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How Long Does Elden Ring Take To Beat?

How Long Will Your Elden Ring Journey Be?

How Long Does Elden Ring Take to Beat?

Being the most anticipated game of the decade, Elden Ring had loads of expectations on its name, and it very well stood up to the mark. It was released for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X, and One. But how long does Elden Ring take to beat?

The game places you in the place of a wandering, exploring vagabond out there in the wild to replenish the damage caused to the ‘Lands Between.’

Elden Ring is very hard. It is an exhausting timesink that extracts the most out of amateurs and veterans. Having an open-world blueprint and lots of thrills, it is a game that will have you by the hook.

While it won’t be a matter of concern how long the game takes to beat, you might still be wondering how long the game is.

How Long is Elden Ring?

How Long is Elden Ring?
How Long is Elden Ring?

The answer to your question is not that simple. You cannot get a straightforward numerical answer because Elden Ring has a huge storyline and loads of additional and playable content. Also, the length will depend on the difficulty that a person feels in the game.

Long answer short, the time it takes you to complete the game depends on how you’re playing it. Are you playing the game as a completionist who wants to acquire 100% completion in the game or a campaign completion player?

How Long Does It Take to Beat Elden Ring?

How long does it take to beat the campaign mode?

In terms of completing only the campaign, for the vast majority, the main story will take a minimum of 45 hours to progress through, but for amateurs and newbies, the game will take around 65-70 hours to complete the campaign. The claimed average duration by Elden Ring players to complete the campaign mode is approximately 40 and a half hours. But this is a bit impractical, keeping in mind how difficult Elden Ring is.

How long does it take to complete 100% of the game?

Exploring every area and corner of the game and trying to do everything that the game offers will require 80-90 hours. It will take even longer, up to 120 hours, depending on your skills and gameplay style.

Trying to explore and do everything in the game is practically impossible. This is because Elden Ring has different kinds of variations and endings depending upon the in-game choices that you’ll take during the game. Your choices affect the game’s outcome, and some options even block out other outcomes that you can then never experience. The paths that you decide to take all have their unique outcomes.

Final Words – How Long Does Elden Ring Take To Beat?

Elden Ring is an absolutely massive game, and its open-world is one of a kind. Since day one, the game has stood up to its expectations and has been delivering since. You can play both as a girl and a guy!

Completing Elden Ring will vary depending on how challenging the game is to you and how you want to play it. Like most FromSoftware games, Elden Ring is also quite difficult, just as Dark Souls was.

FromSoftware and other future brands usually make games quite challenging to offer the players a great gaming experience.

The average duration to complete Elden Ring campaign mode is 45 hours of game time, whereas the average duration for completing the entire game is close to 100 hours of game time. Play the game at your own pace, and you’ll eventually complete the game and be the Elden lord.


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