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8 Best Gamer Glasses in 2023

Gamer Glasses Are The Comfort Your Eyes Deserve!

Best Gamer Glasses in 2022
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GUNNAR - Gaming and Computer Glasses

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Many people will benefit from gaming glasses since they reduce digital eye strain. When you use a monitor, TV, or smartphone continuously, you can develop discomfort in your eyes, also known as computer vision syndrome. It might be anything from a slight nuisance to something that could disable you from doing daily tasks. Gamer glasses could be part of the solution to your eye discomfort.

Anyone who has spent hours staring at a computer screen also knows that its radiation harms their eyes. If you’re tired from a lengthy gaming session — or even a day at the office—gaming glass is one such name that comes into our mind. We consider the glasses listed in this article the finest gaming glasses available today. That’s because they all reduce the glare of phones and computers, flashing too much continuous light into your eyes.

Roundup of the Best Gamer Glasses

Overall Best Gamer GlassesGUNNAR – Gaming and Computer Glasses
Best Gamer Glasses for Blocking Blue LightHORUS X – Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Gamer Glasses With Best DesignANYLUV Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Most Comfortable Gamer GlassesSTAMEN Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Best Gamer Glasses for Reducing Eye StrainSleep ZM Blue Light Glasses
Most Durable Gamer GlassesHyperX Spectre Stealth
Best Budget Gamer GlassesLifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Best Anti-Scratch Gamer GlassesOkany Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Why Gamer Glasses Are Important

Best Gamer Glasses in 2022
Why Gamer Glasses Are Important?

It’s impossible to keep your eyes off the screen while gaming sessions are going on, and gazing at it for long hours might be painful. Getting suitable gaming glasses for you is a simple option. However, many options can confuse you as to which one would suit you better.

The lens of these glasses has a protective coating that reduces blurriness and other hazardous radiation emitted by the screen. They completely protect you and make it easy to continue gaming.

Until recently, the sun was our only source of blue light, but that has changed with the advent of pocket-sized backlit screens.

Although the jury is still out on how much blue light affects humans, scientists recommend that we take breaks from all devices during the day. That’s possible at work or home, but not when you’re busy in any RPG, which needs continual concentration. So while playing games, blinking too frequently can offer your opponents an advantage.

The consequences of being in the blue light for long from a laptop or computer screen can be damaging. They can strain your eyes and cause headaches, eye strain resulting in a decline in overall eye performance. Your eye muscles flex abnormally as a result of the flickering blue light.

For example, suppose you’ve ever found it difficult to fall asleep late at night while gaming due to exposure to blue light from the screens. It tricks your eyes into believing it’s daytime. Although manufacturers design some monitors to filter out blue light, it is impossible to eliminate it from a screen.

Fortunately, decent gaming glasses are available. Blue light is blocked out of your vision spectrum by these amber-tinted lenses, which contrast with it. Distinctive blue light with a tint of amber reduces headaches, weariness, and insomnia.

Do Gamer Glasses Work?

Glasses work well when the lens is crafted with better performing technology because it’s your lenses that will do the main work at the end of the day.

  • Lens technology blocks Blue light, which aids in maintaining circadian rhythm and the body’s normal sleep cycle.
  • Glare and reflected light are reduced by lens coatings, reducing visual stress, discomfort and distractions.
  • The lens design improves close-range focus to reduce eye strain and give crisper, clearer vision.
  • The lens is covered to prevent scratches from wind and maintain humidity, sharpening detail and reducing strain.
  • To sharpen contrast and safeguard the eyes, lens tints block radiations called blue lights from the screens.

If all these qualities make up your gaming glasses, they will work for you!

What Do Gamer Glasses Do?

Artificial screens emit bright light, and constant grazing on them is not quite natural, which leads to straining up of your eyes.

Ocular migraines are severe headaches that can lead to temporary vision loss in one eye in certain persons.

If you’ve spent any time playing video games, you’ve probably experienced the dry eyes and discomfort, blurriness, and neck or back pain that comes with it.

To solve some of these concerns, scientists created gaming glasses. They can aid with eyestrain, blur, and possibly headaches, but they won’t help with dry eyes or neck/back problems.

Gaming glasses come in various tints, anti-reflective coatings, blue light protection, UV protection, and magnification options.

Different hues can aid with contrast and block blue light like:

  • Blue light filters can help with eye strain and reduce the negative effects of computer use on sleep;
  • Magnification can aid those who have problems seeing up close, which is common as they get older.
  • While outside, UV filters keep your eyes protected;
  • As the name implies, anti-reflection coatings decrease reflections, making eyesight more comfortable.

Things to Consider While Buying Gamer Glasses

Things to Consider While Buying Gamer Glasses

The most important thing is the need for your eyes. What your eyes want and through which radiations you want to protect them are some of the questions. If answered, they can solve your query of what you should consider while buying gamer glasses. We provide you with some criteria which can help you to decide the same:

  • Sunglasses- Blue light glasses come with tinted lenses as standard. However, you can alter some to be true sunglasses which you can also accessorize for outside.
  • Stylish- Some glasses come with options with various frames to choose from, so you can discover one that matches your style. So if you want to take care of your eyes but are also a fashionista, then these glasses would suit you more. 
  • Protection from ultra-violet rays- One of the most important factors when buying glasses is protection from UV lights, so your eyes will be safe from the sun.
  • Prescription lenses- Manufacturers mostly don’t make gaming glasses for use over prescription glasses. You do, however, have other options:
    • Consider gaming glasses that clip on. They’re simple to keep and comfortable to wear;
    • Order prescription lenses for gaming glasses. Ensure that the frames are optical-grade to accept lenses of various thicknesses;
    • Look for blue-light goggles that you can wear over your glasses. People commonly use them in factories or laboratories, but you can also use them in ordinary situations. They’re orange since they filter nearly all blue light. Plus, at roughly $10, they’re dirt inexpensive.
    • Gaming glasses that you may wear over your regular spectacles are more difficult to come by. The frames are unusually broad to reduce scratching.
    • Blue light coating glasses are generally available in the daily glasses section. This hack simulates the effects of gaming glasses while also reducing strain outside of gaming. You should note that everyday glasses with a blue filter are usually transparent, providing 15 to 20 percent protection.

Top 8 Glasses for Gamers

Take a look at some of our favorite models, each with special characteristics. Choose the finest option for you to enjoy gaming without straining your eyes.

We know that it’s not easy to understand what suits you better. If you’re unsure, this guide will assist you in determining the best items. We’ve compiled a list of the best gaming glasses in this article. You can learn more about each one and choose the finest one.

1. GUNNAR – Gaming and Computer Glasses

Overall Best Gamer Glasses

  • Design of the steel hinge (3-barrel) ensures long-term durability.
  • Prevents long-term and short-term damages.
  • Blocks 100 percent UV light and 60 percent blue light.
  • One eye size frame.
  • Most suitable for a wide face.
  • Provides little magnification.

Doctors prescribe Gunnar’s glasses for filtering UV and blue light. These fantastic glasses can double as sunglasses. The Intercept has an excellent frame design that ensures the glasses will not slip from your nose. Engineered polymers support curving temples, so they don’t stretch out with continuous use. 

As we reviewed, the wide fit frame with a 59-millimeter width of the lens with a bridge width of 18-millimeter. It suits wide-faced shapes very well. The soft frames with a rubbery feel to them, according to reviewers, help them so they won’t strain your face and will stay in place.

In conclusion, the Gunnar glasses are good glasses that you may use for gaming. The glasses are durable, long-lasting, and have a snuggly and comfy fit. They block 100% UV light and 60% blue light rendering them ideal for gaming and outdoor usage. These things make the Gunnar glasses the best gamer overall on our list.

View on Amazon: GUNNAR – Gaming and Computer Glasses

2. HORUS X – Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Best Gamer Glasses for Blocking Blue Light

  • Filters are 100 percent UV light and 100 percent blue light.
  • CE norm tested- prevent harmful rays of the spectrum 350 to 480 nm by 86 percent.
  • Eco responsible
  • Lens cleaning cloth doesn’t serve the purpose.
  • Restrictive sizes.
  • Distort colors which could be distracting.

For a good reason, these blue, light-blocking spectacles are on the pricey side. From the lens to the frame, they’re top-notch. A yellow tint reinforces the lenses’ blue light filtration technology to ensure comprehensive blockage. Of course, you should have your glasses on whenever you sit before a screen for maximum safety.

This shouldn’t be difficult, given their trendy appearance and small weight. These glasses are popular amongst the crowd since they’ve been certified by ANSI and CE, a third-party lab.

In conclusion, Horus is for gamers for a reason as every harmful ray bounces back from the shield of this eyewear, and not only that, it’s also eco-friendly. So what more do we need than comfort, style, and sustainability? Horus X provides all of these, so we highly recommend it.

View on Amazon: HORUS X

3. ANYLUV Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Gamer Glasses With Best Design

  • Money-back guarantee with a lifetime warranty.
  • A lens with low color distortion.
  • Blocks 90 percent of high-energy blue light.
  • Too much glare in the lens.
  • Heavyweight.
  • No tint on the lenses.

Electronic devices emit high-energy blue light, which scientists have demonstrated raises the risk of vision diseases ranging from irritating dry eyes to macular degeneration. Reduce your exposure to high-energy blue light to keep your eyes healthy.

Excessive blue light exposure might produce weariness and tension, hence this pair of glasses can block the light.

In conclusion, this eyewear comes in a more affordable range. That is what makes it special. Being less pricey with all the other features that most glasses provide at a higher cost brings it to the upper ranks of our gamer glasses list.

View on Amazon: ANYLUV Blue Light Blocking Glasses

4. STAMEN Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Most Comfortable Gamer Glasses

  • It suits various face types.
  • Lightweight.
  • Use the expert coating technology from freedom.
  • Issue of the glary lens.
  • It doesn’t mention that they block UV light.

These glasses are a trendy, unisex gaming alternative. They provide four different frame colors, sizes, and materials. The blue-blocking feature in it can filter out the most dangerous wavelengths. Silicone nose pads provide additional comfort.

In conclusion, comfort being its forte, Stamen provides lightweight structure and is easy on your face. Though we may not recommend this model if you sit before the screens for longer hours in short hours, this can work like magic.

View on Amazon: STAMEN Blue Light Blocking Glasses

5. Sleep ZM Blue Light Glasses

Best Gamer Glasses for Reducing Eye Strain

  • Protect eyes with UV 400 technology.
  • Anti-glare.
  • Sleep ZM migraine glasses blocked the blue light of wavelength 480-520 nm is blocked 99.9% by Sleep ZM migraine glasses.
  • Could feel loose.
  • Not suggested as a styling accessory.
  • Generic brand.

There are several ways to protect your eyes from strain better if you already wear prescription glasses. For example, you could always use clip-on lenses to attach to your regular glasses. However, Sleep ZM gives you a more durable solution?

You don’t have to pick between seeing clearly and without blue light. Their fit over blue-light-blocking glasses is large enough to wear over your reading glasses. The brand’s name says it all: the manufacturers have designed these glasses to aid sleep. The “deep amber” color filters out 99.5 percent of blue light, making it suitable for nighttime screen time before bed.

In conclusion, Sleep ZM is a perfect home wear eyewear as you can wear it over your prescribed glasses. So this hassle is removed by ZM. It’s generic and affordable and thus can be used indoors without any problem. However, we won’t recommend wearing it as outdoor accessory eyewear.

View on Amazon: Sleep ZM Blue Light Glasses

6. HyperX Spectre Stealth

Most Durable Gamer Glasses

  • Hardshell case with a versatile and attractive design.
  • Temples that are ultra-thin for maximum comfort.
  • Anti-reflective lenses.
  • More pricey than affordable.
  • The price is not on par with the material used.
  • Similar to other glasses with affordable price.

The manufacturers have made these glasses to wear with gaming headphones and have designed them to be comfy. Four frame models are available in various materials and colors, including one for children. The others are available in a variety of sizes. Unfortunately, these aren’t like many other blue-blocking glasses, as they are transparent. There are prescription options accessible. A polarised sunglass clip-on is available for the Spectre React.

In conclusion, HyperX is the perfect model for those who don’t like to wear generic brands. It has endless customization options. Its temples are light, making it easy for your nose and ears to provide you with maximum comfort. So if you want to invest in great gamer glasses, our choice would be Spectre Stealth.

View on Amazon: HyperX Spectre Stealth

7. LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Best Budget Gamer Glasses

  • A magnification option is available.
  • Anti-reflecting coat of 7 layers.
  • Universal size.
  • Fragile.
  • Lenses are smudged.
  • Doesn’t provide blockage from blue light.

It’s important to note that these glasses aren’t for anyone seeking strong blue light protection. They may not suit every individual’s needs because they only filter out 39% of blue light. Blue light shielding is merely one of many qualities, so you must enjoy them as they are.

Another model in the affordable range comes in with 7 layers of anti-reflection coat and various options from choosing to. This again is not for those accustomed to most of their hours spent in front of a screen as the same can’t provide enough protection from UV and blue light.

In conclusion, consider these blue-blocking spectacles the “utility” option. They block a significant amount of blue light and feature a variety of trendy alternatives and the toughest protective lenses, making them suitable for use as safety glasses.

View on Amazon: LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses

8. Okany Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Best Anti-Scratch Gamer Glasses

  • 8 layer protection from UVA.
  • An ideal choice for gamers and streamers.
  • Shatterproof.
  • Can leave marks on ears and nose.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Not smudge-proof.

Environmentally friendly, durable, shatterproof, and easy to clean, manufacturers make these lightweight gaming glasses of UV-treated polycarbonate frames with the Latest yellow-tinted lenses. It fits well and is safe to wear.

The frames are slim, elegant, and adaptable. Manufacturers make these gaming glasses to wear with gaming headphones. They also design them comfy with a bigger square lens shape that provides a large field of view and superior UV and blue light protection. Pro gamers, streamers, and gaming lovers will love this choice.

In conclusion, Okany comes with 8-layer protection, making it an ideal choice for gamers and streamers. It also has a strong structure and doesn’t break very easily. It can be heavier, but other features like yellow-tinted lenses and polycarbonate frame level it up in the list of best gamer glasses.

View on Amazon: Okany Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Frequently Asked Questions About Gamer Glasses

Is it Worth Buying Gamer Glasses?

Wearing gaming glasses has several advantages, including reducing digital eye strain and blue light glare. Your computer or television screen emits blue light, which can cause eye strain if you stare at them for a long period. Over time, this digital eye strain might drastically affect your vision. Gaming glasses help prevent digital eye strain and blue light damage.

Gaming glasses give your vision a yellow tint, improving visual clarity, reducing glare, and allowing you to see colors more clearly. This can be extremely useful when playing RPGs or raiding in a massively multiplayer online game.

What Are Gamer Glasses Used For?

Monitors emit a strong blue light that makes it difficult for your eyes to focus on something on the screen, such as words or small objects. The stark contrast between items in images shown on a screen is not as sharp as in the actual world. Because there isn’t much variation, it’s tough to pick out objects. Your eyes have to work twice as hard to adjust focus continually. This puts strain on your eyes, resulting in headaches, fatigued eyes, and blurred vision. But how can blue light truly affect you? Let’s find the answers:

Blue light from screens causes melatonin production to disrupt and affects your sleep habits.

Visible blue light has a high energy level, and prolonged exposure causes eye fatigue.

Scientists have demonstrated that Blue light produces oxidative stress in the eyes by causing damage to your retinas.

Blue light exposure from screens causes retinal impairment, cataracts, and other visual impairments.

Blue light saturation can reduce eye acuteness, making it difficult to focus. 

Sleep disturbances can cause melancholy, neurotoxic buildup, and increased disease risk.

CVS, or Computer Vision Syndrome, is a catch-all name for all of the symptoms mentioned above. If you’re having trouble finding that person lurking in a bush 300 meters away in the Battlegrounds, your eyes probably suffer from heavy exposure to harmful blue light. So blue light filtering is important.

Final Words – Best Gamer Glasses

Some people wouldn’t risk spending straining hours of gaming without wearing gaming glasses, but others don’t see the point. So your eyes, screen usage, and habits influence Your personal experience.

When we stare at screens for a lengthy period, we are more prone to experience digital eye strain. We almost always include video games in this category.

Our recommendation will be the Gunnar gamer glasses as the ideal choice for people in the market for the best gaming glasses.

Using the 20-20-20 rule a few times an hour gives your eyes a much-needed respite. It’s a small test that you can perform like an activity where you focus on an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. 

This was a complete guide on the best gamer glasses in 2023.

Pair these with the Best Gaming Monitors For PS5 to take your gaming experience to the next level.

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