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Bloodborne 2 Release Date, System Requirements, and More

There's Blood All Over the Gaming World Regarding Bloodborne 2!

Bloodborne 2 Release Date, System Requirements, and More

So, what is the Bloodborne 2 release date? Several unanswered questions plague players who have experienced this amazing game. It’s been six years since the first game came out, and players have been craving fresh content.

Bloodborne was, without a doubt, an enormous success, and it deserves a sequel. We assume that if a sequel to Bloodborne is released, Bloodborne 2 will be an action role-playing game like the first, and it will be a massive success. Find out the latest information about Bloodborne 2’s likely release date, trailer, and more right here. So, let’s go!

Bloodborne 2 Release Date

Bloodborne 2 Release Date
Bloodborne 2 Release Date

The first installment of the original game series, was released in 2015 and was a huge hit. Players are enthusiastic about every game aspect, including the plot and visuals. Many players are waiting for the announcement of Bloodborne 2’s release date.

According to industry analysts, the release date for Bloodborne 2 is early 2023. We previously expected an announcement of this date in 2019, but this never occurred. Another publisher said, “As we know, the game is still under development, and due to the COVID-19 crisis worldwide, the game is not going to launch in 2023 and will take more time to hit the market”.

Bloodborne supporters were also encouraged by several easter eggs included in FromSoftware’s PSVR title, Deracine. For many, this seemed to be more evidence that a “Bloodborne 2′′ was in the works. However, Hidetaka Miyazaki(The game’s creative director) was quick to end the speculation by stating that the reports were not an indication of producing a sequel.

Instead, the studio was working on Elden Ring, billed as the “most ambitious FromSoftware game to date” before its release in February 2022.

Lots of Speculation

Now, although there is no official confirmation of any sequel yet, there is a very strong probability that we may see another Bloodborne game at some point. Why?

First and foremost, although there has been no official confirmation of a Bloodborne sequel, the game has a great deal of support from both players and creators. Miyazaki has acknowledged that he does not have control over whether or not FromSoftware will develop a sequel. Therefore the final choice on what will happen to this series is with Sony.

Now that the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are out, a new generation of gaming consoles has begun. Given Microsoft’s increased efforts to use its exclusive intellectual properties (IPs) effectively, it would benefit Sony if it hopes to emerge victorious from the “Console War” of this generation.

Exclusives have been one of PlayStation’s main assets for a long time. Hence, Sony shelving one of their most praised exclusive IPs wouldn’t be a wise decision on their behalf.

However, we remain hopeful that another Bloodborne game will release within this platform generation. Miyazaki has already stated his desire to create further Bloodborne games. Thus a new entry in the series may be published.

Is The Game In Development?

It was in October of 2021 that the first whispers about a potential sequel to Bloodborne began to circulate. Colin Moriarty, Sacred Symbols’ presenter, is the source of the allegation. Sacred Symbols is devoted to anything PlayStation-related.

In one of the podcast episodes, Moriarty said that, to the best of his knowledge, the development firm Bluepoint Games is presently working on an updated version of Bloodborne for the PlayStation 5 and a sequel. 

Since that leak or rumor, as you would call it, not a lot has happened in that regard, which is unfortunate. After the launch of Elden Ring, the developers invested a significant amount of effort in Bloodborne 2. Further downloadable content will likely be made available for it in the future.

However, the developers have completed most of the work, and FromSoftware and Bluepoint may collaborate on Bloodborne 2. Another possibility is that they will wait until the initial excitement over Elden Ring has died down before adding gasoline to the fire. And maybe this is the time when we can start to have some optimism that we will soon hear an official announcement about a Bloodborne sequel.

Will Bloodborne 2 Ever Happen?

Concerning Bloodborne 2, one of the most crucial questions to ask is whether or not FromSoftware will ever develop a sequel to the game. In addition, the response is unclear, much like everything else associated with the story’s alleged continuation.

According to Hidetaka Miyazaki, the lead developer for titles like Bloodborne and 2022’s Elden Ring, it is not his choice to make, as he said in a conversation with Gamespot Brazil.

The interview is no longer available anywhere except in a translated form on ResetEra. Instead, it looks at FromSoftware’s design approach and why Bloodborne became Miyazaki’s favorite game at the time. However, the most critical piece of data is the discussion about a potential sequel.

The notion that this is not a choice that Miyazaki can make means that only Sony can make that choice. Nevertheless, this raises more concerns than answers. The success of Elden Ring has brought FromSoftware’s name awareness to an all-time high. As a result, it seems certain that the Bloodborne series will continue, either with a new installment or a re-release of the first game in the series. However, as of this writing, we have not received any information.

Bloodborne 2 System Requirements

Bloodborne 2 System Requirements
Bloodborne 2 System Requirements

Seeing how the developers are still working on the game, we should be able to play it sometime in the not-too-distant future. According to the speculations, the game won’t be released until 2023 and will be playable on the PS4 and the PS5 platforms.

The Bloodborne 2 System Requirements have been revealed and are consistent with what one of the leakers had expected.

  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 10
  • CPU: i3 7th Gen
  • Ram: 4GB or more
  • Storage: 20 GB
  • GPU: Nvidia 1650 4GB

The Bloodborne 2 System Requirements are only a declaration made by a leaker; however, it is unknown if PC owners will be able to play Bloodborne 2 or not.

Bloodborne 2 Trailer

The official trailer is not yet available. However, here’s a fan-made trailer.

Alleged Bloodborne Teaser Trailer

Many people were under the impression that the first teaser for Sekiro was advertising a sequel to Bloodborne for quite some time. As of the 2018 E3, Sony revealed that the “Shadows Die Twice” teaser indicated a new Souls-like game, which is unfortunate news for all of the bloodthirsty hunters out there.

It’s not hard to see why some fans were under the impression that this teaser had anything to do with Bloodborne:

  • The general visual style was quite familiar to the one seen in the first Bloodborne teaser.
  • The narrative of Bloodborne revolves heavily around the ideas of death, birth, and rebirth at many points.
  • Within the “Soulsborne” universe, eastern civilizations were already there and well established.
  • The Old Hunters DLC promised a character named Sekiro, and that character was Yamamura. Just as in the Artorias of the Abyss DLC for the first Dark Souls game, Marvelous Chester gave players a taste of what would come in Bloodborne.

In addition to all of these clues, a mysterious mechanism eventually strongly resembled a new kind of trick weapon. However, when the trailer finally showed Sekiro, it revealed that this was the protagonist’s prosthetic limb, even though it eventually ended up functioning in a manner comparable to that of a trick weapon in its own right.

Bloodborne 2 Gaming Platforms

Bloodborne 2 Gaming Platforms
Bloodborne 2 Gaming Platforms

The game will release for the PS4 and PS5, but whether it will release for the Xbox One and PC is still up in the air. 

Bloodborne 2 Rumors

Bloodborne 2 Rumor
Bloodborne 2 Rumor

Here are some rumors regarding the game:

Bloodborne Showing Up at Next State of Play?

This is exactly the conversation on everyone’s mind.

When PS4 announced that the next State of Play would occur on June 2nd June 2022, this announcement led to tremendous waves of speculations, supposition, and “leaks.” It wouldn’t have been all that stuff without Bloodborne turning up a few times. However, Bloodborne 2 did not appear at the June 2nd State of Play. 

The date for the next State of Play is not yet known. But we can hope to see it soon.

Now, because the next State of Play will showcase games from third-party developers and some material for the PSVR2, the answer is probably that here is where the much anticipated Bloodborne 2 will debut.

Sony hasn’t made any official statement stating that Bloodborne would be present. But, of course, all of the “leaks” presently being spread on Twitter are fake. 

Bloodborne 2 Story

Bloodborne 2 Story
Bloodborne 2 Story

There is so much curiosity regarding Bloodborne 2’s story. Numerous speculations and hundreds of posts are there on Reddit on this topic. It would be more fascinating if the story occurred in a brand-new city with the strikingly original architecture.

Personally, we’re most interested in seeing a different location; maybe it’s because we’ve been playing so many games with Japanese themes recently, like Ghostwire: Tokyo, but an Asian setting with the Bloodborne aesthetic would be awesome. And the creatures’ potential is just as crazy.

Perhaps the dwellers’ intellects would react differently to the blood if the creatures diluted it. Would that make them seem more human? Since it’s not a pure strain like the church’s, the infected would likely take on various appearances in different environments, right?

For the time being, we’ll have to make do with the PS4 version of Bloodborne and put in more time in Elden Ring. Always remember that until the creators make an official announcement, you should treat all of these as rumors and leaks and act accordingly.

How Many Bloodborne Games Are There?

As of 2023, there is only a single Bloodborne title, however, we would love the addition of new games and would also love to see Bloodborne becoming a franchise!

Is Bloodborne Cross Platform?

No, Bloodborne is not cross-platform.

Final Words – Bloodborne 2 Release Date, System Requirements, and Morre

There is so much curiosity about Bloodborne’s new game in the gaming world. However, all news is purely rumors, and there is no guarantee that a Bloodborne 2 will ever release in the near future. The success of the IP, the eagerness of fans for a sequel, and the director’s commitment to creating it all inspire optimism that the developers will eventually execute the project. As we’ve already established, though, Sony has the last say.

As additional information, it’s worth mentioning that the PlayStation 5 remake of Demon’s Souls, the first “Souls” game developed by FromSoftware, is currently available for purchase. Again, this doesn’t necessarily indicate anything in Bloodborne, but seeing that Sony didn’t hide the old, often-forgotten PlayStation 3 exclusive, it’s doubtful that it will hide Bloodborne, too.

So, the possible release date is just something up in the air for the time being.

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