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What Is the God of War Ragnarok Release Date?

Yes, It's Finally Coming! But When?

God of War Ragnarok Release Date

So, what is the God of War Ragnarok release date? Ragnarok is the sequel to 2018’s God of War for PS4. We still expect it to release this year. However, we don’t know much about it beyond a teaser and some gameplay video.

Using the PS5’s improved processing power, God of War Ragnarok’s early gameplay footage looks stunning. As they travel to the Nine Realms, it seems that Kratos and Atreus will witness more of the Norse gods. So, play the earlier God of War on the PS5 while you wait. That’s because the new features and improvements it provides may improve an already great game even more.

Even though information about God of War Ragnarok has been scarce, the following is all we do know thus far.

Does God of War Ragnarok Have a Release Date Yet?


The developers of God of War Ragnarok have stated that the game will be available on Wednesday, November 9, 2022. Pre-orders are not yet available.

They announced this winter release date on the same day as the computer-generated imagery CG trailer for “Father and Son.”

What Is the Release Date for God of War Ragnarok?

What Is the Release Date for God of War Ragnarok?
What Is the Release Date for God of War Ragnarok?

The planned official release date is November 9, 2022. Sony’s Santa Monica Studio announced the release date with a brand new computer-generated image (CGI) teaser. In the clip, you can see Kratos and Atreus battling many adversaries before engaging in combat with Fenrir.

In a blog published on July 6, Santa Monica Studio announced that on July 15 would mark the beginning of the pre-order period for the game. There will be many editions for the game, including a collector’s edition that will come packaged with a 16-inch replica of Thor’s hammer.

Fans, who have been waiting for months for news about the game’s debut, will be pleased to hear that the confirmed release date is November 9, 2022. On September 9, 2021, Sony PlayStation showcased the postponing of God of War Ragnarok until 2022. At the event, the game’s developer, Sony Santa Monica, and publisher, PlayStation Studios, made the announcement.

Herman Hulst, the head of global studios for Sony Interactive Entertainment, discussed the backlash when responding to questions during a question and answer session.

Hulst had previously clarified the situation by stating that the company was working on “two very massive, extremely narrative-driven games” at the time. These titles were “Horizon: Forbidden West” and “the next God of War.” When it comes to both things, the truth is that they have been affected by availability to capture performance and talent.

Regarding Horizon, we believe we are on schedule to have it available for purchase by the time the holidays roll around. But at this point, it’s still too early to say for sure, and be assured that we’re putting in as much effort as possible to get back to you as soon as possible with a definitive answer.

According to Herman Hulst, “God of War’s development started later than expected. As a result, we have concluded that it is in everyone’s best interest to postpone the release of that game until the following year to give Santa Monica Studio more time to develop the incredible God of War game that we are all eagerly anticipating.”

Why the Delay?

Christopher Judge, who provides the voice of Kratos, has said that the release of God of War: Ragnarok was pushed back to 2022 due to an illness he had that year.

Taking to Twitter, Judge remarked, “Ragnarok was delayed due to me,” and revealed that in 2019, he experienced serious health challenges that left him unable to walk. He also stated that the delay was “my fault.” Because of his sickness, he needed “back surgery, both hip replacements, and knee surgery,” in addition to rehabilitation. Hence, Sony Santa Monica had to wait for him to recuperate from these procedures before hiring him again.

The judge said that he had gotten “nothing but love and support” from Sony Santa Monica, who “never mentioned a word about the delay, and what caused it.”

God of War: Ragnarok Story

After a long wait, Sony finally released the official reveal trailer for God of War Ragnarok. It focuses on the dynamic between an older Atreus and his father, Kratos, and how they interact with one another. Along with them, a cast of characters from the 2018 God of War game is also making a comeback. This includes the Norse gods Thor and Tyr.

However, the next God of War game will be a sequel to the game released in 2018. It’s a warning to those who don’t want to know what happens next. The conclusion of that game plants the seeds for the Old Norse mythology of Ragnarok. Thor, the Norse god of thunder, makes an appearance at Kratos’ home towards the climax of the story, allegedly with the intention of exacting retribution for Kratos’ murder of Thor’s sons and brother Baldur.

Keeping this in mind, we may anticipate that God of War: Ragnarok will follow Kratos and his son Atreus. Atrius also happens to be the god of mischief Loki, as they journey throughout the Nine Realms. Svartalfheim and Asgard may be among them, in addition to other regions.

We should also anticipate that the battle will have a gratifying blend of chaotic but hefty feel. It will most likely have an extra layer of complexity courtesy of the enhanced haptic feedback of the DualSense controller. They will add more enhanced combat and interaction systems.

Will God of War Come to PC?

Will God of War Come to PC?
Will God of War Come to PC?

We’re not sure. Sony always releases its first-party portfolio on PC only a short period after it is first made available on consoles. It took a couple of years after God of War’s initial release before the previous game came to PCs. Hence, the same thing will probably happen with this game.

Is God of War Ragnarok Coming to PS4?

Is God of War Ragnarok Coming to PS4?
Is God of War Ragnarok Coming to PS4?

God of War: Ragnarok will be cross-platform, which means it will be accessible on both the PS4 and PS5 systems. Herman Hulst specifically mentioned the game by name during an interview. In the interview, he discussed that numerous PlayStation 5 exclusives would also be available for the PlayStation 4 platform.

“Where it makes sense to develop a title for both PS4 and PS5 — for Horizon Forbidden West, the next God of War, GT7 — we’ll continue looking at that,” Hulst said.

“And if PS4 owners want to play that game, then they can. So if they want to go on and play the PS5 version, that game will be there for them.”

However, Sony has never released its first-party PS4/PS5 titles simultaneously on all platforms. Thus it’s quite likely that this game will release simultaneously.

Will God Of War Ragnarok Be Cross-Platform?

Will God Of War Ragnarok Be Cross-Platform?
Will God Of War Ragnarok Be Cross-Platform?

Sony announced that God of War Ragnarok would be a cross-platform game, which will be available on both the PS5 and PS4. It will depend on how successfully Santa Monica Studio can scale the game for both systems as to whether or not this would cause a decrease in the graphical quality of the game. However, the gameplay video shown so far looks fantastic.

The first God of War game looked amazing on the PlayStation 4. Hence, we should anticipate that the sequel will also look fairly excellent, particularly if it includes a large number of graphical additions made possible by the PlayStation 5.

Due to a worldwide scarcity of chips, which is also affecting the supply of game consoles and graphics cards, it is not easy to locate a replenishment of the PlayStation 5 (PS5). However, those who haven’t upgraded to a PS5 may benefit that God of War: Ragnarok will be available on all previous versions of PlayStation.

How Many God of War Games Are There for PS4?

How Many God of War Games Are There for PS4?
How Many God of War Games Are There for PS4?

There are already 15 God of War games, and Ragnarok is due in the next several months. Ascension and Ragnarok are the only games considered part of the core franchise. The rest of the series is a sequel.

One might argue that the two portable games have done enough good for the universe to warrant their continued existence there. For example, both Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta were video games only available for the PlayStation Portable gaming systems. They provide limited background information on the GoW universe’s happenings and their significance. However, you don’t need to play these games to achieve full effect.

However, one game is separate from the main series you may play; the smartphone game Betrayal takes place in the World of Warcraft environment.

In addition, three combination packs are available to customers.

The Saga edition of God of War has all two original God of War games, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta. Additionally, developers offered this for purchase on a PlayStation 3 console.

There is one remaster not present in any collection, and it is this one: God of War III Remastered.

Call from the Wilds is an official, text-based adventure game made by the developers.

Final Words – God of War Ragnarok Release Date

For a long time, the game’s title had been predetermined to be God of War Ragnarok. The rumor mill worked hard to discourage God of War fans from believing that Ragnarok would be the final suffix. God of War creator Sony Santa Monica Studio has pledged to finish the Norse tale from its 2018 game, so you know the stakes are high in this next game.

That’s all we have to say about God of War Ragnarok. But, as the premiere date draws nearer, we may anticipate more details to emerge.

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