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Black Myth: Wukong – A Preview

Breathtaking Visuals and Riveting Combat Mechanics - Simply Wow!

Black Myth: Wukong

Black Myth: Wukong is a highly anticipated, role-playing RPG game by an Indie-Chinese game developer – Game Science. It is based on the 16th Century Chinese Novel Journey to the West. It’s improbable that an indie game developer is successful in being able to create a game that generates so much hype and excitement among gamers.

But, Chinese game developer Game Science has brought absolute chaos to the gaming community. They’ve released a 13-minute gameplay footage trailer of their upcoming action-adventure RPG game Black Myth: Wukong. The release of the trailer video was in 2020 and has clocked 9 million views only on the IGN’s official YouTube channel, making the game the most anticipated RPG.

In 2021, Game Science studio released an official Unreal Engine 5 gameplay trailer, and it has taken the hype around the title to a new level. The Unreal Engine 5 trailer features breathtaking visuals and commendable combat, Black Myth: Wukong is shaping into an RPG fan’s dream.

Game Science released Black Myth: Wukong to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and the start of the Year of the Tiger, developers have released ‘An Alternate Reality of Game Science,’ in which we see the developers discussing the difficulties of using cats for motion capture, and then revealing an extremely glitchy boss battle based on this “Alternate Reality.”

Is Black Myth: Wukong an Action-Adventure Game?

Yes, Black Myth: Wukong is an action-adventure game. The 13-minute official gameplay trailer of the game flaunts its fluid combat mechanics, with the protagonist being able to execute multiple abominable abilities, including being able to stun enemies and freeze them in motion, deflect projectiles, and perform some seriously slick moves with their weapon both at a distance and at close range.

The game is based on the legend of Sun Wukong (The Monkey King). It takes its idea and inspiration from the 16th-century Chinese novel ‘Journey to the West.’

Who has Developed Black Myth: Wukong?

The developers of Black Myth: Wukong are a Chinese indie studio, Game Science, formed in 2015 under Tencent Games and currently operates from Hangzhou and Shenzhen. The development of the game commenced back in 2018.

The developers migrated from Unreal Engine 4 to the latest Unreal Engine 5 with technical support from Epic Games. So, the upcoming RPG runs 4K resolution at 60 fps and supports Ray-tracing, NVIDIA DLSS, and Dolby Atmos.

The popularity of the Black Myth series and why Game Science successfully leaves a powerful impact on the players is their utilization of data. They collect and analyze previous data to give players exactly what they want.

What is Black Myth: Wukong Release Date?

Black Myth: Wukong - Release Date
Black Myth: Wukong – Release Date

Unfortunately, there’s no release date as of now. Game Science hasn’t revealed an official release date yet. But, in an interview with IGN China, Game Science said they plan to release the game by 2023. So, we can expect the game to roll out in 2023(hopefully). On the game’s website, the developers have made it very clear that they have no intentions of releasing the game before they feel satisfied with the game. Game Science wants a completely polished and well-crafted game.

Is Black Myth Wukong Preorder Option Available?

No, the preorder option is not available at the moment as the official release date of the game is not out yet. The best we can do is keep our fingers crossed that an announcement of the official release date is revealed soon, so booking for the game begins.

Is the Black Myth: Wukong trailer out?

Yes, trailers for the game were released long back in 2020. So far, three trailers have been released for the game

  1. 13 minutes of gameplay footage from 2020,
  2. Title’s official trailer
  3. How is the current development stage going and how does the game look currently

These trailers make it clear why there’s so much hype around the title. From dazzling graphics to the powerful Mortal Combat-like combat, it’s a very well crafted game.

Is Black Myth: Wukong Demo Available?

There is a lot of speculation around the 13-minute gameplay trailer being footage of an actual alpha build of the game. Though the game is at a stage of development that is slightly playable, no official demo of the game has rolled out.

Does Black Myth: Wukong Official Website Exist?

Yes, the game does have an official website. All information related to the game is given on the official website. The website showcases slick animations and storylines compelling enough to excite any gamer. The official website is very properly designed and well optimized for anybody to go and find out more about the game.

Black Myth: Wukong Platforms

Game Studio has not confirmed which platforms the game will release on, but we can assume that the title will come to all consoles and PC. As for what Game Science has officially said, their FAQ page says it will release on “mainstream consoles and PC.”

As there is no official release date, it’s unlikely to see the release on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. But we’ll have to wait for an official announcement by the developers. The game will probably only be on PS5 and Xbox Series X. This is due to its release date presumably being a couple of years away.

Obviously, Game Science is looking to push the graphical capabilities of all game systems to the max with this title, so we should wait for a mind-boggling RPG.

As for Steam, we think Steam will also be part of the game’s release.

How Much Will Black Myth: Wukong Cost?

There are no official or reliable details on the pricing and availability of the game. However, Game Studio says on Black Myth: Wukong’s official website, “the game will be sold as a one-time purchase with possible DLCs and in-game purchases afterward.”

Is Black Myth: Wukong Real?

Black Myth: Wukong is based on the classic Chinese tale ‘Journey to the West’. It is one of “the four masterpieces” of classical Chinese literature. A portion of the main story in the game focuses on Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King. It is a legendary mythic figure in Chinese folklore. Known for his strength, agility, and ability to shift into various forms, Wukong is a mighty creature who appears to be the protagonist in this game.

Final Words

The Black Myth Series has always been a favorite amongst gamers in the RPG segment. Black Myth: Wukong has just added to the legend and the name of the series. The metrics of the gameplay trailer are a clear sign of another hit of the series.

The game is quite breathtaking. Keep in mind that the game’s development team is an indie game studio and not some big AAA game studio.

The hype around Black Myth is crazy, and we can guess why. It has all the elements of a slick role-playing RPG combined with the visuals of a AAA title. Most games require marketing and running ads to become best-sellers. Black Myth: Wukong won’t be a game that needs all that to be a worldwide bestseller. Alongside Hytale, it is one of the most looked-forward-to games in 2023.

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