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6 Best L-Shaped Desk for Gaming Options in 2023

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Best L Shaped Desk for Gaming
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The best L-shaped gaming desks provide significantly more space than standard gaming workstations, vital for gaming. While having a gaming setup, types of equipment like console, PCs, and other stuff takes much space; make sure you have enough space. Lacking a computer desk makes a gamer feels uneasy when gaming. For them, computers and a gaming computer desk are a must-have.

You’ll need an L-Shaped desk if you’re a dedicated gamer who wants a show-stopping setup. Unfortunately, these desks differ from ordinary ones. They provide significantly more space, which is critical for gamers who need to move their gaming mouse freely while holding massive PC gaming sets.

There are a lot of best L-shaped gaming desks on the market to select from, but in this review, we’ll recommend some of our favorites. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right into the guide.

Roundup of the Best L-Shaped Desks for Gaming

Overall Best L-Shaped Desk for GamingSEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk
Best Modern L-Shaped Desk for GamingWalker Edison Ellis Modern Glass Top L Shaped Corner Gaming Desk
Most Durable L-Shaped Desk for GamingEcoprsio L-Shaped Gaming Desk
Most Stylish L-Shaped Desk for GamingCasaottime L-Shaped Gaming Desk
Best Space Saver L-Shaped Desk for GamingSHW Vista L-Shape Desk with Monitor Stand
Most Versatile L-Shaped Desk for GamingMOTPK L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Are L Shaped Desks Good for Gaming?

The greatest L-shaped gaming desk will enhance your gaming experience. It does, however, come with the best biomechanics to prevent any kind of body stress caused by long gaming sessions.

 A high-quality corner gaming workstation, especially when paired with an adjustable and comfortable gaming chair, will greatly improve your gaming experience.

Even if a cheap gaming desk with LED lights will suffice, you’ll be well suited while investing in a desk that will decrease the amount of stress your body takes along with your health when you sit for long hours.

Most corner gaming desk sets also include adjustable height, programmable charging port, RGB lighting, etc. 

The most significant thing for a gamer and a worker is an L-shaped gaming desk. Gaming will necessitate the use of a desk. It can help preserve space and make more area within the room for other activities. For example, the L-shaped desk looks great in a corner.

There are various advantages to using an L-shaped gaming desk. First, because it is a corner desk, it can help you save up the space and also allows you to maximize your work area. Second, you can place 2-3 monitors and a laptop on the desk. Third, you can keep other important items on the desk as well. Finally, it’s a great place to play games or work.

They do take up much room, but you’ll appreciate the extra space they provide if you use the parts appropriately.

The most space-saving desks are L-shaped desks. They are excellent for increasing productivity since you may utilize one side for one thing and the other for another. So there’s a lot of top surface area. So there’s much capacity for filing cabinets, gaming gear, and other things underneath.

You can acquire desks with higher shelves that will provide additional space for other equipment while also saving space in the room.

Furthermore, L-shaped workstations provide ample space for all of your technology, including numerous monitors, a PC, a console, speakers, a microphone, a CPU stand, etc.

Many L-shaped can be adjusted and moved as needed. They are available in various sizes and features; they’re durable and trustworthy enough to handle all of your pricey gaming gear.

You’ll discover the ideal L-shaped desk while going through our list, depending on the type of gaming setup you want. You won’t have to tense yourself about tangled, dangerous cabling and cords, storage space, or discomfort.

Things to Consider While Buying an L Shaped Gaming Desk

L-shaped gaming desk components
Components of an L-Shaped Gaming Desk

A gaming desk needs to have certain features for better support, management, and a spacious surface to put all your stuff on. So let’s discuss some of them. Even if you don’t like our suggestions, you can find one independently.


Adjustability, often known as ergonomics, will play a significant role in deciding which desk suits you better, and for a good reason.

 It’s not uncommon for folks who have lost their jobs due to Covid to spend maximum hours of their day gaming. Every gamer, some time or the other, has gone through this stage or experienced it. 

However, an unnoticed side consequence of this is that it can utterly damage your back. Regardless of your posture when gaming, you’ll be placing your body in an unnatural arch.

Your spine isn’t structured to handle the weight and posture of your body while sitting down, notably for long periods, so you should opt for a workstation that does.

Do you require a left-handed gaming desk or a right-handed one? These people are almost always right-handed, and it’s often the only way they can function. It’s a pity because 10% of the world’s population is left-handed. So make sure your decision is reversible if you desire the flexibility to swap from a right to a left-handed layout.

By glancing at which side the “return” is on, you may identify the difference between a left-handed and a right-handed gaming desk. The return is the section of the computer desk that connects to the main deck. Remember that not every desk you’ll come across will be reversible, so double-check before purchasing and installing one.

Storage Capacity

Do you require a large amount of storage space? This is a crucial topic to know the answer to since if you need much storage, you’ll want to acquire one with many drawers and trays.

You can also buy gaming desks in portions, allowing you to pick and choose what you need. Just remember to factor in any features you might require in the future. Otherwise, once you improve your equipment, you’ll have to start again by purchasing a new one. 


What are the advantages of L-shaped desks? First, we’re looking at L-shaped workstations for gaming setups instead of regular ones because of the provision of extra space.

It’s pointless to go for a corner desk if you’re only going to acquire a small one with little to no surface area. Your present scenario determines the amount of space you require on your desk, but you should constantly prepare ahead.

If you simply have a switch, you can slightly reduce the size of the desk. However, if you intend to get a PlayStation or a PC sometime in the future, you must consider this.

If you already have a full gaming setup, you’ll understand what we’re trying to convey. It has multiple displays with a standing desk, a massive PC, consoles, headphones, controllers, speakers, and a CPU stand, and all are part of your daily routine. No matter how organized you are, all of this will take up space, so be sure you have enough of it to begin with.

Desk Material

We do not recommend a gaming workstation with a top of the glass. Instead, they look fantastic and quite designer, but they are prone to collecting dust. This is not something you want to have near your electronics and devices.

You might always remain attentive and keep things tidy, but that vigilance will ultimately turn to complacency. When your systems become clogged with dust, they start to fail you.

A strong wood surface with good traction is the most preferred surface. Anything with strong traction is worth employing. Carbon fiber is another great surface for a gaming desk because it is scratch-free and looks sleek. The mix of perfect design and convenience is unbeatable.

When purchasing an L-shaped desk, several other factors are to consider, but these are the most crucial.

Organized Cables

If those two words didn’t make you tremble within, you’re lucky enough, but if you’re thinking of buying the new L-shaped desk, it won’t remain that way for long.

Managing your cables is the most annoying aspect of any gaming setup, where streaming installations have pros who specialize in it.

Cable management is organizing and managing all of the cords in your system. That may not seem like a big deal, but consider this: two or three wires for each device you have.

Your gaming station would consist of various cables, from monitor’s PS5’s, HDMIs, headsets, and other charging cables. They could entangle within themselves a horrific scene to resolve then.

Another way, a decent gaming desk should have some type of built-in wire management. Most gaming desks include one, whether they’re L-shaped or not, and it usually is somewhere in the platform, provided under the desk where you can run your wires to keep them off the floor.

If you’re going to build a significant gaming setup, this is an extremely crucial factor to consider while shopping.

Well-Built Structure

This is self-explanatory. This is the last thing you want for your desk to fall apart beneath the weight of all of your high-tech, high-priced electronic devices.

When deciding which desk you should buy, look at the legs to discover what they’re composed of. Don’t buy it if the manufacturers didn’t make it off a metal frame or another incredibly durable material.

Check if it has any stabilizing bars to prevent the platform from bending after being sat on for several months with heavy stuff on top of it.

You should consider how much weight the desk should be able to support. For example, don’t just buy a gaming desk that can hold tons of equipment if you’re only going to put a console or a monitor on it. 


And lastly, we must discuss cost. Everyone despises this issue, but it is one that we must address.

Let’s just say right now that L-shaped gaming workstations aren’t cheap. Because these desks are specialized and customized, you’ll have to pay a premium.

There is a simple way to do something about the pricing if it’s too costly for you, and that is to stop “gaming.”

There are many non-gaming L-shaped workstations on the market that are both affordable and functional.

Although they aren’t as good as those meant for gamers, they are a more affordable option if you’re on a tight budget.

Top 6 L-Shaped Desks for Gaming

1. SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk

Overall Best L-Shaped Desk for Gaming

  • Solid steel frame and ultra-stable
  • Spacious and space-saving
  • More storage space
  • Unadjustable desk height
  • The material used is wood
  • Not for monitors with wide stands

We discovered that this Gaming Desk is made entirely of alloy steel during our testing. It has a 330-pound weight capability, making it considerably ultra-stable and suitable. Therefore, you can keep all PC components with the product.

In conclusion, it provides great storage shelves, has a nice cable management system, and is waterproof and easy to clean. The stability of the desk is excellent and our favorite feature as well. Boasting alloy steel and a lightweight chassis, this gaming desk will delight all gamers. These features make it one of the top-notch models and one of the best gaming desks.

View on Amazon: SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk

2. Walker Edison Ellis Modern Glass Top L-Shaped Corner Gaming Desk

Best Modern L-Shaped Desk for Gaming

  • Tempered safety glass
  • Ready-to-assemble
  • Spacious for multiple monitors
  • No cable management system
  • No drawers
  • The space for a keyboard is small

Anyone who has struggled with desk space understands the value of wall-to-wall desks. Get a leg up on the competition with modern features like the bike shoulders and glass top on this desk.

While our review, we noticed that the ergonomics and versatility of this desk are impressive.

When you feel the need to be a bit more competitive, or if you need a break from your mundane work, put on headphones and put the rest of the world on hold for a little and get your work done.

The desk comes with comprehensive assembly instructions – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! It also has two movable side tables, a side shelf, and an inner keyboard tray, ensuring that you have everything you need at your fingertips.

In conclusion, it’s a nice platform for setup. However, we don’t highly recommend it for those with large gaming equipment and who don’t have the system to organize the cables because all these features are absent from this model. This would be a better choice for beginner gamers as they will still be at that stage where they are still making their gaming setups.

View on Amazon: Walker Edison Ellis Modern Glass Top L-Shaped Corner Gaming Desk

3. Ecoprsio L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Most Durable L-Shaped Desk for Gaming

  • Easy assemble
  • Sturdy construction
  • Adjustable leg pads
  • Small keyboard tray
  • Small structure
  • Overpriced

Ecoprsio is a corner desk that doubles as a desk for a home office with a keyboard tray. It also serves as a giant gaming desk and workplace for gamers. It is black.

We concluded that this desk’s features might make a place in your heart during our time with it. This L-shaped ergonomic workstation might help you make the most of your limited area. For example, the waterproof carbon fiber platform for desktops is extremely smooth with non-stick fingerprints. This large desk has a lot of storage and can hold 3 gaming monitors.

In conclusion, it comes up as a nice support structure for your setup, though it may not be spacious enough for a large gaming workstation. The Ecoprsio L-shaped gaming desk features a durable build quality and easy-to-setup design, making it ideal for everybody. These things make the Ecoprsio the most durable L-shaped gaming desk on our list.

View on Amazon: Ecoprsio L-Shaped Gaming Desk

4. Casaottime L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Most Stylish L-Shaped Desk for Gaming

  • Variety in sizes of tables
  • 3-year warranty
  • Detachable monitor shelf
  • The structure is wobbly
  • The platform for desktops is shallow
  • No cable management system

The Cassaottima L-shaped gaming computer desk is ideal for gaming and working in the office. Since we tested it, we’re sure it will complement your home design. This is excellent if you are into aesthetic homes with designers’ stuff while maintaining high quality.

In conclusion, this is one of the perfect matches for gamers, which also comes with a warranty and tables of different sizes to choose from. It features a rather decent enough build quality and will do most of the work in terms of durability. It also features a detachable monitor shelf which is a cool handy feature. This model ranks up on our list pretty high.

View on Amazon: Casaottime L-Shaped Gaming Desk

5. SHW Vista L-Shape Desk with Monitor Stand

Best Space Saver L-Shaped Desk for Gaming

  • Footrest bar
  • Removable monitor shelf
  • Adjustable glides
  • Little unstable
  • Lightweight
  • No shelf space

This Vista L-Shaped desk has a little different vibe than the other two I’ve mentioned. This one has a more contemporary feel to it.

When we reviewed it, we were delighted. It appears to be incredibly stunning, albeit it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The monitor stand on the front side of the desk is the actual show-stopper of this desk.

This should make getting the monitor at the right position, at par with your eyes, making it a little easier to watch. The desk even includes some adjustability to ensure that it works well on uneven flooring.

In conclusion, this desk would work magic if you travel a lot and need a platform for your devices. But this feature also makes its structure lightweight, which we do not recommend for hard-core gamers. Apart from that, it boasts an additional footrest bar and adjustable glides. These things make the SHW Vista the best space saver L-shaped desk for gaming on our list.

View on Amazon: SHW Vista L-Shape Desk with Monitor Stand

6. MOTPK L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Most Versatile L-Shaped Desk for Gaming

  • Detachable monitor stand
  • Large desktop
  • Plenty of legroom
  • The desk space is shallow
  • Compact monitor stand
  • The legs of the desk don’t come capped

The manufacturer has made the MOTPK Gaming Desk of coated carbon fiber. It includes a desk with a huge monitor riser stand, a gaming desk with a shelf, and a strong writing workstation. The desk is black in hue.

While our time with it, we liked the feature that the manufacturers have included a Monitor shelf with an optional space-saving feature with this L-shaped workstation. It can make the most of your office and living space. This L-shaped desk would look great in a corner. It can generally fill the edges of the wall area and free up space in your room. In addition, a detachable monitor stand provides more storage and gaming area.

In conclusion, it’s a perfect model for a large gaming setup, made up of stainless steel material and thus having a sturdy steel tube frame. It features a large desktop space, legroom, and a detachable monitor stand. All these things make the MOTPK gaming desk the most versatile L-shaped gaming desk for gaming on our list.

View on Amazon: MOTPK L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Frequently Asked Questions About L-Shaped Gaming Desks

Is it Better to Have an L-Shaped Desk for Gaming?

One of the crucial things that gamers need is enough space for all their electronic equipment. L-shaped gaming provides the same spacious surface for all your electronic devices as any normal desk can provide. 

What Desks Do Most Gamers Use?

They use an L-shaped desk. The amount of sitting room is critical for gamers. An L-shaped desk is the best for gaming because it provides more space to organize the belongings, additional cabinets, and a workstation on both sides to rest the arms.

Final Words

We tested 20 different L-shaped desks, and, after trying and testing them over a period of 3 months, we shortlisted the 6 best L-shaped gaming desks that you saw in this list.

You can experience better gameplay if you have a good PC gaming desk. It’s critical to select a stable and sturdy desk so that it doesn’t shake while you use your mouse and keyboard. When playing games, a smooth, sturdy surface provides higher accuracy than a standard desk.

Don’t just get an L-shaped gaming desk that catches your attention. You’ll be needing it for most of your day, so make sure it’s constructed to meet your requirements. Think about it, understand the needs that you have and then decide. Your gaming desk must compliment your gaming peripherals. Pair these stunning L-shaped gaming desks with the best gaming chairs with a footrest for the best gaming experience!

Suppose you have a query regarding a setup. In that case, chances are we’ve already addressed it, but you can have a research of your own as there are plenty of desks with amazing features waiting for you!

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