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7 Best Idle Games Of 2023

Simple Games to Keep You Busy

Best Idle Games

Gaming is on everyone’s minds. Be it children or the elderly, making time for a game every then and now isn’t quite the issue. But, gaming actively is not everyone’s cup of tea. Adults have work to go to and children have schools to attend. So, how else can you get a sense of accomplishment while gaming passively? In come idle games. Let us learn about the best idle games out there for us to click-click on.

What Are Idle Games?

Idle games are games that progress on their own, with minimal to no interaction with the players. These games revolve more around strategizing than physical gameplay. For example, a player has to decide if they wish to mine a rock or chop a tree.

Once they make their decision, the game automatically collects the ores from the rock or wood from the trees, even when the game is offline or running in the background. You can log back into an idle game an year later and you’ll find 365 days worth of progress in-game.

With this in mind, it must be made clear that idle games, also known as clicker games, can be played by people who like being active in games. The only difference is that an active player will progress through the game at a faster pace than a player who plays the same game idly.

Most idle games give players a plethora of choices as to which direction they wish to progress their game in. Players must decide the same and watch the game unravel on its own. Wouldn’t it be fun coming back to a game and having accomplished something new every time?

Why Do People Prefer Top Idle Games?

Idle games have been on a rise recently, with more and more game developers bringing new idle games to the market. These games are played by different kinds of gamers, from children wanting to learn something, to adults wanting to try out something fun. Let’s look at why these games are so popular.

1) Minimal Physical Interaction – As the name suggests, idle games require people to have minimal physical interaction with the game. This means players do not need to sit in front of their screens for elongated periods of time to progress in the game.

2) New Accomplishment on Returning – Not only do these games involve minimal interaction, they ensure that every time a player jumps back into the game, they’ve accomplished something. This is either in the form of a reward or game progress.

3) Clarity of Targets – Idle games although require strategizing with regards to how to proceed in the game, they have clear targets. Players do not have to knock on their brain to wonder what really needs to be done. It’s just a matter of how you want it done.

4) Constant Growth – Be it in the form of numbers or in-game items, idle games give players a constant feeling of growth. Psychologically, humans enjoy the concept of seeing numbers grow in their favor and these idle games just do the needful in that regard.

Now, let’s look at some of the best idle games/best clicker games on the market!

Top 7 Idle Games in 2023: Experts’ Choices

Unable to narrow down your choice to the best ideal games of 2023? We’ve got you covered.

Here’s a quick overview of the top 7 idle games of 2023 before we move to the detailed review of each game!

  • Cells to Singularity: Evolution Never Ends (Available on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows and macOS)
  • Egg, Inc. (Available on Android and iOS)
  • Clicker Heroes (Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, web browser, iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows and MacOS)
  • Penguin Isle (Available Android and iOS)
  • Doge Miner 2 (Available on web browser, Android and iOS)
  • Lego Tower (Android and iOS)
  • Cookie Clicker (Available in web browser, Android and iOS)

1. Cells To Singularity: Evolution Never Ends

Cells to Singularity is one of the best idle games for Android and iOS. It is a game that parents would love to make their children play. The game teaches players the journey of the earth, from a single cell till the time we colonize Mars. Yes, we haven’t colonized Mars yet but the game sure seems to have a foresight. Users learn how the cell developed into what we are today ,i.e., humans.

Players have to click on Earth to collect “entropy” to upgrade and progress into the game. After initial upgrades which hardly take a minute, the game starts collecting the said “entropy” on its own. So, players can come back online to find a tonne of upgrades waiting to happen.

The game allows users to learn not only about human evolution, but also about the Mesozoic Era of the dinosaurs. It also takes you on a trip to different human eras, and ultimately delves into the fictitious world of “Sentient Androids” and the “Colonization of Mars”.

Players can also boost their progress using different methods, making the overall gameplay faster. Learning has never been so easy and fun!


  • Beautiful and theme-specific graphics
  • Intuitive user interface (UI)
  • Comprises a second game with somewhat different mechanics


  • Poor audio and display management

2. Egg, Inc.

The most eggtastic idle clicker game of all is Egg Inc. The motive of the game is very simple. Build a chicken farm and turn that small farm into a multi-billion dollar business. Although the premise of the game is very simple, a lot of thought needs to be put into how to make it a successful business instead of a slow growing farm.

Players have to constantly upgrade their farms with new equipment and buildings. An advanced farm equals more chicken. More chicken means more eggs. Chicken in the game lay different types of eggs which players may sell to earn profit.

This profit can be used to buy a lot of stuff, viz., more buildings, more chicken, more delivery trucks etc. Players also can use “Research” to further improve their farms, on their way to becoming egg business tycoons. Eggcelent, isn’t it?


  • Simple and relax game format
  • Provides great sense of progress
  • Comprises good sense of humor
  • Play for free


  • No separate gaming modes
  • At one point, it becomes necessary to spend real money to proceed in the game

3. Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is one of the best idle games for Steam and PC. It is without a doubt one of the most fun clicker games to have ever come out. The player’s screen is divided into two sections. The right side of the screen has a monster on it, and the left side of the screen has player upgrades on it. The objective of the game is very simple.

Tap on the monsters on the right to kill them. The monsters drop gold when they die. Using this gold, players can buy upgrades from the left side of the section.

As the game progresses, every click becomes more damaging. After enough upgrades, the game starts doing auto damage to the monsters which is when players can stop manually clicking. But clicking manually alongside the actual damage accelerates the game progress by a lot. Wanted to be a hero? All you need to do is click!


  • Hardly requires any input from the player
  • Minimum clicking
  • Easy to understand and play


  • Very slow progress, especially on the Moon

4. Penguin Isle

Penguin Isle is one of the most beautiful idle games for you to play. It is regarded as one of the best idle games for iOS and Android. The game has beautiful cinematic graphics that are really easy on the eyes. The basic premise of the game is to build an island for penguins.

You hatch penguins, assign tasks to them, put costumes on them and basically, waddle around. There are different work areas on the island that generate coins. You can upgrade the penguins assigned to these work areas to generate even more coins to unlock more such areas on the island.

The coins are initially collected manually but in a matter of minutes can be collected automatically.

Therefore, the more the penguins, more the coins, and bigger the island. The game offers a lot of sitting back and enjoying the view. If you’ve ever had this urge to learn about penguins, Penguin Isle is the way to go! 


  • Cute characters
  • Compelling sound effects and visuals
  • Easy and intuitive controls


  • Limited features

5. Doge Miner 2

Hearing or reading the word “Doge” makes us all excited, doesn’t it? That is because Doge has been one of the most loved memes of all times – Doge the Shiba Inu. Your favorite meme now has its own game!

The game is very similar in gameplay to Click Heroes. You have a mining rock on the left of your screens and player upgrades to the right of the screen. All you have to do is click on the rock to earn coins which will be used to upgrade your mining abilities.

What makes this game a lot more fun are the captions of the famous memes that come along with it such as “Such wow, much crazy, so fluff”. These captions not only make the whole experience more than just about clicking but also makes it melt our hearts. So, click the rock and get some Dogecoins! “Much quick, such fast.”


  • Fun to play
  • Easy and smooth controls


  • Slow progress

6. Lego Tower

Legos are a part of every person’s childhood. Nimblebit’s Lego Tower is an incredible upgrade to their previous tower game, the 64-bit gaming style themed “Tiny Tower”. The objective of the game is very simple. Players build a tower, floor by floor.

Building a new floor takes some time, and as the tower keeps growing, more and more time is needed to build floors. Players must make residential apartments to first house Lego characters, who they may then assign to different work floors. These Lego characters pay the player rent and also bring in coins from working on different floors.

The excitement of building new floors, finding unique costumes, designing the tower makes the game very wholesome, which is the perfect combination to be one of the best idle clicker games. So, Lego and build some towers!


  • Lots of interesting building and rebuilding activities
  • Detailed and realistic


  • None

Is it even possible to talk about idle games and not mention Cookie Clicker? Cookie Clicker can be called a pioneer in the idle gaming world. Although it was not the first clicker game, it sure was the game that put the idle clicker game genre in front of the world.

The game has the same concept as Click Heroes and Doge Miner 2, but it gets the number 1 spot because if not for Cookie Clicker, the other 2 may never have existed. So, you can call it the best idle game for browsers!

Players have to click on the big cookie on the left to earn smaller cookies, which they may then use to upgrade buildings etc. The upgrades help in obtaining cookies faster and faster with every upgrade. No need to ask your mom for the cookie jar anymore!


  • Fun game
  • The leaderboard keeps you on your toes
  • Intuitive controls


  • A little underpowered

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Best Idle Games

What makes a good idle game?

A lot of elements are kept in mind before making a good idle game. These are:

1) Ease of Playing – The most basic of rules for an idle game is that it isn’t supposed to be hard. Idle games are easy to understand games which can easily be played idly, without having to scratch your head over what to do.

2) Unlimited Upgrades – 
As we know, idle games revolve around collecting a lot of in-game currency. Be it cookies or coins, players should be given ample amounts of possible upgrades to make the game interesting. It also makes players not to stop playing the said game.

3) External Upgrades – 
It’s obvious that people usually do not like spending while playing idle games. But a good idle game should always allow users the option to enhance or speed up their game with in-game purchases using money.

4) Ability to Stay Inactive – 
What’s the point of an idle game if you’re constantly being made to interact with the game? Active interaction should be an option in an idle game, not a mandate.

5) Lots of Alternates – 
A game gets boring if it is too simple and you don’t have much to do. So a good idle game focuses on giving players alternate pathways towards achieving the ultimate goal, as simple as it may be.

6) Interactive Story and Artwork – 
What is the best way to make any game interesting? Adding an emotion or story to it. Doge Miner 2 is the best example of the same. The developers have taken attention from players by working on their attachment to a simple dog meme.

7) Constant Rewards – Another important thing is to ensure that players are constantly being rewarded by the game. Without being rewarded, a sense of disappointment may set in the players, which will ultimately result in them not playing the game anymore.

What are the best Idle Games to play on phones and tablets?

All the games listed above are the best idle games to play on smartphones and tablets.

Final Words

Be it active gaming or passive idle gaming, people need gaming. Idle games are the best way to experience games without really having to play them! So, if you haven’t been able to play a lot of games, download one of the games we’ve listed above and get clicking!

If you have any queries, questions or suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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