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Genshin Impact – Weapons

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Genshin Impact Weapons

There are more than 40 characters in Genshin Impact until the 2.7 Update, and each of these characters has their weapons of choice. In the game, there are total 5 types of weapons that a character can take as a primary weapon: 

  • Sword
Genshin Impact - Sword
Genshin Impact – Sword
  • Polearm
Genshin Impact - Polearm
Genshin Impact – Polearm
  • Catalyst
Genshin Impact - Catalyst
Genshin Impact – Catalyst
  • Claymore
Genshin Impact - Claymore
Genshin Impact – Claymore
  • Bow
Genshin Impact - Bow
Genshin Impact – Bow

Like other items in the game, players can see weapons rating on a scale of 1-star to 5-star. As the rarity of weapons increases, they become harder to obtain and upgrade. All weapons have a primary stat. Weapons having a rarity of 3-star or higher also have secondary stats. Here is the list of some of the essential attribute stats:

Base Attack

  • It is the main raw attack damage of the weapon without any buffs.


  • The attack is a measure of how much damage can be done by the characters in the usual scenario (without elemental reaction)

Energy Recharge

  • Energy recharge increases the amount of energy obtained from each energy particle and energy orb.

Physical Damage Bonus

  • Physical damage refers to the damage which does not have any elemental attributes combined with it.

Critical Damage

  • Critical damage is the amount of extra damage done by the Critical Hit.


  • Defense is the ability of a character to resist incoming damage. If the defense stats are high, the attack damage from the enemy will be less.

Critical Rate

  • Critical rate is the probability of hitting a Critical Hit.


Equipping some weapons can increase the max health of characters.

Elemental Mastery

  • The higher the elemental mastery, the more potent elemental energy will be released by the characters. It can increase the damage done by elemental reaction significantly.

Upgrade and Ascension

Players can increase the level of weapons just like characters. Players can do it either by using “Weapon EXP” or consuming other weapons. After reaching certain milestones in the Weapon Level, players must ascend their weapons to upgrade further.


Genshin Impact - Refine
Genshin Impact – Refine

Players can enhance weapons that have passive abilities by refining them. Refining improves the passive ability. Players can refine weapons with the help of identical copies of the same weapon. Some event-specific weapons require refining materials to upgrade them. 

Some Cool F2P Weapons in the game and how to obtain them:

  • Snow Tombed Starsilver – Completing Dragonspine Side Quests
Snow Tombed Starsilver
Snow Tombed Starsilver
  • The Catch – From Inazuma Fishing Association Exchange
The Catch
The Catch
  • Anemona Kageuchi – Doing a mission in Inazuma
Anemona Kageuchi
Anemona Kageuchi
  • The Curse Blade – By completing a new mission in 2.8 Update.
The Curse Blade
The Curse Blade

Final Words

With that, we come to the end of our weapon discussion on Genshin Impact. Mixing up your weapons with the best Genshin Impact artifacts can give you unreal damage buffs which you can then use to blast away your opponents!


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