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How to Make Grass Grow Faster Minecraft?

Complete Guide on How to Grow Grass Faster on Minecraft!

How to make grass grow faster Minecraft

Grass blocks are rare, and you cannot find them in an inventory. This is funny because they seem to be plenty and in large numbers. This makes it very important to grow grass on your own. The reason behind this rarity is that you can’t just break a grass block and expect to pick it up with a conventional tool. Many of you must have wondered “How to make grass grow faster Minecraft?”

By doing so, the only thing you’ll obtain is a dirt block, which is not what you want precisely. This is a complete guide on breaking grass blocks and growing grass correctly.

How Long Does It Take for Grass to Grow in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, Grass takes one day in-game to start growing. The grass growth in Minecraft is generally slow and steady because it spreads slowly from one dirt block to another, touching the grass blocks that you’ve placed.

How to Make Grass Grow Faster in Minecraft?

Before being able to grow grass in Minecraft, breaking and picking up grass blocks is the first step. The reason behind this is to make the grass spread and grow. You need to replace the existing dirt blocks with grass blocks. Make sure you choose the existing grass blocks correctly.

Breaking grass blocks with a normal and conventional tool will only turn them into dirt blocks. To obtain grass, you need a Silk Touch Enchanted tool.

Getting Silk Touch Enchantment for Mining Grass Blocks

Silk Touch Enhancement
Silk Touch Enhancement

The Silk Touch lets you pick items like ice or glass and pick up and mine coal and diamonds directly without picking the final product. Silk touch also allows players to retain the initial form of the blocks while mining. Silk touch does not turn them into their general items.

The same goes for grass blocks. There is a bit of hassle involved in getting a Silk Touch Enchantment Tool, and you need to keep repeating the process until you reach the 30th level of enchantment. Follow the steps given below to obtain Silk Touch Enchantment on a tool.

  1. Check for a 30 level enchantment on the diamond pickaxe. If there is an option for enchanting Silk Touch, then enchant it.
  2. If a Silk Touch enchantment of level 30 isn’t available, then enchant a level 1 book.
  3. Check again for the level 30 enchantment on the pickaxe.
  4. Repeat till you reach the level 30 Silk Touch.

Mine Grass Blocks With Silk Touch Enchantment tools

To mine a grass block is simple; you have to equip the Silk Touch Enchanted tool and break a grass block to mine it. Silk Touch Enchantment tools also enable you to pick diamond and coal ores quickly.

Placing Grass Blocks & Growing More Grass

Take and place your grass blocks around the outskirts of the area you want to grow the grass in. You should see the grass growing within one day in the game. It will spread and grow slowly.

How to Get Grass Blocks in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can only obtain a grass block if you break a grass block with a Silk Touch Enchanted Tool. If you decide to break it with a regular old tool, you’ll have just a regular dirt block.

How to Get Grass Block in Minecraft without Silk Touch?

The only way to obtain grass blocks without a silk touch is by killing an Enderman that possesses a grass block.

How to Turn Dirt into Grass?

Turning a dirt block into a grass block in Minecraft is very tedious and can take a lifetime. However, on a dirt block, grass can be grown by increasing the level of light in the area. If the level of light is very high in an area, grass will start growing on it slowly and steadily. The higher the intensity of light, the faster and easier it is for the grass to grow.

How to Grow Grass Underground in Minecraft?

How to Grow Grass Underground in Minecraft?
How to Grow Grass Underground in Minecraft?

Grass cannot be directly grown under the ground in Minecraft. However, if you want to grow grass underground, you need to build a staircase of dirt blocks. You must connect the stairs from a grass block to the underground below. You need to make some light available to the underground grass. Without lights, the grass won’t grow underground at all. Also, more light allows for easy growth and spread in this thing.

Final Words – How to Make Grass Grow Faster Minecraft?

Growing grass blocks can be troublesome and tiring sometimes, but growing grass is very feasibly possible. Grow grass blocks easily by using the Silk Touch Enchantment tool or killing an Enderman that has a grass block. You can also grow tall grass with the same process.

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