfer, click open ‘App Migration’ and then click ‘Start.’
  • Choose the original drive where you installed the game programs, search and check the games, and select the destination drive as the file path. After making choices, click ‘Transfer’ to transfer valorant.
  • The software will begin transferring the selected games from their original location to the transferred one. Wait for the procedure to complete.

Final Words

You can place the files in the location where you moved Valorant and riot client to either save space or play it on a different PC. This write-up gives a detailed view of transferring valorant game files on different drives, folders, or PCs.

The procedure may seem a little complicated when done for the first time, but once players get it, it becomes less time-consuming, more effective, and makes enough space in your computer/PC for other games and works. Optimizing the configuration files is the key.

With these simple steps mentioned above, you can transfer valorant to another drive without reinstalling the entire game. However, if the entire process is too difficult for someone, they may always reinstall Valorant using the slower but safer technique.

If you’re a Valorant gamer and want to change the Valorant installation folder, check this out!

Compared to other popular FPS games, Valorant’s system requirements are less stringent. For example, Riot Games made an explicit effort to optimize the game as much as possible, and it runs at 30 frames per second on any hardware.

And lastly, make sure to invest in quality SSDs and hard drives as these contain many files, and if they get corrupt, it becomes nearly impossible to gain those again. And the whole point of transferring the files becomes futile.

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