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How to Beat Minecraft?

Beating the Most Popular Game in the World!

How To Beat Minecraft

So, how to beat Minecraft? People have praised Minecraft as among the best gaming experiences ever. The game pits players in a virtual world where they get to build anything they want, explore different environments, and mine for resources. But while the game is fun and challenging, it can get frustrating too. After all, how many times have you been killed by a creeper or an Enderman?

Get ready to sweat and strain some brain cells because we’ll teach you how to beat Minecraft. It might need some time and practice, but with our tips and tricks, you will soon be on your way to beating this popular game. Let’s begin!

Can You Beat Minecraft?

Of course.

Minecraft is a sandbox game. Hence there is no definitive conclusion to the game. On the other hand, there is a consensus that you only finish the game after defeating the Ender Dragon.

How to Beat Minecraft?

Follow these steps to beat Minecraft:

Part 1 – Amassing Materials

Stock Up on Supplies

If you find the stronghold and get to the game’s conclusion, you will require a few specialized items.

Following this guide, you will need at least a basic understanding of Minecraft.

Mine Ores

You’ll need at least five diamonds, sixty-four iron, and several coal stacks to complete the quest. You’ll need at least seven gems if you want a sword, pickaxe, and enchantment table. Netherite, on the other hand, is preferable.

It might take a long time to complete this stage.

Make Weapons and Armor

In addition to a diamond sword and pick, you’ll need a whole suit of iron armor and an iron bow and arrows.

Mine Obsidian

It’s a requirement for accessing the Nether. Pouring lava adjacent to water is the quickest technique to get Obsidian.

You can only mine Obsidian using diamond tools.

It is possible to build an enchantment table using Obsidian and utilize it to your advantage when battling the dragon or just playing.

Part 2 – Using Nether Portals

Set Up a Nether Portal and Turn it on

At the very least, you’ll need 10 obsidian blocks to construct a Nether Portal. Make a 3-block high and 2-block long rectangle with an opening in the middle. Then use flint and steel to hit the interior of the rectangle. Finally, a fascinating sound should begin to emerge from the empty area.

Enter the Nether

The gateway will open in 4 seconds and take you to the Nether. Make sure you have flint and steel in case of the portal cracks due to a ghast, as well as enough food to keep you well-fed.

Seek for a Nether Fortress

There are two types of Nether Fortresses: those with Nether Warts and those with Blaze Spawners in the Nether; it may take a while to discover them, so be patient.

Gather the Nether Wart After Killing Blazes

It is important to collect Blaze rods from Blazes to make potions and go farther in the game; blaze rods will be in short supply.

One of the most essential ingredients in potions is Nether Wart, which can only be obtained by harvesting Soul Sand (brown with a face-like design). There are two tiny areas of Subterranean Wart in nether fortifications along stairways leading upwards.

Build a Brewing Station

You’ll be able to make potions using this, which will come in handy while fighting the final boss.

Obtain the Enderpearls

Killing endermen will yield you Enderpearls. At least 20 ender pearls are needed for various purposes, so stock up. You may use them:

  • You may trade pigs for ender pearls in bastion remains. You’ll want to know about the four most common varieties. Stables, bridges, and treasures are the four main categories. It’s crucial to be able to discern the difference between them since each of them has its distinct characteristic.
  • Teleportation – To hurl an ender pearl and be transported to the location where it lands, do a right-click with an ender pearl selected. This may be handy in places like ravines, vast caverns, and the Nether.
  • Ingredient from the Eye of Ender – You use Ender pearls to make ender eyes.

Craft Eyes of Ender

These are essential to locating and unlocking the last stage of the game. For example, to create an Eye of Ender, you may combine blaze powder and an ender pearl in the crafting grid.

The ingredients may be put anywhere on the crafting grid in this recipe.

Dropping a blazing rod anywhere on the crafting grid results in the creation of blaze powder.

Part 3 – Finding a Fortress

Throw Ender’s Eye

It will take to the skies and go for the closest stronghold, an uncommon subterranean building. Right-clicking while holding an Eye of Ender releases the projectile.

To Find a Stronghold, Keep Going Back to the Previous Stage and Repeating it

When the Eye of Ender flies towards the earth, you’ve located a fortress.

As just one in every five Eyes can survive each usage, bring enough of them.

Defend the Fortress

To discover the fortress, you may have to dig a little.

Protect the Region by Securing it

Get rid of the mobs by clearing and lighting up the fortress.

Be careful not to disturb the End Portal frame, which hangs over a little lava lake. If you aren’t above the frame, you may fall into a dark tunnel, and many hostile creatures may attack you.

Part 4 – Entering the End

Locate an End Portal

There is only a single End Portal in a fortress; to get to the “End,” you’ll need this.

Activate the Portal

By placing Eyes of Ender in the “frame,” you may open the Portal. Using an empty block on the frame, equip the eye and perform the effect. Continue until all 12 blocks have eyes. Face the eyeballs toward the Portal inside.

Jump Into the Portal

This will lead you to The End.

If the Portal is operational, the lava underneath it won’t harm you or kill you, but if it isn’t, you’ll die and lose all your stuff!

Part 5 – Fighting the Dragon

Get Ready to Fight the Boss

The Ender Dragon is the name of the last boss who patrols the End’s skies. To win, you must kill her. (Yes, she was verified to be female)

Endermen are a severe threat in this realm, as they proliferate like weeds.

While in the End, if you haven’t slain the dragon, saving, quitting, and reloading causes a second dragon to appear. Give yourself plenty of time to complete the fight.

Locate the Dragon

Please take advantage of the extra time to be organized and ready for her arrival.

Underground spawns are possible; dig your way out if this is the case.

Destroy the Ender Crystals

Healing the Ender Dragon is possible thanks to these crystals, which you can find atop the obsidian towers at the very End.

Any assault, even a snowball, will do the job. Don’t use a close-range weapon since the crystals explode when struck. Iron bars protect some gems.

Kill the Dragon

Using a sword, bow, arrows, or explosives, you may harm the dragon. The dragon is resistant to lava, fire, and splash potions. However, potions that boost your stats are quite helpful.

You may use beds to harm the ender dragon since sleeping at the End of the Nether causes an explosion. Please place it in front of you, step back, and then attempt to sleep as the dragon approaches.

While sitting on top of the gateway, the dragon is impervious to arrows in the Computer Edition.

Obtain the Treasure

In addition to XP drops, the Enderdragon also unlocks the exit portal.

Jump Into the Exit Portal

The Game Is Yours!

With all your stuff and many additional experience points, you’ll be back in your world’s usual spawn after the credits!

How Long Does It Take to Beat Minecraft?

Since reaching the end credits is regarded as successful completion of the game, the amount of time required to accomplish so is very variable. A player’s current skill level and the amount of mining and crafting they choose to complete before starting the game determine this.

According to HowLongToBeat, the typical time for players to earn all their credits is 90 hours. However, those who take their time and play at a leisurely pace need a substantially longer amount of time, 535 hours. So if we assume that the player wants to construct a home, mine for the most powerful equipment, enchant their things, and so on, a playthrough of more than 100 hours is quite typical.

However, nothing can stop players from attempting to complete the game as soon as they enter a new planet and begin playing it.

It is necessary to prevail over the Ender Dragon in the End dimension to access the game’s closing credits. For players to reach The End, they must first locate a subterranean Stronghold. This location will have a portal chamber with twelve available slots for Eye of Ender crystals.

You may access the dimension after you’ve put it in its proper location. The Ender Dragon that lives within is very challenging for those who are not well prepared, which is why many players wait until late in the game to confront him.

Of course, the challenge does not deter those trying to set new speedrunning records. Over the last several years, Minecraft speed runs have gained increasing popularity. Most of them conclude with the player defeating the Ender Dragon. The average time to complete Minecraft is 90 hours, a significant difference from the 9 minutes and 36 seconds that user Brentilda has set as the current world record for winning the game.

How to Beat Minecraft Fast?

Beating Minecraft fast is totally upon you. Following the tips mentioned above, you can beat Minecraft fast if you manage to do all the steps as quickly as possible.

How to Beat Minecraft Survival?

Here are some tips on beating Minecraft Survival:

Enchanting Weapons and Armor

You may significantly boost a player’s power and defense via enchantments. However, regarding armor and weaponry, certain enchantments are superior to others. This is particularly true of certain types of enchantments.

Protection is one of the most useful enchantments you can place on an armor item. That’s because it grants the player an extra four points of defense for each piece of armor they have enchanted. It is also beneficial for players to learn how to mend, which costs experience points but immediately repairs any broken armor.

When it comes to weaponry, Sharpness V provides a significant boost to the players’ overall damage output in close combat. In addition, Unbreaking III provides a chance for an item to avoid having its durability reduced. At the same time, it is being used, which eventually results in a boost in the item’s durability.

Prepare Your Defenses

In Minecraft, armor is something you cannot play without, and achieving victory in the game depends heavily on having access to the greatest possible equipment in this category. At the beginning of the game, players have a good chance of finding cows and horses, making it quite simple to acquire leather armor.

However, as players advance in the game, they should use armor made of materials like iron and diamond. This is because both materials can prevent the player from taking a specific level of damage. Netherite is very difficult to get, but you may use it once you obtain it to create some of the most powerful armor in the game.

Iron armor is sufficient for players in the Overworld and even in the Nether. However, diamond or netherite armor is recommended for use while battling at the End, where the Enderman and the Ender Dragon deliver massive quantities of damage all at once.

Availability of Food and Drink

The player’s ability to eat is one of the most important aspects of Minecraft, as it determines whether or not they will survive. It’s possible that players won’t have access to many food options when they first start playing Minecraft. On the other hand, the longer the player manages to stay alive, the simpler it is to get further food supplies. Surprisingly, there are certain meals in Minecraft that are better than others.

There is not much distinction between the majority of Minecraft’s meals. However, establishing an animal farm and growing it to a size that can support many animals is essential to long-term survival and winning the game. Big farms allow players to generate vast quantities of wheat, which they may use to speed up breeding for animals like cows and sheep. Similarly, players can use large farms to create large quantities of carrots, potatoes, or beets for pigs.

Always Make Sure You Have a Backup For Everything

It is essential for players who want to win Minecraft to have backups of their armor, tools, weapons, blocks, and a wide variety of other items. However, we strongly recommend that players not enter combat with just a single weapon equipped. Because you have backups does not mean those copies have to function like the original.

If the player’s diamond pickaxe is damaged beyond repair, they are prepared to use an iron pickaxe instead. The same principle applies to both the weapons and the armor.

Stay Away From Dangers That Are Not Necessary

There are instances when Minecraft is unduly difficult, which might lead players to take more chances than they need to progress. However, it is important to remember that players should always prepare for the worst-case scenario. Mines should have enough lighting, players should avoid digging straight down, and creatures should not spawn if possible.

The prospect of going head to head with a crowd of people may be nerve-wracking, and there is no shame in avoiding confrontations when possible. Therefore, although players might be tempted to complete the tasks at hand as rapidly as possible, it is in their best interest to take their time.

How to Beat the Ender Dragon in Minecraft?

As soon as the boss battle against The Ender Dragon starts, it would be best if you made it a priority to destroy the End Crystals perched atop the Obsidian Pillars. It is in your best interest to destroy these crystals since they allow the monster to maintain a level of health that is very near to its maximum.

Finding healing beams and following them back to the End Crystals is the most effective strategy for destroying these crystals. So please take out your bow and shoot the enemies with arrows till they explode.

After you’ve broken the End Crystals, you should now use your bow to pursue The Ender Dragon. Targeting the creature’s head will increase the damage you do by a factor of four. Then, please wait for the monster to follow you before firing an arrow once it has completely changed. Then, fire another arrow as quickly as you can after the first.

You may achieve headshots this way. The Ender Dragon will try to escape, and you must pursue it (that’s right, you must hunt the creature) until it launches another assault. When anything like this occurs, go on as you were before in the same way. Continue doing so until you bring the monster down.

How Long Does It Take to Beat Minecraft Dungeons?

It takes around five hours to complete Minecraft Dungeons if you concentrate on the game’s primary goals. For example, if you’re a player who seeks to see all facets of the game, you are likely to spend roughly 26 hours to acquire 100 percent completion.

How Many Blaze Rods Do You Need to Beat Minecraft?

We recommend a minimum of 10 Blaze rods, but the more you have, the better.

How to Beat the Lich King Minecraft?

The battle against this Lich King boss consists of three phases. During the opening phase of the battle, he brandishes a scepter. He fires Ender Pearls, and Ghast fireballs at his opponents. He has two ghosts that act as decoys and are resistant to injury.

These ghosts can shoot Ender Pearls and fireballs like a ghast would. If you want to take him down, you have to either utilize splash potions of healing or strike the non-illusory Lich with the Ender Pearls so that they bounce off of him and break his four shields.

Otherwise, he is entirely untouchable. In the second phase, he will employ one of the powers associated with the scepter. Take appropriate action. During the second part of the conflict, he uses a Golden Sword as his weapon of choice. Just put an end to him immediately. During the third phase of the battle, the Lich will summon various zombies outfitted in armor to oppose you.

These zombies are of a more robust and environmentally friendly sort. You can take them out one by one, but only by eliminating the Lich will his minions be eliminated.

Final Words

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. There is no definitive conclusion to the game. The Ender Dragon that lives within is very challenging for those who are not well prepared, which is why many players wait until late in the game to confront him. The average time to complete Minecraft is 90 hours, a significant difference from the 9 minutes and 36 seconds that user Brentilda has set as the current world record for winning the game.

Armor, weapons, and enchantments are some of the most important pieces. Iron armor is sufficient for players in the Overworld and even the Nether. However, diamond or netherite armor is recommended for use while battling at the End. Always have backups of your armor, tools, weapons, blocks, and other items.

Destroy the End Crystals perched atop the Obsidian Pillars first. Then, use your bow to pursue and destroy the Ender Dragon’s healing beams. Afterward, you must hunt the creature until it launches another assault. It takes around five hours to complete Minecraft Dungeons if you concentrate on the game’s primary goals.

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