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What is the Fastest Ice in Minecraft?

Blue Ice: The Fastest Ice To Slide, Amazing!

What is the Fastest Ice in Minecraft?

As you build, mine, battle critters, and explore the ever-changing Minecraft terrain, prepare for an adventure with endless possibilities. Ice is a transparent block with numerous applications in Minecraft. You can find Minecraft ice in snowy biomes in the form of lakes, rivers, ice spikes, and igloos. A question that often comes up when we talk about ice is, “What is the fastest ice in Minecraft?”

Ice is one of the most flexible blocks in Minecraft, coming in various shapes and sizes. While there is a single ice block, this article will go through each of the ice block varieties because they all have their own set of mechanics.

You can use ice in various ways, the most noteworthy of which is the blue ice highway, which allows for rapid transport when connected with a boat.

  • Most snowy biomes have ice (frozen lakes, rivers, oceans). If you put water in these biomes, it will turn to ice if it becomes cold enough.
  • Packed Ice is a habitat that you can find in the uncommon ice spikes biome. Also, in snowy tundra villages.
  • Blue Ice is a type of ice that you can find at the bottom of icebergs and is abundant in frozen ocean biomes. You can also make it with nine packed ice blocks.
  • When you use Frost Walker’s enchanted boots, you’ll get Frosted Ice. It is not possible to obtain it as an item.

Blue ice is a block that looks like packed ice but has a darker blue color and a slicker surface. Blue ice is a perfectly solid block that can have any object placed on top of it.

Unlike regular ice blocks, blue ice blocks do not melt when exposed to light. You can make Basalt from blue ice. It is generated when lava flows into an area above soul soil and adjacent to blue ice.

What Is The Fastest Ice In Minecraft?

Single blue ice block is the fastest ice in Minecraft
Single blue ice block is the fastest ice in Minecraft

A single blue ice block is the fastest ice in Minecraft, allowing mobs and people to slide faster and further than packed ice. Items moving through a stream of water also move faster across the ice’s surface.

But, blue ice is equal to packed ice in terms of functionality. You can find blue ice on Icebergs. You can also make it on a crafting table by combining 9 packed ice cubes.

It will be available for sale by traveling traders in return for emeralds when version 1.14 is released and will appear in the communities of the Snowy Tundra villages.

You cannot mine Blue ice using a tool that is not charmed with the Silk Touch. Though you can mine it with any equipment or by hand, a pickaxe is the most efficient. You’ll need a pickaxe with Silk Touch enchantment to harvest the block.

The blue ice block is dangerously slick. Blue ice forms on the bottom of icebergs and in some houses of icy Arctic villages, either naturally or artificially. Frozen ocean Biomes have a vast arching structure.

Blue ice has the following characteristics:

  • Blue ice is a renewable resource.
  • You can also stack it.
  • It has a hardness of 2.8 and a blast resistance of 2.8.
  • The blue ice block is opaque and combustible.
  • The lava does not catch fire on it.

Boats on blue ice can go faster than conventional ice or packed ice in Java Edition, reaching a top speed of 72.73 m/s (compared to 40 m/s on ice and packed ice).

In Minecraft, blue ice is now the quickest. For most entities, including goods, the blue ice is a cube of slippery ice. Blue ice has a slipper rating of 0.989, while packed ice has a slipper rate of 0.98.

An item’s speed rises in the water current when a blue ice block is placed beneath it. On the other hand, the Minecraft Mobs do not travel quicker over blue ice in a water current.

You can build ice tracks in all three dimensions for short and long-range travel using packed ice, blue ice, or a combination of both pieces of ice. In water currents, boats or ships go quicker on blue ice.

You may also reach a top speed of 72.73 M/s (meters per second). On packed ice, however, we can only go at a speed of 40 M/s. So, perhaps, you now understand why the blue ice block is faster than the packed ice.

Is Blue Ice Faster Than Packed Ice?

Blue Ice vs. Packed Ice
Blue Ice vs. Packed Ice

Blue Ice is quicker than Packed Ice. However, Packed Ice has one peculiarity. If you place it under a Note block, it will create a distinctive chiming sound. Mobs and players slide across the surface of blue ice faster and farther than they do on packed ice. Items moving in a stream of water move faster across the ice’s surface.

Blue ice is otherwise equal to packed ice in terms of usage. Blue ice has a light level of 1 in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

On blue ice, mobs do not travel quicker in water currents. Boats can travel faster on blue ice than on normal or packed ice in Java Edition, reaching a top speed of 72.73 m/s (compared to 40 m/s on ordinary and packed ice).

How Do You Get Blue Ice in Minecraft?

You can find Blue Ice on the bottom of icebergs and inside glaciers that grow in the oceans. Because these icy biomes are so frequent, getting your hands on this block is very simple. But, bring a silk touch pickaxe with you because you can only obtain the blue ice block using a Silk Touch Enchanted tool.

The blue ice block will not break if you use a regular pickaxe! You can use 9 packed ice blocks to make the blue ice block. 9 packed ice blocks will only yield one blue ice block, which may not appear much, but the blue ice block is handy. Thus, gathering the resources for this block is not a waste of effort.

As a result, the blue ice block is regarded as one of Minecraft’s most helpful blocks. It got even handier with the new nether update, as you can use it to manufacture a limitless amount of Basalt and autonomous bridge-building equipment in the nether. This is significant when you consider that most of the underworld is easily navigable, and the reason you’re able to walk on lava is due to the blue ice block making this possible.

Blue Ice was first included in the 1.13 Minecraft update and is a useful resource for building and traveling in the game. Blue Ice, unlike conventional ice, does not melt when exposed to light. Building a boat using Blue Ice is also an excellent technique to go swiftly over water.

Blue ice generates Basalt. It is generated when lava flows into an area above soul soil and adjacent to the blue ice. When created frequently, it acts as a generator. Because blue ice cannot be crafted back into packed ice, it is not a storage block.

How to Mine Blue Ice in Minecraft?

Blue Ice Mining
Blue Ice Mining

Blue Ice mining appears to be simple, but there is a catch. It is abundant in frosty biomes, but it requires a specific instrument to mine.

Begin by looking for Blue Ice in an icy environment; they’re usually nearest to glaciers or at the glacier’s center. You can mine with any instrument, even a plain iron pickaxe, as long as it has the Silk Touch enchantment. The Blue Ice block will shatter if you try to mine it with a standard tool.

How to Craft Blue Ice in Minecraft?

There’s one more way to gain Blue Ice in Minecraft if you don’t have a weapon enchanted with Silk Touch. You must first mine nine Packed Ice chunks. Place three ice blocks in each of the nine rows on the crafting table. You will receive one Blue Ice block after completing this crafting recipe. So you’ll need nine packed ice blocks for every block of Blue Ice.

Final Words

Minecraft is a large game with hundreds of blocks and materials that you can use to create amazing structures. Redstone is a resource that allows you to construct functional contraptions in the game, which dramatically transform the game.

The Blue ice block is indeed the fastest in the game. Packed Ice has similar functions to blue ice but is different. Packed Ice is slippier when compared to normal ice but not as slipper as a block of blue ice. You can farm ice from cold biomes.

The essence of the Minecraft game is not any of these components of construction or Redstone. It’s impossible to think about Minecraft without images of a house or Redstone contraptions flashing through your mind. Combined in both of these situations, the blue ice block comes in handy.

If you’re a Minecraft fanatic, you’ve got to follow for more articles and guides on Minecraft.


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