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How to Make A Bubble Elevator In Minecraft?

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How to Make A Bubble Elevator In Minecraft

So, how to make a bubble elevator in Minecraft? People may believe that Minecraft is a simple game and “a game for kids.” However, in reality, it is a game that stimulates creativity and difficult problem-solving. People automatically think that Minecraft is easy because of its appearance, but in reality, it is a game that fosters multiple things.

Because of this, the internet is home to a plethora of how-to instructions that can walk you through a variety of Minecraft tasks. On the other hand, this piece of the blog will walk you through the process of creating a water elevator or a bubble in Minecraft. You will be able to transfer yourself vertically by the time you conclude this instruction, and you will have earned the right to boast about it to your friends.

So, let’s begin!

How to Make A Bubble Elevator In Minecraft?

Materials Required

Note that among the Minecraft community, the words “bubble elevator” and “water elevator” are considered to be synonymous and may be used in any context. However, to assist you in manually constructing an elevator in Minecraft, we have included a rundown of the many components and parts that are required. Players can smoothly create an elevator. Also, they can develop the bubble or water elevator from the ground up by fashioning the components detailed below:

  • Water bucket
  • Any block to build columns
  • Door
  • Kelp
  • Soul Sand
  • Magma Block

Get Building Blocks

Get Building Blocks
Get Building Blocks

Always remember that you are responsible for selecting and acquiring the construction material that you will use to create the elevator following your preferences. This component is essential since it will act as the elevator’s support structure when you assemble it.

The majority of the time, players make use of glass blocks to replicate the experience of riding in an elevator by allowing them to look through to the outside world. In addition to that, it enables you to see the person who is now riding the elevator. Despite this, you are free to utilize any building block you like.

You may do this by using blocks with a matching pattern to those that are currently in use in your home or structure. Concrete is yet another wonderful building material that you may use in the construction of the elevator.

An additional possibility is to use mossy cobblestone or mossy stone brick to create the impression that the elevator is ancient, overgrown, or abandoned.

When it comes to amassing the construction blocks, the only thing that is very crucial to be aware of is the height of the elevator that this will create. So it would be best if you counted the block using the coordinates shown on your debug screen.

After you have determined the height of the elevator, multiply that value by 4. The result is the smallest possible amount of construction bricks that are necessary to construct the elevator.

The height of the elevator has been increased by a factor of four because the bubble elevator itself requires four sides for the water to remain in place and for it to function properly.

After you have amassed a sufficient number of construction blocks, we will be able to move on to the next content.

Get Water Buckets

Get Water Buckets
Get Water Buckets

The water itself is the subsequent substance of utmost significance for the elevator. If you want to make a local supply of water that never runs out, you’ll need at least two water buckets.

The limitless supply of water is designed for use if you are constructing in a distant area. An area where your work site does not lie near a water body such as a river, an ocean biome, or any other kind of source of water.

Despite this, you will only need one bucket of water for each column in the elevator. You will need many buckets for each elevator you wish to construct in your base. You may get these buckets from various locations.

On a crafting table, lay down three iron ingots in a “V” formation to form the basis for a bucket. Following that, if you now have enough buckets of water, you are prepared to go on to the next substance.

Get A Door

Get a Door
Get a Door

In addition to the buckets of water and the construction pieces, you are going to need some doors. Not only is a door used for aesthetic purposes, but it also serves the functional purpose of preventing water from leaking out of the elevator shaft.

In every elevator column, there should be a door that you can use to enter or leave the building. Door frames are an easy barrier for water to overcome, whether it’s trying to flow out of the entry or the exit.

To construct a door, you will need a total of six timber planks of any kind as well as six iron ingots. To create doors, you must completely fill the two columns of the crafting table grid with the necessary components.

In addition to doors, you can also use signs to obstruct the path of water as it travels from the elevator shaft to the outside of the building. When compared to doors, signs are somewhat preferable since passengers do not need to manually open or shut them to enter or depart the elevator.

Aside from that, you can also add instructional instructions on the signs themselves to serve as a gentle reminder to players on how to use the elevator accurately.

However, hostile mobs like zombies or creepers may easily enter the elevator and surprise players in their bases if they aren’t paying attention. Utilizing doors rather than other entry points will prevent this from happening.

We will move on to the next material after you have created a sufficient number of doors.

Get Kelp

Get Kelp
Get Kelp

Kelp is one of the essential resources that you will want to construct a bubble elevator in Minecraft in a straightforward manner. For the bubble elevator to function properly, the water present inside the column must be completely source blocks rather than flowing water.

The kelp should be planted and allowed to grow until it reaches the whole length of the elevator column. This would solve the problem. By carrying out this action, all of the water blocks, regardless of whether or not they are flowing, that are included inside the elevator column will be converted into a source block.

You do not need to be concerned about whether or not you are cheating since this simple method is a gaming element that Minecraft has introduced itself. It is in no way a dishonest practice.

The only challenge that this phase presents is sourcing the actual kelp. You are in luck if your project is located near an ocean biome since it will be easier to collect data. As a result, kelp is often present on the bottom of the ocean, where it grows.

To collect the whole kelp plant, one must swim to the bottom of the water and then break off the section located there.

As soon as you have amassed enough kelp to fill your elevator column completely, you are free to return to your home base to begin preparing the subsequent material.

Get Magma Blocks and Soul Sand

Get Magma Blocks and Soul Sand
Get Magma Blocks and Soul Sand

You will have to go to the dimension of the Nether to obtain the following set of resources. Be certain that you are well-protected from death by ensuring that you’ve adorned your equipment with the most powerful enchantments possible before venturing off.

The Overworld has a few magma bricks hidden here and there for you to find. You may discover some of them in weak Nether portals as well as in sunken aquatic cities.

When the soul sand submerges in water, a bubble column is produced. It is necessary for the elevator to function properly. There is only going to be a need for a single block of soul sand for each elevator column that you create.

When put underwater, magma blocks, on the other hand, result in the formation of a bubble column. On the other hand, rather than ascending like the bubble column produced by soul sand, it travels in the opposite direction, which is downward.

You don’t need to use magma blocks in the construction of the descending elevator. Instead, you can let the descending column be a drop-shaft elevator, with water acting as a cushion for the fall to reduce any damage that the descent may cause.

What If You Don’t Use Magma Bricks

Suppose you do want to get magma bricks. In that case, however, you should keep in mind that you must exercise extreme caution whenever you are adventuring into the Nether plane to acquire these resources. There are a great number of dangers that may put you in the Nether Realm, and it wouldn’t be hard to go there.

Other than that, be sure to carry a shovel with you to break the soul sand bricks and a pickaxe to break the magma blocks.

When you have amassed a sufficient amount, you may return to the Overworld to start the building of your bubble elevator.

The next section will describe the stages in creating the basic bubble elevator in your Minecraft world after all of these resources have been accounted for and double-checked for accuracy.

Creating the Bubble Elevator

Creating the Bubble Elevator
Creating the Bubble Elevator

According to the Minecraft Wiki, players can build a variety of water elevators while playing the game. A waterfall is the simplest of the three options.

The difficulty with having a waterfall in a level is that it increases the risk of players drowning if the elevator is too lengthy. Users who make use of the bubble elevator are provided with oxygen continuously, which ensures that the breath level shown above the hunger bar does not decrease.

Aside from that, while you are utilizing the bubble elevator, you do not have to hit the spacebar button to ascend a water column. Instead, the majority of players decide to construct a bubble elevator for this reason, even though acquiring some of the necessary materials might be challenging at times.

In light of this, the following is a rundown of the procedure for constructing the bubble elevator in Minecraft:

Primary Steps

Determine the most suitable location in which to install your elevator and make your plans accordingly. A space three squares in size is the bare minimum required for a single elevator column.

Following that, you will need to make use of the particular building blocks designated for the construction of your elevator. In the area measuring 3 by 3, create a diamond beginning pattern, and then extend that pattern up to the height you want the elevator to be.

After you have constructed the elevator’s hollow tube up to the necessary height, you should install a single water source within the tube on the height level and then allow water to flow down the elevator in the opposite direction.

After reaching that point, you will need to go back down and remove two blocks from the first two levels of the tube, precisely at the spot where you want the entrance to be. It is not necessary to worry too much about the water pooling on the ground since it will eventually drain.

The next thing you need to do to stop the water from leaking out of the tube is to install a door or two signs over the opening that you created in the wall.

Secondary Steps

At this point, you should have a straightforward waterfall column at your disposal that you may use to ascend. The kelp should then be positioned on the bottom of the water column in the following phase of this process.

You will see that the water has changed into a source block after some time has passed. Continue adding kelp to the elevator until it reaches the highest possible level.

Once you convert every water block into a source block, it is time to begin the process of producing bubbles. Put a single block of soul sand on the bottom of the water block.

At this point, you must see bubbles climbing the water column up until it reaches the elevator.

In Minecraft, you now have access to a bubble elevator that is in full functioning order!

The construction of a bubble elevator that moves in the other direction follows the same procedure. Step 8 requires the placement of soul sand; however, you should use a magma block in its place.

You are going to see that the bubbles are moving in a descending direction.

There is no upper limit to the height that your bubble elevator can reach. Also, it is regardless of what you want it to be. You can extend its length to any level of complexity you like.

Even if your elevator is incredibly lengthy, you won’t need to be concerned about suffocating since the bubbles will supply sufficient oxygen for you to breathe. Instead, you are allowed to construct it at whatever height you choose, so long as you meet the requirements.

How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft 1.14?

The procedure for making a Bubble elevator in Minecraft 1.14 is the same as above. Follow the steps given above to make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft 1.14.

How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft 1.16?

The process of making a Bubble Elevator is the same for all Minecraft versions. So, it doesn’t matter what version you have. However, if you follow the steps given above, you can successfully make a Bubble Elevator regardless of the Minecraft version.

How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft 1.17?

To make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft 1.17, follow every step given above, and post which you’ll have a Bubble Elevator in your game!

How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft Bedrock?

The process of making a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft Bedrock is the same as in all Minecraft editions. So, follow the steps given above and make your elevator.

How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft Java?

Making a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft Java is the same as making a Bubble Elevator on PC. Follow the steps given in the earlier sections and create your bubble elevator!

Final Words

We hope that by the time you have finished reading this tutorial, you will have a fundamental understanding of the stages involved in creating a bubble elevator in Minecraft. Elevators are a novel and time-saving mode of transportation that you may use to go upwards or downwards. If you have constructed a covert base, then an elevator can transport you down to the ground level in a matter of moments.

Also if you’re wondering “What Does Outdated Client Mean in Minecraft,” we have you covered!

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