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How To Get Xbox Live Gold Free Trial?

Good News for Xbox Fans

How To Get Xbox Live Gold Free Trial

If you’re new to Xbox Live Gold, this article can help you determine how to get the Xbox Live Gold free trial.

“You Only Live Once” – I’m sure you’ve heard that before. But try telling that to a gamer. Gamers have a habit of leading two lives – a real life and an in-game life. I’m sure they prefer their gaming lives over the real one as they get a chance to live as many characters, many times in many games. But, as we know, one cannot simply live alone all the time.

They need to interact with others as well. In comes multiplayer gaming. When a user plays a game with any other user, offline or online, it is known as multiplayer gaming.

What Is Multiplayer Gaming?

When gamers play with other gamers at the same time, it is called multiplayer gaming. Multiplayer gaming can be done both offline as well as online. Also, multiplayer gaming can be both one against another or a cooperative gameplay wherein players play together as a part of a team.

How To Play Multiplayer On Xbox One And Xbox 360?

For the last 2 decades, Microsoft’s Xbox has been one of the most played on gaming consoles, alongside Sony’s PlayStation. To play multiplayer on a Xbox One or Xbox 360, there are two ways. First, you can simply grab 2 remote controllers and sit and play with a friend of yours online. Second, is by playing multiplayer by accessing online multiplayer game which are present in-game for you to discover. In order to access the online multiplayer game modes on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, players need to have a Xbox Live Gold membership. But, how to get Xbox Live Gold Membership?

What Is Xbox Live Gold Membership?

Xbox Live Gold is Microsoft’s online gaming subscription service which a user must have to access online game modes on the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Besides the online gaming feature, Xbox Live Gold membership comes with some additional features as well. Xbox Live Gold members get to enjoy 3-4 free games at the start of every month. Along with that, Xbox Live Gold members also get special discounts on digital games. Microsoft allows users to enjoy a free Xbox Live Gold trial in order to get a glimpse on offer.

How To Get Xbox Live Gold Free Trial?

  • When a user sets up their Xbox One or Xbox 360, and sets up a Microsoft account, the users get an option to get a Xbox Live Free membership. As the name suggests, this first tier Xbox subscription is free to get but only has limited features. Thereafter, you get a prompt to upgrade to a Xbox Live Gold membership. If you choose to do so, you get Xbox Live Gold for one month for free. If you opt not to upgrade, you’re still given a prompt to use your free trial for Xbox Live Gold.
  • Free Gold Weekends: On occasions, Microsoft hosts Free Gold Weekends, under which, Xbox Live Gold membership is free for all users. It is not necessary that both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 get the gold weekends together.
  • In-game Promotions: Another great way of getting Xbox Live Gold free membership is by making use of in-game promotions. Some games, which mostly encourage online competitive gameplay, come with free Xbox Live Gold trial cards. There are free Xbox Live trials for 48 hours up to 14 days. Each promotional free trial code can be used once by users, but they’re free to use as many as they want/have.

Frequently Asked Questions On Xbox Live Gold Membership

How much does Xbox Live Gold cost?

Users can get the subscription for Xbox Live Gold from the console’s home screen, as well on Amazon. The subscription costs, via Amazon, are as follows:

3 Month Membership

6 Month Membership 

12 Month Membership

What happened to Xbox Live Silver?

Microsoft initially had a two-tier Xbox Live subscription system, viz, Silver and Gold. They have now renamed the Xbox Live Silver subscription as the Xbox Live Free subscription.

It has limited features which are as follows:

– Create a user profile and a Xbox gamertag
– Create a friend list to keep track of how your friends are doing
– Communicate with other Xbox Users via voice or text messages
– Stream videos via the Zune network
– Download games and add-ons from Xbox Live’s online market

How much does Xbox Live Silver cost?

Xbox Live Silver, which is now known as Xbox Live Free, as the name suggests, is free. Users can subscribe to Xbox Live Free to get a whiff of what they will get with the Xbox Live Gold subscription.

How do I cancel a recurring payment on Xbox Live?

Users can follow the following steps to cancel an auto-renewal for Xbox Live Gold membership.

1. Open and log into your Microsoft Xbox account for which you wish to cancel the auto-renewal.
2. Click on your profile icon located at the top right corner of this page.
3. Click on Subscriptions.
4. Navigate to the “Payment Settings” section within Subscriptions.
5. Click on Change and select “Turn-off recurring billing.”

What is the difference between Xbox Live and Xbox Gold?

Xbox Live refers to Xbox Live Free and Xbox Gold refers to Xbox Live Gold. We have already mentioned that Xbox Live has limited features, but when you get the Xbox Gold, you get to use the online multiplayer gaming modes of all games. Xbox Gold users also get free games at the start of every month, with special discounts for the paid games.

Do I lose my games if I cancel Xbox Live Gold?

The games users get for free from subscribing to Xbox Live Gold stay with them even after they cancel their subscription. Games once purchased, free or otherwise, can be downloaded at any time, irrespective of subscription status.

Final Words

The question that comes to every Xbox gamer’s mind is that is Xbox Gold worth it? If you really want to experience gaming, online multiplayer is very important for that. And in order to experience online multiplayer, you must have Xbox Live Gold. Xbox Gold will allow gamers to have a complete gaming experience, and who doesn’t like free games and special discounts?

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