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Can You Play As A Girl in Elden Ring?

Is There a Possibility of Playing as a Female?

Can You Play as a Girl in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring has placed itself as a video game legend in the gaming world. Dark souls, the famous game FromSoftware brought into the gaming community with a brilliant open-world and challenging gameplay, is the predecessor to Elden Ring.

On your way to becoming the Elden Lord and stranded in the “Lands Between,” you can choose to play from many kinds of classes relevant to your gameplay.

Customizing your protagonist is an essential part of a typical Souls game. But the unique storytelling and challenging combat are not far behind when it comes to affection from fans.

Let’s be honest, Elden Ring is long. You’d want to play as a character that you find good for you. It should look cool when you invade other Elden Ring players in the Elden Ring PvP.

You can choose from many customizations to customize your Elden Ring character. But can you change your class gender and play as a girl? Let’s find out.

Does Elden Ring Have a Female Character?

Female Character in Elden Ring
Female Character in Elden Ring

Yes, Elden Ring has a female character. To create a female character, choose the second body type, also called Type B body, because these bodies tend to be the most girlish.

Now use cosmetics to customize your character’s appearance and create a female character that you like. You should note that you can only change your character’s appearance in the game, not your character’s gender.

Select the class next after you’re finished creating your character as you want it.

Can You Play As a Girl in Elden Ring?

Yes, you can indeed play as a girl in Elden Ring. At the time of character creation and class selection, simply select from the given options of female characters and make your character as you like.

How to Play as a Girl in Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, you cannot change your character whenever you want by simply pausing the game and wishing to do so. You need to visit or be in a specific place inside the humongous Elden Ring world to go to the character customization page.

There are 2 places discovered by Elden Ring players as of now that enable you to customize your character:

  1. The Bedroom Mirror – Located in the Roundtable hold, a Deathbed Companion is found here. Interacting with this mirror gives you access to the full character creation screen. It allows you to customize your character and gender as you like.
  2. Rennala – You can find her in the Raya Lucaria Academy. She also allows you to customize your character if you visit her. Additionally, taking items to her will reset your stats.

Final Words

Elden Ring has been a fan favorite since the day of its release. FromSoftware has created many games, but Elden Ring is a masterpiece, and we can’t get enough of the game. You can change class gender if you wish to do so.

Elden Ring may not offer cross-platform play, but it sure offers a variety of character customization options and body types that you can choose from and customize your in-game hero as you like. You can change your character’s age in-game and opt for your character to be a wise elder or a young warrior. This was a complete guide on playing as a female in Elden Ring.


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