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Genshin Impact – Tips for Team Building

Build Your Own Dream Team!

Genshin Impact Tips for Team Building

Genshin Impact is a fun game with a lot of details and features. While playing it can be quite a joyful experience, some aspects can be somewhat cumbersome for new players. For example, building a decent team for hitting the Abyss Floors and explorations separately are often considered hectic for newbies. Many of us go around looking for tips for team building on Genshin Impact. So, let’s go through some tips that players should keep in mind while building the team to improve their experience.

Team Building Tips for Genshin Impact

  •  Players should choose wisely which characters will be on their team since their elemental reaction will monitor the attack pattern of the whole party. To gain some boost in damage, elemental reactions like melt, vaporization, and electro-charged can prove to be very helpful. 
    Players can also formulate a proper order of character skills and burst rotation of the party members to produce an elemental reaction and give us some extra damage.
Genshin Impact Team Build
Genshin Impact Team Build
  • Another thing to note is that players can build a team with two characters of the same elemental properties to get some advantage in energy recharge. This makes gaining energy particles of the same element much more effortless.
Genshin Team With Characters of Same Element
Genshin Team With Characters of Same Element
  • Players should keep in mind some well-known elemental skills of different characters. Bennett elemental burst is one of the most useful since it heals the party and buffs the attack damage.
    Xingqiu’s burst is also suitable for initiating vaporization reactions, while Xiangling’s burst can act as a vast Pyro damage dealer. Similarly, players can use different combinations according to their plans and be more efficient. 
Bennett - Genshin Impact
Bennett – Genshin Impact
  • Artifacts play a significant role in giving a massive boost to attack damage of the whole party. So it is reasonably necessary to select the artifacts wisely. Different situations and team combinations require different playstyle modes – so we have to choose the artifacts accordingly.
    For example- if your team lacks energy recharge, you can use the artifact set” Emblem of the severed fate” to compensate for it. Sets like “Gladiators finale” can boost damage to some extent.
Artifact Set - Gladiator
Artifact Set – Gladiator
  • Some artifact sets in the game suit a particular character almost perfectly, and if you are not using that set on such characters, you will miss a lot of good stuff. One such artifact set is “Viridescent Venerer” for Anemo units like Kazuha, Venti, Sucrose, and others. It increases the anemo damage along with the swirl damage by a considerable margin, which makes characters much more powerful. 
Artical Set – Viridescent Venerer
  • While choosing artifacts for a character, although the situation may differ for every character, we should generally prefer stats like Crit Damage, Crit Rate, Energy Recharge, and Attack percentage over other stats. 
  • Ascending characters can help a lot if players face some bottleneck in their gameplay. While ascending characters can be pretty expensive in terms of required resources and Mora, it is worth it for the characters. 
Genshin Impact - Ascension
Genshin Impact – Ascension
  • Players should also increase the talents level of their party members since it significantly increases the various stats of elemental burst and damage, thus improving the gameplay.
Genshin Impact - Talent
Genshin Impact – Talent
  • Just like the Ascension of characters and upgrading their talents, increasing weapon levels and upgrading them whenever required is also essential. Since the use of weapons is not restricted to a particular character, it is always nice to have some high-level weapons in the inventory. 
Genshin Impact - Weapons
Genshin Impact – Weapons

Final Words

The above-mentioned tips are surely going to make your Genshin Impact experience a lot easier and smoother. At the same time, we suggest that players try experimenting with different characters, weapons and artifacts and see for themselves, which suits them best.

Afterall, playing a game being bound by certain rules takes away some of the fun from it. Genshin, like other games, has a learning curve. Once you figure it out, you won’t need to look for any tips for building your own Genshin Impact team. Still, if you must, you may want to check out our guide on some of the best teams you can use on Genshin Impact.


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