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Genshin Impact – Elemental Reactions

Read on Before You Get Vaporized!

Genshin Impact Elemental Reaction

So what are the different Genshin Impact elemental reactions? In Genshin Impact, various elements can combine to produce an elemental reaction, creating some unique effects. The game has seven elements right now: Hydro, Pyro, Anemo, Cryo, Electro, Dendro, and Geo. Players can use elemental reactions to achieve the result they desire.

Having an understanding of elemental reactions can help players in making their combat easier. So, below is a chart of all the elemental reactions you can use against your enemies!

Elemental Combination Chart - Genshin Impact
Elemental Combination Chart – Genshin Impact

Now that we have looked at all the elemental reactions you can create, let us take a look at what every elemental reaction does!

  • Burning – Deals Pyro damage over time
  • Crystallize – Creates shield crystals that can create a shield if collected
  • Electrocharged – Deals electro damage over time
  • Frozen – Freezes affected characters for some time. 
  • Melt – Deals extra damage. The total damage multiplier is 2X
  • Overload – Deals amplified Pyro damage
  • Swirl – Deals additional damage over a wide range.
  • Superconduct – Deals AoE damage
  • Vaporize – Deals extra damage. The damage multiplier is 1.5X
  • Bloom & Catalyze – More to be revealed with upcoming updates

Elemental Resonance

Players can see a lot of elemental effects throughout the gameplay in Genshin Impact. When there is more than one character of the same elemental property in the party, they often create some special bonus for the whole team, known as Elemental Resonance. 

Final Words – Genshin Impact Elemental Reactions

We are sure you are now well-versed with all the elemental combinations Genshin has to offer. 

Using elemental combinations can come in really handy while playing the game, especially when you’re up against monsters or bosses of a particular element! 

Fighting monsters aimlessly can cause you a world of damage and extra struggle while playing Genshin. So be wise, and combine!

Also, if you are wondering which artificats are the best for which elemental type, check out Genshin Impact – Artificats!


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