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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – FFBE Unit Rankings

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius - FFBE Unit Rankings

So, what are the latest FFBE unit rankings? You can collect characters, fight monsters, explore dungeons, and much more in the mobile RPG The Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, available for iOS and Android devices. Each RPG has its own unique roster of playable heroes. However, the levels of usefulness vary, just like in any other role-playing game.

If you play Final Fantasy Brave Exvius frequently, you may be interested in this article. We have made a complete list of every unit in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE) and ranked them from best to worst. When it’s time to step up your beloved hero or conjure new ones, you’ll be able to make more informed judgments if you thoroughly understand how the various units compare.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Unit Ranking Guide

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Unit Ranking Guide
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Unit Ranking Guide

This game is a turn-based RPG that emphasizes some fundamental gameplay mechanisms above all else. We have arranged the units in a hierarchy, with the troops in the S-Tier being the most powerful and the ones in the D-Tier being the least powerful.

We have carefully considered the various elements that play a role in determining the positions of these units on our tier list. The following are some of the contributing factors:

Stats – The unit’s base stats serve as a starting point for determining how powerful they are in their initial form. In addition, it also determines how much stronger they can become when they have been fully awakened and maxed out.

Utility – It is more vital to value a character’s underlying strengths than evaluate the character’s performance in a group setting.

Role – We have ranked the units according to how well they performed their duties. Consequently, a Support unit’s utility as a top-tier Support can result in it being ranked higher than a DPS unit’s.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List



This tier of units contains some of the most coveted and talked about characters in the community, owing to the extremely high base statistics and solo potential of these characters. The units at the top of the tier list in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius are exceptionally powerful on their own. Also, they do not require the assistance of any other characters to shine on the battlefield.

Suppose a player can get their hands on one of these troops. In that case, they can automatically incorporate them into their squad to fulfill their particular duty.

Angel of Death Kuja is a powerful Magical Attacker that has the potential to reach a maximum of seven stars in its progression. It has four open slots for its abilities. Its limit burst ability, Ultima Symphony, causes a reduction of 70 percent in both the foes’ Defense and Spirit.

Additionally, this talent grants the user an unbreakable boost that increases their magical damage by 250% for the next five turns and is irreversible. Also, Angel of Death Kuja unleashes a lethal ray of light that inflicts area-of-effect damage to all foes while ignoring fifty percent of the SPR.

S-Tier Units:

  1. Warrior of Dawn Galuf – Physical Damage Attacker/Support
  2. Paladin Cecil – Debuff/Support
  3. Lucas – Magical Damage Tank/Healer
  4. Alphonse Elric – Physical Damage Tank
  5. Lightning (FF XIII -2) – Magical Damage Tank/Support
  6. Angel of Death Kuja – Magical Damage Attacker
  7. White Knight Noel – Magical Damage attacker/Physical Damage Tank
  8. Sacred Shield Charlotte – Physical Damage Attacker/Support
  9. Lunafreya – Support
  10. Rena – Healer/Magical Damage Attacker
  11. Nichol of the Epsilon Star – Support/Debuff
  12. Rikku (FF x-2) – Debuff/Support
  13. Awakened Warrior of light – Physical Damage Tank/Support
  14. Seeker of Freedom Vaan – Physical Damage Attacker/Debuff
  15. Hallowed Aegis Charlotte – Physical Damage Tank/Magical Damage Tank
  16. Healing Avatar Lid – Debuff/Support
  17. Samurai Chizuru (morale) – Physical Damage Attacker/Support
  18. Samurai Chizuru – Physical Damage Attacker/Support
  19. Skye (morale) – Physical Damage Attacker
  20. Storm Seeker Esther (morale) – Physical Damage Attacker
  21. WYLK (morale) – Physical Damage Attacker
  22. FrostBlade Fryevia (morale) – Magic Damage Attacker/Support
  23. FrostBlade Fryevia – Magic Damage attacker/Support
  24. Olivera (morale) – Magic Damage Attacker
  25. Reberta & Ignitos – Magic Damage Attacker/Support
  26. Storm Seeker Esther – Physical Damage Attacker
  27. Tide Bringer Kaito (morale) – Physical Damage Attacker/Support
  28. Louise (morale) – Support/Debuffer
  29. WYLK – Physical Damage Attacker



There is persistent back and forth regarding the quality of the units ranked in the A-tier, specifically whether or not they are advantageous. These characters are superior to the bulk of others, thanks to their impressive statistics and abilities. However, for them to perform, some preparation is required.

Players are free to make full use of any of these units if they have summoned any of them, as they still belong to the highest tier.

Champion of the Light Lenna is an excellent Healer and Support unit specializing in treating all status ailments that allies have and increasing their tolerance to all their ailments. It also boosts the resilience of all allies to all status afflictions. It has the potential to reach a maximum of 7 Stars and can store a maximum of 4 skills.

Its limit burst ability, Prayer of Reincarnation, is a group-wide area-of-effect (AOE) healing skill that restores 79% of an ally’s maximum health. In addition, it restores the Attack, Defense, Magic, and Spirit breaks of all teammates. It bestows an Auto-Revive bonus that lasts for four turns on all allies.

A-Tier Units

  1. Ignis – Healer, Support
  2. Emperor Foo – Support, Debuffer
  3. Doctor Aiden – Healer, Physical Tank
  4. Sieghard – Physical Tank, Debuffer
  5. Yuraisha – Support
  6. A.I. Katty – Versatile
  7. Daughter of Destiny Vanille – Debuffer, Magical Attacker
  8. Benevolent Beauty Rem – Magical Attacker, Debuffer
  9. Elephim – Debuffer, Support
  10. Warrior of Light Lenna – Healer, Support
  11. Kryla – Debuffer
  12. Folka – Healer, Support
  13. Myra – Healer, Support
  14. Qin – Magical Attacker, Support
  15. Regis – Physical Attacker, Support
  16. Sakura & Ayaka – Healer, Magical Attacker
  17. Sylvie – Support, Debuffer
  18. Wildcard Ace – Magical Attacker, Debuffer
  19. Sweet Luka – Support, Debuffer
  20. Summer Fina & Lid – Debuffer, Healer
  21. Adventurer Locke – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  22. 2B – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  23. Aerith – Healer, Support
  24. Chow – Magical Tank, Healer
  25. Dancing Heart Penelo – Magical Tank, Debuffer
  26. Flame of Rebirth Jake – Physical Attacker
  27. Garland (FF IX) – Magical Attacker, Debuffer
  28. Kitone – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  29. Maritime Strategist Nichol – Support, Magical Attacker
  30. Noel – Physical Attacker
  31. Zenaida – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  32. Umbral Dragon Dark Fina – Magical Attacker
  33. OlbericPhysical Attacker, Physical Tank
  34. Sieghard & Ignacio – Physical Attacker, Physical Tank
  35. Rico Rodriguez – Physical Attacker
  36. War Hero Raegen – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  37. Sylvando – Support, Physical Attacker



We do not suggest picking up units ranked in the B-tier when you first look at them. People don’t think of them negatively. However, people also don’t think of them positively. These units have average base stat lines and do not offer anything additional to the squad in the same way that units at the S or A tier do. However, if the player reaches a certain stage in the game, they will no longer be able to employ them for progression and will need to replace them.

It is strongly advised against investing a significant amount of resources into such personalities because they will, in all likelihood, get changed at some point in the future. Demon Rain, White Mage Rosa, and Beowulf are a few examples of powerful attackers that you can find on this list.

B-Tier Units

  1. Machina – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  2. AuronPhysical Attacker, Debuffer
  3. Blue Mage Fina – Healer, Support
  4. Four Winds Physalis – Magical Attacker
  5. Gilgamesh (WOTV) – Physical Attacker, Magical Attacker
  6. Kimono Fina – Magical Attacker, Debuffer
  7. Lezard Valeth – Magical Attacker, Debuffer
  8. Lilith – Physical Tank, Magical Tank
  9. Lone Lion Squall – Physical Attacker
  10. Sterne Leonis – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  11. Mercenary Ramza – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  12. Awakened Rain – Magical Tank, Support
  13. Edward Elric – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  14. Elena – Physical Attacker, Magical Attacker
  15. Seifer – Physical Attacker
  16. Mont Leonis – Physical Tank
  17. Serah – Magical Attacker
  18. Serena – Healer, Support
  19. Sol – Magical Attacker, Debuffer
  20. Tifa (FF VII: AC) – Physical Attacker
  21. Strange Gourmand Quina – Magical Attacker, Support
  22. Xuan Wu & Qing Long – Physical Attacker, Physical Tank
  23. Adam Jensen – Physical Attacker, Support
  24. Mystical Ice Laswell – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  25. Neverending Hope – Support, Debuffer
  26. Selphie – Magical Attacker, Debuffer
  27. Beryl – Magical Attacker, Magical Tank
  28. Basch – Physical Tank, Magical Tank
  29. Beowulf – Physical Attacker, Magical Attacker
  30. Dark Spirit Sol – Magical Attacker, Debuffer
  31. King Bradley – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  32. Madam Edel – Physical Attacker
  33. Lilisette – Physical Attacker, Support
  34. Loren – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  35. Mystina – Magical Attacker Support
  36. Rakish Thief Zidane – Physical Attacker
  37. Quistis – Magical Attacker
  38. Demon Rain – Physical Tank, Support
  39. Kimahri – Magical Attacker, Debuffer
  40. Infernal Fire Rain – Physical Attacker
  41. Rivera – Support, Healer
  42. Seaside Nichol – Magical Attacker, Support
  43. Untamed Wolf Edel – Physical Attacker
  44. Supreme Deva Akstar – Physical Attacker
  45. White Mage Rosa – Physical Attacker, Healer
  46. Wilhelm – Physical Tank, Support
  47. Yuna – Healer, Support



The C-tier ones were some of the earliest units to be made available in the game. The advent of newer, flashier characters with stronger statistics, skill sets, and mechanics led to their gradual power creep. It is strongly advised not to invest in raising their levels, breaching their limits, etc., as their value drops dramatically after the beginning of the game.

Here are the C-Tier units:

  1. Awakened Onion Knight – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  2. Ayaka – Healer, Support
  3. Beatrix – Physical Attacker, Magical Attacker
  4. Zeno of the Beta Star – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  5. Crimson – Physical Attacker, Support
  6. Cloud (FF VII: AC) – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  7. Blue Sky Belle Fran – Physical Attacker
  8. Elly – Magical Attacker
  9. Irvine – Physical Attacker
  10. Graceful Champion Fang – Physical Attacker
  11. King Edgar of Figaro – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  12. Morgana – Magical Attacker
  13. Nagi – Physical Attacker, Magical Attacker
  14. Primrose – Support
  15. Wizardess Shantotto – Magical Attacker
  16. White Lily Dark Fina – Magical Attacker, Debuffer
  17. Reberta – Physical Attacker
  18. Knight of Pluto Zidane – Physical Attacker
  19. Levinson – Physical Attacker, Magical Attacker
  20. Erik – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  21. Dragon Knight Freya – Physical Attacker, Healer
  22. Kadaj – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  23. Tifa – Physical Attacker
  24. Star Player Tidus – Physical Attacker, Support
  25. Yunalesca – Magical Attacker, Support
  26. Zargabaath – Support
  27. Agent Olive – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  28. Ardyn – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  29. Assassin Shadow – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  30. Black Mage Vivi – Magical Attacker
  31. Bart – Physical Attacker, Support



The Brave Exvius units rated at the bottom of the tier list are among the worst ones in the game. By “worst,” we mean that they have extremely poor base statistics and skill sets that are, to put it mildly, ridiculous.

They were made available at the beginning of the game and gradually increased in power over the seven years since Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. We strongly advise that no resources be put into these units as they desperately need a significant overhaul to regain their former vitality.

Here are the D-Tier units:

  1. Aurora Fryevia – Physical Attacker, Magical Attacker
  2. Eiko – Healer, Support
  3. Fina & Dark Fina – Magical Attacker, Healer
  4. Yego – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  5. Yuna (FF X-2) – Physical Attacker
  6. Esther – Physical Attacker, Physical Tank
  7. Flammie – Physical Attacker, Support
  8. Gladiolus – Physical Tank, Physical Attacker
  9. Jasper Unbound – Physical Attacker
  10. Lovely Katy – Healer
  11. Palom & Porom – Magical Attacker
  12. Operative Zyrus – Magical Attacker, Debuffer
  13. Prompto – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  14. Physalis – Physical Attacker
  15. Radiant Lightning – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  16. Rab – Magical Attacker, Physical Attacker
  17. Rem – Magical Attacker, Healer
  18. Sweet Nichol – Magical Attacker, Debuffer
  19. Warrior of Light Bartz – Physical Attacker, Debuffer
  20. Jecht – Physical Attacker
  21. Kurasame – Physical Attacker, Magic Attacker
  22. Hess King Lasswell – Physical Attacker, Support
  23. Yun – Physical Attacker


The E tier is the lowest on the FFBE scale. These units are so useless in combat that you should reserve them for the direst situations.

They may be easy targets for other characters due to their poor abilities or low numbers. Hence, it would be best if you didn’t rely on them until you have no other options, as they don’t have many advantages.

The Benefits of a Tier List

During your playthrough of FFBE, you will probably collect more than a hundred units, and choosing which characters to level up first will be difficult.

We ranked all of the available units in the game according to how helpful and powerful they will be over the course of the game to provide you with assistance in completing missions.

You should not see the list as a restrictive document that mandates which units you should or should not use. Rather, you should view it more as a guide to help you choose appropriate units. Its primary purpose is to give you a perspective on how the various cast members and units compare at a glance. Hence, you’ll have a better idea of which characters are worth investing time and resources in for the long haul and be able to prepare accordingly.

Note: Since we are getting ready for the end-game content, the units on this list only consist of those that can achieve a maximum rating of 7 stars. Since there is a significant difference in quality between 6-star and 7-star troops in Brave Exvius, the greatest teams are almost all made up of 7-stars.

Final Words – FFBE Unit Rankings

As you are familiar with the operation of the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE) tier list, be certain to take advantage of it when assembling your squad for the game. Doing this will guarantee that you are conscious of which units function best together and which ones are most effective against other units. If things get difficult during the fight, having this FFBE tier list in your back pocket will help turn the tide!

Suppose you want to have more success in the battle system of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. In that case, you should prioritize using characters from the S and A tiers. They have repeatedly shown themselves to be incredibly powerful friends in combat. Thus including them in your team should be one of your top priorities when putting together your roster.

The best ones are the Dawn Galuf Physical Attacker, Physical Damage Attacker Flammie, Physical Damage Attacker Palom, Physical Damage Attacker Zargabaath, Physical Damage Attacker Knight, and Physical Damage Attacker Eiko.

So that was a complete guide on the latest FFBE unit rankings.

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