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How Old Is Minecraft?

A Timeless Classic!

How Old is Minecraft?

So how old is Minecraft?

You find yourself on a deserted island and to survive you must explore, gather wood, stone, and sand, create essential tools and construct a refuge for yourself. Later, you hunt pigs, pick fruit for meals, and battle monsters in the dark. And everything you see is cube-shaped bricks, even the pigs that are in there.

It’s pretty challenging to put into words what Minecraft is like. Monsters made out of Lego. Robin Crusoe in Lego form. Doom with blocks, without guns, and farming. Do you see what we mean? Hard.

Minecraft has dramatically influenced the sandbox genre. When placed into a large randomized open environment, there is no defined purpose or objective for the player (really endless). The only way to go through the ranks is through an Achievements system. The game comprises cubes, which you can destroy, remove, build upon, or replace. There is also a day/night cycle.

Players must feed and defend themselves against hostile mobs throughout the night, depending on the difficulty level that you have set. 

During the first few weeks after its release, this single-developer indie game raked in nearly $30 million in revenue from 14 million downloads. That is more than many AAA games earn in their entire careers. So how did all this happen?

Keep on reading if you’re curious about your favorite sandbox video game and how a little independent game with no financing and only one developer became a worldwide phenomenon. So let’s see what we discover as we go back in time. 

When Was Minecraft Released?

When Was Minecraft Released?
When Was Minecraft Released?

Thirteen years ago, a Swedish video game developer created a 3D building blocks game on a website full of other independent game producers.

Ever since, Minecraft has sold millions of copies and now is the most popular video game of all time. 

Markus “Notch” Persson created the game’s concept. On May 17, 2009, he released “Minecraft Classic,” the first version of the game. For this vast open-world game, Markus Persson built a little Javascript. The game did not need conventional advertising. The game’s news spread widely entirely through the medium of the internet.

At this point in the game’s success, Notch decided to quit his day job and form a company named Mojang to focus solely on the game’s development. Several platforms, including PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, were able to play the game after a short time.

Rocks and grass were all that were available at the outset of the game. At the time, if you were to fall off the map, you would be unable to return to the game unless you began it. The official launch of Minecraft across all platforms occurred on November 18, 2011, even though it had been available to the general public as early as May 2009.

Notch decided to stand down as Lead Designer and recruit Jens “Jeb” Bergensten, who now had complete creative control over the game.

Mojang increased as the number of players climbed. Therefore, it was necessary to establish partnerships with more developers and partners to keep up with and push the limits of the ever-expanding Minecraft game.

“Pretty Scary Update,” “Adventure Update,” “The Update That Changed the World,” and other new editions and updates were released in the following years. Besides being improved in appearance and feel, it now includes new types of enemies and biomes, goals, items, and other game features. The continual addition of new functions and activities is one of Minecraft’s most enticing aspects.

As a result of Minecraft’s widespread popularity and lasting impression on gamers, Microsoft paid a record price in 2014 to acquire Mojang and the intellectual property rights to the game.

Since its humble origins with just grass, stones, and a few options, Minecraft has progressed. Whereas in the past, Minecraft’s most famous creation was a sizeable Mario-themed mud box structure. In Minecraft, players may now recreate entire towns. Choosing an avatar and creating a world is now possible for everybody.

The game’s versatility has led to several spinoffs. Several members of the Mojang team worked on them. Minecraft: Story Mode, a Telltale Games, and Mojang-developed episodic and narrative standalone game, is one of the most popular spinoffs. There are up to four players in a cooperative dungeon crawler called Minecraft Dungeons. They can explore and find treasures together.

And then there’s Minecraft Earth, a virtual environment with fully integrated augmented reality. So Mojang and Microsoft know how to keep things interesting.

You can always play in survival mode with restricted health to make things more challenging. Minecraft’s user base keeps rising because it is so simple at its foundation. It’s a lot like digital Lego when it comes to the game’s focus on world-building.

The Best Servers on Minecraft

For those who don’t know a thing about coding but still want to express their inner architect, Minecraft has been a wonderful creative outlet.

The top Minecraft servers have preserved their works and ideas. However, it’s important to remember that each server is a separate multiplayer universe with laws, community dynamics, and gaming mechanics. 


Mineplex is the world’s most populous Minecraft server. Being a multiplayer server, Mineplex is always bustling with tens of thousands of gamers playing various games in its multiple zones and arenas.

Mineplex is one of the most excellent Minecraft servers because it has an astounding level of realism, much like a studio-built MMO. The community of employees and gamers ensures that no matter when you want to play, you can find a partner.

Playing Minekart, a blocky imitation of Mario Kart is a terrific way to spend your time at Mineplex. Minekart features reconstructed courses, power-ups, and karting sans real karts, unlike the usual violent or pickaxe-heavy game genres.


If you enjoy the intense shooting action of games like Call of Duty, then Brawl is the server for you. There’s a strong possibility that Brawl includes one of your favorite first-person shooter game modes, such as Capture the Flag or Last Man Standing. Who doesn’t know PUBG and Fortnite today? These games that have taken the world by a storm can trace their roots back to Minecraft. 


It’s an excellent place to start if you want to join an ever-growing community of Minecraft players. Hypixel has it all: weekly tournaments, continuously updated new content, and an infinite number of things to attempt. Since Hypixel features exclusive maps, purchasable objects, and its community, you can expect it to feel like a standalone game built on Minecraft.


Pixelmon Craft is the best story-based server because you can play it alone. You’ll find it all here if you’ve wanted to go on a Pokemon-hunting trip. Several characters present here, like, Ash’s mother, the professor, and others, can all be found throughout the game.

Pokémon has taken the position of animals in Minecraft, and they may be caught and utilized in battles as well. Gym leaders, Pokémarts, and long grass all await, as you might imagine.

Suppose you’ve always wanted a Pokémon game on your PC. In that case, this server illustrates that Minecraft’s blocky elegance is the ideal setting for the Pokémon games. As an online server, you’ll occasionally get the opportunity to communicate with other Pokemon fans worldwide while learning about new cultures.


Fancy being a Pirate? It’s the golden period of pillaging and theft that you can sail, build, and plunder on PirateCraft. A ship-to-ship combat system makes PirateCraft one of the most ambitious servers we’ve ever played on. Like all Minecraft-scale ideas, this one is a bit clumsy but effective. It is possible to build ships and travel over the seas with cannons attached to the hull, which you can fire at hostile ships.


This server, which is now themed around school and fantasy roleplay, is a great place to explore a variety of various settings and in-game experiences in Minecraft. Players and moderators take roleplaying themes very seriously. Therefore you can anticipate the greatest possible story-based gaming.

Grand Theft Minecraft

According to a survey, GTA Online and Minecraft are the two most popular online communities. Because of this, the server is so dedicated to bringing you the GTA universe in Minecraft. Therefore, if you enjoyed the Grand Theft Auto series, exploring the iconic Los Santos sites in Minecraft is a lot of fun for GTA fans.


Our present greatness is found in WesterosCraft. Many of Game of Thrones’ most famous landmarks, including the Wall, The Red Keep, and King’s Landing, may be found on WesterosCraft. As a result, exploring this server is like taking a journey into the dream world imagined by HBO. If you’ve never been to Kings Landing, you’re in for a real treat.

Casterly Rock, the Lannister stronghold, is currently under construction, as Minecraft Middle-Earth is also a work in progress. Anyone who knows Winterfell from Dreadfort can help build a new house of evil and oppression.

Ranch & Craft

Do you like the cowboy life? Do you prefer the quiet pleasures of country life rather than the wild brawls of those other Wild West-themed setups? If yes, then Ranch & Craft is the server for you. Furthermore, many of the server’s unique equestrian features make it a perfect choice for Minecraft players who prefer to play on horseback.

There is no limit on how many ranches, farms, and herds of horses a user can establish in the game. Since Ranch n Craft doesn’t have a lot of griefers and has an army of helpful mods, it’s one of the most serene servers out there.


Zero demonstrates Minecraft’s adaptability by building a variety of structures.

Parkour server Minr? That’s a real thing, guys. The game features many complex maps; crafting and killing are replaced by running and climbing an increasingly intricate labyrinth of structures and roads. The overly theatrical trailer above shows some of the most challenging paths, spiraling upwards with jumps sure to send many gamers sprawling to their doom.

While first frustrating, parkour in Minecraft may become one of the game’s greatest joys with a bit of experience. Zero.Minr is among the top free servers available.

Purple Prison

Purple Prison Minecraft servers are the best of the best in the world of prison-themed Minecraft servers. After being created more than seven years ago, it has had constant updates and improvements. Purple Prison’s gameplay is top-notch, and it has something for everyone, be it PvP, construction, mining, or even parkour.

Origin Realms

One of the best-kept mysteries in the world of Minecraft multiplayer is the existence of Origin Realms, sometimes referred to as Minecraft v2. Still, For the first time, Origin Realms introduces a host of new features like distinctive products and quests and mind-boggling animated clip scenes to take the original game to a whole new level.

It is impossible to adequately convey the incredible amount of work which has gone into generating this server in just one paragraph. But for the time being, Origin Realms is hosting a publicly accessible early beta, so gamers can join and see all the fuss right away.

Which Was the Oldest Edition of Minecraft?

Minecraft: Java Edition
Minecraft: Java Edition

The Java edition was the original iteration of Minecraft; according to the Minecraft wiki, Notch created the Java Edition of Minecraft during a weekend in early May 2009. When the game was initially released, it was available only to the TIGSource gaming community members, a community for independent creators.

Minecraft began as a simple Java application shared on a web forum. Markus Persson, better known as Notch in the gaming community, doubted that the game would be a commercial success. However, the game’s building premise drew the attention of many independent gaming enthusiasts, and it quickly erupted on the forum.

Over the years, the game has won many awards, including the “Best Debut Game,” “Best Downloadable Game,” and “Most Innovative Game Award” at the Game Developers Choice Awards. The game also ranked as one of the best video games of the decade in 2010.

How Many Editions of Minecraft Are Available?

How Many Editions of Minecraft Are Available?
How Many Editions of Minecraft Are Available?

Minecraft is available in two versions. You must purchase each individually and is not transferable, one for PCs exclusively and the other for practically every device.

The Java Edition is the initial version of Minecraft that you can purchase from the Minecraft website. It is ideal for installing mods and playing on Minecraft multiplayer servers.

The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft is the version available on consoles, mobile devices, and the Microsoft Store. It lets you play with your pals on various systems.

Let us tell you a bit more about them and what makes them different from each other.


You can only use Java Edition on PCs, Macs, and Linux computers. Bedrock is the game you’ll be playing if you’re going to play “Minecraft” anywhere but on a computer. You can only use the “Java” version on a PC. As a result, there is no other choice.

On the other hand, the Bedrock version is not accessible for Mac or Linux. Because of this, “Java” is your only choice if you’re using one of those systems.

Playing with Others

“Bedrock Edition” of “Minecraft” is the ideal option if you want to play the game with friends who have different systems. Cross-play is available in the “Bedrock” version, so you can play with a friend regardless of which method you are operating on. Playing Minecraft against other Java version users is the only option if you have the “Java.”

Number of Multiplayer Servers

Even though “Java” doesn’t offer the same level of cross-play, it has large multiplayer servers. For example, you can play with other “Java” players on these servers, which provide stunning maps and a plethora of minigames and other activities.

Both versions of the game run on separate sets of servers. Because Java servers have been available for almost a decade, there is no shortage of exciting maps. Go for “Java” if you want to play popular YouTube minigames like Bed Wars or Hunger Games.

Addition of Software

Adding mods which are pieces of software, is a significant distinction between “Java” and “Bedrock,” and only Java gamers can do so.

There are a wide variety of mods that you can use to alter the gameplay of “Minecraft.” There are simple mods that tweak the graphics or music and more complicated mods that add new objects or change the way the environment creates. Plus, the majority of these mods are free. Additionally, a separate program Minecraft Forge allows you to install and edit them.

Although “Bedrock” comes with a variety of customization options, you’ll have to shell out extra cash to use them. However, in comparison to “Java’s” infinite possibilities, there are only a few.

Game Modes

“Minecraft” comes preloaded with four game modes: Survival, Creative, Adventure, and Spectator. “Java” players, on the other hand, have access to a fifth mode: Hardcore.

Creative Mode is the best option if you want to construct excellent stuff. Adventure Mode is the answer for those who want a more immersive experience. Survival Mode is your best bet when it comes to “the real deal,” Survival Mode is your best bet. Having a variety of modes to choose from makes the game more enjoyable to play.

Hardcore mode, popular among streamers, starts you with only one life. If you die, you won’t be able to resurrect in a bed; the game will erase your Minecraft world.

“Hardcore” is the way to go if you’re searching for a challenge.


Even while “Minecraft” appears to be a simple game, it can significantly strain your computer’s graphics card and CPU resources. In the absence of a high-end computer, “Bedrock” maybe your best option.

In contrast to the “Java” edition, the “Bedrock” version performs more consistently and smoothly. It means that there will be fewer frame drops and quicker loading times.

Other Editions

The Pi Edition is a Raspberry Pi version of Minecraft. This version of Pocket Edition is based on Alpha v0.6.1. Still, it has reduced features and support for numerous programming languages. The Pi Edition is meant to be a teaching tool for beginners. The edition allowed the users to change the game code and learn while having fun. It is still available for free download and can utilize the game’s API, even though its developer no longer supports it.

Who Has the Oldest Minecraft Account?

Markus Alexej Persson, better known as Notch, is the popular computer game Minecraft’s creator and is often regarded as the first person to experience it. He published an alpha version of the game on in the Feedback Forum on May 17, 2009, at 4:24:07 AM; Markus, being the creator of this fantastic game, is no surprise that he is said to have the oldest Minecraft account.

Is Playing Minecraft Now Different From the Older Versions?

Yes, it is. The game has evolved, and many updates and additions have been made to keep the players interested and engaged.

We want to point out that Minecraft is an unusual game in that its updates are entirely random.

When new versions of Minecraft are released, the game does not block you from playing older ones. In reality, the Minecraft launcher makes playing those old versions exceedingly convenient and straightforward. As a result of this arrangement, the Minecraft community has been divided into numerous groups, each playing its preferred version. We will be telling you about all the significant upgrades in Minecraft since its launch in 2009.

List of Major Minecraft Upgrades

Mojang Studios started working on Minecraft in 2009, an instant hit when it first came out, and it drew a lot of attention. In September 2014, Microsoft purchased the game studio for $2.5 billion (about six years after its launch). At the time, the business had sold more than 50 million copies of Minecraft across all platforms.

Originally known as Cave Game, Minecraft was founded in 2009 by Markus Persson, better known as Notch. There were very few games in which the player could combine resource gathering with building, or building with resource gathering. Furthermore, Minecraft is a game about surviving. It is up to you to power through the violent crowds and explore the planet. You can also use your resources to create new materials, which you can then use to construct structures, extend your life, and create more materials.

Minecraft has evolved dramatically over the last decade, from a few blocks to bees to vast biomes. There have been numerous upgrades to the popular game since its inception 13 years ago, all of which have added new features and excellent content to the overall experience. To satisfy your curiosity, let us give you an idea about the various updates.

Explorer Update 1.0.0.

After the release of version 1.0.0, there were updates. The explorer update added all of the original game’s features, including health and other necessities.

Because of how little information is included, Minecraft’s first update never got an official name. The only new objects were Creative Mode spawn eggs. It also added super flat worlds and made several other modifications centered on world generation. Overall, this version feels underwhelming.

Biomes Update 1.2.1

1.2’s addition of jungle biomes, Ocelots, Iron Golems, Redstone lights, chiseled stone bricks, and Desert Wells was more transformational than its predecessor. It’s an odd blend, but it’s a lot more than before.


Even though 1.3.1 does not have a name, it does not lack content. Emeralds wooden slabs and steps, and books and quills, villager commerce, ender chests and desert and jungle temples were all part of the game’s new features. Even though the game introduced trading early on, it has remained a vital part of the game and gave players the first significant reason to explore.

Scary Update 1.4.1

Among the new features included in 1.4.2 (The Scary Update) was the addition of the wither, a second central boss in the game. The anvil, pumpkin pie, carrots, potatoes, a carrot on a stick, item frames, and flower pots were some of the other additions. In this update, you had to fight new mobs like the bat, witch, and wither skeletons.

Redstone Update 1.5

It isn’t easy to think of another pre-1.13 release that was so groundbreaking and narrowly focused as Redstone. While its popularity outside of the Redstone community may be limited, the impact that hoppers, droppers, and comparators made on the game is evident.

Horse Update 1.6

In this version, three new mobs were introduced: the horse, mule, and donkey. Additionally, the game included a variety of products for horses and other pets, such as horse armor, leads, and name tags.

The Update That Changed the World 1.7

The name of this update is apt. This version added new biomes, tree species, and flowers and 16 new hues for stained glass and glass panes. Also, the version added clownfish, salmon, and pufferfish. You could see water, portals, and other glass blocks through the glass following this update, even though the glass had minor modifications. The additional biomes added to the game were the extreme hills, deep ocean, mega and standard taiga, flower, birch, and roofed forest, sunflower fields, mesa, and savanna.

Bountiful Update 1.8

The Bountiful Update 1.8 added granite, andesite, diorite, and their polished counterparts with sea temples, accompanying blocks, and mobs. 

After this, enters Microsoft. Many were unhappy with this development and feared that Microsoft would destroy the game. But soon, their fears were dumbfounded.

Combat Update 1.9

As new indications, tipped and spectral arrows were added to the game. The tipped arrows had effects on them, and they affected everyone they hit. As well as the addition of shields, which slowed you down to a crouching position but protected you from all arrow wounds and lowered your melee damage when combined with a banner. They also color your shield.

As the name suggests, lingering potions are a new potion that lingers in the region where one throws them. The sword’s armament has been bolstered by the addition of sweep strikes, which strike multiple enemies at once. Newly added slots allow you to pick up items with your left hand. An ender pearl allows you to progress further into the game’s end; This version also featured igloos. This update also included the addition of shulkers and skeleton horses.

Frostburn Update 1.10

A new feature in this update is using the auto-jump feature to jump automatically when approaching a block. Also included were Magma blocks, which caused you to take damage if you stepped on them, and nether warts blocks and brick. A new feature in the game was the addition of grizzly bears and strays, skeletons that arrive in cold regions and slow down players with their arrows.

A new type of zombie known as a “Husk” has been added to the game and is impervious to sunlight. Attacks by husks are often accompanied by the infliction of hunger on their prey. Endermen will have access to the Nether following this patch. It also undertakes the rearrangement of roads in accordance with the village’s position.

Explorer Update 1.11

Adding the ability to tame llamas is a new feature in this version. It will spit at its enemy if it feels threatened. Also included was the woods mansion, a naturally occurring structure. The End City, accessible only after slaying the Ender Dragon, has levitating bullets and shulker shells and shulkers that drop levitation bullets.

The World of Color Update 1.12

The goal of this update was to make the game more brilliant and colorful, and it was a success. The inclusion of beautifully colored concrete in all 16 shades and stunning glazed terracotta patterns was part of the refurbishment. These brightly colored parrots also appeared in the latest World of Color update.

The illusion, a villager mob, armed with a bow and arrow, was the second mob added to the game. The release included three new blocks, each with a slew of color variations totaling sixteen. The update also had concrete, concrete powder, and glazed terracotta blocks. 

Aquatic Update 1.13

The Aquatic Update 1.13 came with many new blocks, mobs, and structures. Additionally, the drowned and a passive dolphin were added. The dolphin gives you an extra speed if you swim near it.

Village and Pillage Update 1.14

New mobs and utility blocks were added to the game in this update, as well as a slew of scaffolding and lamps. Traveling traders, pandas, pillagers, lamas, foxes, and ravagers are among the new characters added to the game.

Iron on demand, enchanted books whenever you want them, and any other traded item can now be obtained through the Village and Pillage. Besides these changes, the biomes in which the villages are located have been reworked. The crossbow was also included as a new weapon.

Buzzy Bees Update 1.15

This update appears to be minor on the surface, but it is far from it. Bees introduced a slew of new mechanics, including interacting with farms and being a fun mob to deal with. Their honey had a variety of purposes, such as a food source and a beautiful honeycomb, and honey blocks were trendy in Redstone.

Nether Update 1.16

Nether Update includes five new biomes, two new wood types, five new creatures, two new structures, Pigstep’s bop, diamond improvements, etc.

Caves and Cliffs Update, Part I 1.17

Caves & Cliffs is split into two halves to relieve the design team’s workload and avoid harmful crunch time. However, despite the fact that this was a “half-update,” the addition of many new plants and animals was made. In 1.17, the game’s block inventory had a significant impact on the game’s builders. Even though Caves and Cliff’s Part I gave many things placeholder acquisition methods, the positive reception is a tribute to its greatness despite its conditions.

Caves and Cliffs Update, Part II 1.18

This update introduces eight new biomes to the game. There are various new mountain biomes and new underground Dripstone Cave biomes. This update also adds aquifers and additional cave types to make Minecraft’s underground biomes more interesting.

The fans of the game love the Minecraft 1.18 update.

Final Words – How Old is Minecraft?

Though it’s been 13 years since the full release of Minecraft, the most popular sandbox game in the world hasn’t lost any of its charms.

Minecraft is the world’s most downloadable game. It’s all around you. Adults, tiny infant kids, and adults alike are having a great time with the game, which has made it enjoyable for all ages. We bet you have seen people searching questions like, is Minecraft Alex, a girl? What gender is Minecraft Steve?

One of the most critical games in the history of video games, Minecraft is another example of a game that emphasizes creation rather than destruction. It shows that games that encourage players to use their creativity and imagination are a huge hit. It’s an important step forward in the evolution of gaming since it’s created a new genre and delighted many gamers.

Keep on creating your Minecraft world! Also, for fans of Minecraft-like sandbox games, the upcoming game “Hytale” is a definite breath of fresh air! Go check it out!


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