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How Long Is a Minecraft Day?

Minecraft has a Complex Daylight Cycle!

How Long is a Minecraft Day?

According to Statista, Minecraft had more than 141 million active users as of August 2021, ever since its release in 2011! Before diving into the game, there are so many things in Minecraft that gamers must know about. The most essential of them in Minecraft is the Day-Night cycle because it’s crucial to understand our point of discussion for today, which is how long a Minecraft day is.

Minecraft features a full-fledged day-to-night cycle which also includes dusk and dawn. Minecraft’s square-shaped sun rises from the east and marks the day. Similarly, during dusk, the moon rises from the east, and the night occurs. Players need to know how long a Minecraft day is to be prepared for the monsters that spawn in the night.

The true mesmerizing beauty of Minecraft is enjoyed only during the day because it is during the day that one can experience all the colors and real-life gameplay. During the night, horrors and thrills are all that you encounter.

Day and night have different purposes and uses, but knowing how long days and nights are in Minecraft helps the players plan and prepare ahead.

How Long is a Day in Minecraft?

Minecraft Day
Minecraft Day

You may be surprised to know that, unlike in real life, a typical day in Minecraft is only 10 minutes long, while the night lasts only for 7 minutes. This practically means that the average day in Minecraft lasts for approx 17 minutes. But, just like the real world, Minecraft has very identical features, out of which the day-night cycle is the most important.

Time passes 72 times faster in Minecraft than in the original world. According to real-time, 1 second is 1 minute 12 seconds in Minecraft. Also, one week in Minecraft is only 2.3 hours long.

The days and nights are two very significant elements within the game, as someone who plays Minecraft and starts to know more about the game would observe as he progresses forward. Players get to experience the sun half of the time and the moon half the time.

There are two more elements or moments in the game that occur in relevance to days and nights: dusk and dawn. Both dusk and dawn have their own time cycles and frames.

The daytime is usually the most pleasant part of the Minecraft world that brings out the real beauty of the game, but the nighttime is what brings out the challenging environment and the thrills associated with the game.

The night brings with it the horrors of Minecraft like skeletons, creepers, spiders, zombies, and so much more. Most of these do not spawn during the daytime. All the villagers survive and take shelter in their respective homes during the night until night passes and a new day begins with the sun.

How to make a Day Longer in Minecraft?

Making a day longer in Minecraft is not practically possible without using mods. So while it’s possible to extend the length of a day in Minecraft with the help of commands relating to in-game items, it is a very hard and cumbersome process to do so on your own.

If you want to make it day in Minecraft, use the “:/time set day” command to make it daytime in Minecraft whenever it starts to get dark.

How Long is Night in Minecraft?

Minecraft Night
Minecraft Night

Nights are the second part of the day-night cycle in Minecraft and last for 7 minutes. The night features a pitch blue colored sky, which has a compilation of many small, white shiny stars.

The moon is directly overhead during the night. The stars have a relative motion with the moon, and they appear to be moving with the moon. Stars start appearing as soon as sunset takes place.

During the night, the light level of the Minecraft world gets decreased to the lowest light level, which is 4. The world turns completely dark, and the overall visibility is significantly reduced. This gives way to the spawning of monsters and other mobs in Minecraft. All the monsters and violent mobs start spawning at precisely 9625 tricks.

Another cool thing about Minecraft is that the crops grow even during the nighttime. This attention to detail in Minecraft is crazy and would work until the player decides to skip the night cycle.

Are Day and Night Cycles Fixed in Minecraft?

In vanilla Minecraft, day and night cycles are fixed. You cannot change day and night cycles without the help of mods. There is no option to modify the day and night cycles manually.

How to Set Time to Day in Minecraft?

Time can be set to daytime in Minecraft using two primary ways:

  1. Using cheats: Cheats must be enabled in Minecraft if the player wishes to alter or set the time to a day in Minecraft. If the cheats are not enabled, the player cannot change the time using cheats howsoever.
  2. In Minecraft Java Edition, cheats can be enabled by going to LAN and pressing the ‘Enable cheats’ button.
  3. Go to the game section and flip the ‘cheats’ button in the bedrock edition.
  4. Using commands: To use commands, open the chat window and type in “/time set day” for setting the time as day, “/time set night” to set the game time tonight, and “/time set noon” to set the time to midday.

How to Make It Always Day in Minecraft?

To make it always day in Minecraft is not possible by doing something manually. You need the help of cheats and mods to toggle the game to always be in the daytime. Or, you can use eh steps mentioned in the above sections to make it always day in Minecraft.

How to Turn Off Daylight Cycle in Minecraft?

Most Minecraft players prefer to play the game for only a single time in the game, that time being a day. Due to this, most players want to know how to turn off the daylight cycle?

Here are the steps for turning off the daylight cycle:

  1. Enable cheats on your game.
  2. Enter the following command: ‘/gamerule dodaylightcycle false’
  3. Type the command in the chat window
  4. Press enter key, and BOOM! Daylight cycle disabled.

Final Words

The day and night cycle in Minecraft is very complex. The sun and the moon revolve around the person and not the center of the earth or map. Daytime is the favorite time in Minecraft for all the players. The in-game days in Minecraft are just 10 minutes long. They prefer daytime over any other time because the real beauty of Minecraft presents itself during the day.

The sun sets at exactly dusk and rises exactly at dawn. The night-time in Minecraft has its own challenges and horrors. The undead mobs begin chasing villagers, and the monsters spawn outdoors. Sometimes, the night has a light blue sky, whereas sometimes, a dark blue sky. A Minecraft night has a duration of just 7 minutes.

A day in Minecraft is concise if compared to the real world time. This was a complete guide on the Minecraft day-night cycle and how long is a Minecraft day. We have you covered if you have more Minecraft queries!


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