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How To Change Apex Legends Name?

Try Changing It to a Slick Name!

How To Change Name in Apex Legends

Wondering how to change Apex Legends name? This article is for you!

Apex Legends is a Battle Royale that might fight with Fortnite and PUBG, which are extremely popular among PC, console, and smartphone gamers. The studio behind the blockbuster Titanfall franchise Respawn Entertainment has released a free-to-play game. Though some gamers are sad that the developers did not launch Titanfall 3, others are content with Apex Legends’ excitement.

So much so that the game racked up around 25 million gamers for the first few months of playing as the anticipation grew. Before the match, players from two- and three squads select pre-designed heroes with unique abilities known as “Legends.” This game has two different game modes. In “Battle Royale,” up to twenty-three-person squad or thirty numerous duos descend on an island to seek weapons and supplies before battling all other players.

With time, the island’s available play area shrinks, forcing the team to continue exploring or risk getting stranded outside the play area, which can be fatal. The very last team standing wins the round. In “Arenas,” players are divided into three-player squads and participate in a three-round 3v3 squad deathmatch to determine the match’s winner. Teams win when they have at minimum 3 points and are ahead by 2 points.

Apex Legends is based in the same sci-fi universe as Titanfall by Respawn Entertainment, and certain Titanfall protagonists appear as side characters or accessible Legends in Apex Legends. The game’s development started in late 2016. However, the developers kept the project under wraps until release. Respawn Entertainment had planned to work on a third episode of the Titanfall series, the studio’s last large game, until 2019; hence the game’s launch in 2019 was unexpected.

Apex Legends received largely positive reviews for its gameplay, development system, and blending of elements from several genres. Like every online game, Apex Legend has user names, but there are always people that become bored of their current username. Unfortunately, some people who haven’t played in years may use a different username than they initially started.

Changing your name in Apex Legends is straightforward, but the process differs according to the platform. For example, it is worth noting that name alterations might range in length from two to 32 characters.

How to Change Your Name of Apex Legends on PS4?

How To Change Name in Apex Legends
How To Change Name in Apex Legends

Using the physical system and tinkering with the settings is the easiest way to alter your PlayStation username in the gameplay, whether you’re on PS4 or PS5. However, if you wish to change your username many times, be aware that the first PSN name change is free.

After that, unless you’re a PS Plus member, you’ll have to pay $4.99 for each change. If you don’t have a PlayStation Plus subscription, each subsequent update will cost $9.99. On Sony PlayStation 4 systems, here’s how to update your profile name through the Edit Profile menu:

  1. Go to PlayStation 4’s home page.
  2. Navigate to ‘Settings.’
  3. Choose ‘Account Management’ now.
  4. Account Information’ should be selected.
  5. Continue to ‘Profile.’
  6. Select ‘Online ID.’
  7. Now is the time to create your own “Online ID.”
  8. Verify it.

How to Change Your Name of Apex Legends on Steam?

How To Change Name in Apex Legends
How To Change Name in Apex Legends

You must modify your full Steam name to alter your username in Apex Legends. Unfortunately, this isn’t ideal for folks who want to maintain their name in all of their other games, so think about if it’s worth it. Here are the measures to take unless you choose to make the change.

  1. Sign in to Steam, and after that, click the drop-down icon next to your user profile in the upper right corner. Choose View my profile now.
  2. Click Edit Profile on this page to be directed to a new section where you may change your name in the Username text box. Keep in mind that you have around 2 and 32 characters to use, so be creative.

Only keep in mind that changing your display name will affect all of your games, not just Apex. However, it will not alter the unique name associated with your account. That is not going to change. There is currently nothing preventing users from accessing duplicate user names, and you may come across persons with the same name in the future.

How to Change Your Name of Apex Legends on Switch?

How To Change Name in Apex Legends
How To Change Name in Apex Legends

Changing your name on the Nintendo Switch is as straightforward as on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems. When it comes to shifting your name forward, Nintendo is lenient. For example, the Nintendo Switch would be the last location where you may change the name of your profile. Players may quickly update their in-game Gamertag by updating that from their Nintendo internet account since Respawn recently released Apex Legends on the portable platform.

  1. You must first activate your Switch.
  2. Select the primary menu option.
  3. Now tap on your username that lies typically just beneath your profile picture.
  4. That should lead you toward the profile settings option, where you may choose the profile section.
  5. You need to tap on your present username now.
  6. A little pencil symbol appears next to the username.
  7. To alter your name, simply click the pencil symbol.
  8. Finally, hit the “OK” option to save all of your changes, and you’re finished.

How to Change Your Name of Apex Legends on PC?

How To Change Name in Apex Legends
How To Change Name in Apex Legends

Apex Legends usernames work differently on PC than they do on consoles. Players may discover their account in the settings and billing portion of the EA platform, Origin. After selecting this option, Origin will lead players to their profiles to update their names. The name, like PlayStation, must be accessible.

The PC edition of Apex currently has the most straightforward method for changing a username. Players must alter their names for the entire system, not just the game, in the console versions. However, gamers may easily modify their Apex Legends login on the PC. T

We use the Origin or Steam launcher to complete this operation. In comparison to consoles, modifying your Apex username is quite simple. For example, if PlayStation isn’t your thing and you prefer to play Apex Legends on PC, there are a few options for changing your name in the keyboard and mouse style.

  1. Open your Origin program on your PC first.
  2. There’s a section named “EA Account and Billing…” under the origin banner. You may visit EA’s website by clicking here.
  3. The Basic Information portion of EA’s website is beside the “About Me” section.
  4. You must click on the little “Edit” icon next to the Basic Information section.
  5. If you have two-factor authentication set on your EA account, it will prompt you to verify your email by providing an OTP (one-time-password) to the verified email address.
  6. The “Edit Basic Information” pop-up will appear when you authenticate your email.
  7. Add your new preferred identity in the ID area and click the “save” button to quit.

When using the Origin client on PC, you can quickly alter your name in Apex Legends by following these instructions.

How to Change Your Name on Xbox?

How To Change Name in Apex Legends
How To Change Name in Apex Legends

Your Xbox Gamertag will become the profile name you can see Apex Legends, just like it is on PC. Instead of using a browser, the best method is to use your Xbox. Bring forward the Xbox Home Screen by pressing the X logo on your Xbox controller. Now, select Profile and System. Go to the My Profile tab for the section you want to update. You may then choose the Customize Profile option. You’ll be able to change your current Gamertag, but you’ll be OK if the tag is accessible.

You’ll have to go through the Xbox name change process to change your name in apex legends.

Except for a few names and buttons, the methods for changing your identity on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X are essentially identical. For example, Xbox users can alter their username once for free, like PlayStation users. PlayStation will charge any additional modifications at $9.99.

  1. Here’s how to update your profile name in the Xbox system.
  2. Access your Xbox account.
  3. Look for ‘Settings.’
  4. Select ‘Profile’ from the drop-down menu.
  5. Now, choose ‘Edit Profile’ to guide you to your account page.
  6. Look for your Xbox Gamertag.
  7. You should select Enter New Gamertag.
  8. Build a separate one that you believe you’ll enjoy in the future.
  9. To complete, click ‘Use this Gamertag.’

Final Words

Apex Legends is a multiple-player combatant game with pre-made characters with unique powers known as “Legends,” comparable to those in superhero shooters. Apex Legends is available for most major platforms and is not like any other online game.

Every game-obsessed person wants their own unique identity in any game, and hence apex legends are flexible regarding this. No matter in whichever system you play the game, whether it’s a PC (Origin or Steam) or its Xbox or PlayStation. You can easily edit your username and improve your identity as a gamer in the game by following specific simple steps given above.

If you’re a multiplayer gamer and love playing Co-op games, here are the best Co-op games for you!

This was a complete guide on how to change your Apex Legends name.

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