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8 Best Gaming Setup Examples in 2023

When Gaming Is Your Passion

8 Best Gaming Setups

Setting up your own gaming space is a different feeling altogether. It’s like creating your “mini gaming world.” You can add the elements of your choice, pick your favorite colors, add powerful gaming accessories and do whatever you like to enhance your gaming experience. And, it doesn’t stop there. By creating your own gaming setup, you can also take control of your spending. 

In this guide, we’ll help you understand different things you need to remember while planning a gaming setup and list 8 best gaming setups in 2023. We contacted top gamers across the globe and asked them to share details of the gaming setups they are using. We collected 20 options and shortlisted the 8 best gaming setups to help you make an informed decision. Read further to know everything about creating the right gaming setup.

How to Create the Right Gaming Setup – 4 Important Tips 

There are some things that need to be on your fingertips when building a gaming setup. Let’s look at them one by one.


Before you build a premium gaming setup, ensure you really need it. Don’t get carried away and buy something that you don’t need. You don’t want the gaming setup to add clutter to your room, correct? Therefore, first things first, ensure the functionality that comes with the gaming setup is something that you really need to improve your gaming skills.

Overall Theme

How do you want the gaming setup to look like? Do you have any color scheme in mind? Are you planning to match it with your room? You need to know what you exactly need before exploring different gaming setup, components and accessories on the market. After all, building a gaming setup is also about getting the desired look and feel.


By approach we mean the type of gaming setup you are planning to build. Are you looking for a sleek, less cluttered gaming setup or planning to build something really solid? We recommend going with the minimalistic look and getting a setup that is sleek and easy to maintain. The lesser the clutter, the more space you’ll get to move around while beating your pals at your favorite games.


When looking for a gaming setup, your budget and the price of the setup are 2 things that should be on the top of your list. If you are looking for a robust gaming setup with multiple monitors and accessories, you need a solid budget to sail smoothly through the purchase process. However, if you are on a shoestring budget, you can go for a gaming setup that is more basic and simple. You can also look at refurbished gaming setups, such as refurbished gaming laptops to save money. Don’t worry; we have all the options covered for you right here.

Top 8 Gaming Setups on Our List – Experts’ Choices

When building a gaming setup, you need to be clear about whether you want to build something from scratch or enhance your existing gaming setup. However, if you are sure you want to get a new gaming setup, we’ve got 8 killer options to help you take your gaming experiences to the next level. Let’s look at them one by one.

#1 3-Way Glory; Credit: u/OGBustah

3-monitor gaming setup

Our number one pick is a mindblowing gaming setup with 3 monitors and captivating purple-blue lighting. What else can a gamer want? The light strips are from Simfonio and you can operate them using an app called Smart Life. The complete setup looks like a professional gaming setup. As gamers, we couldn’t take our eyes off it. The monitors are Acer KG1 144 Hz version and 25 inches. Even though we couldn’t ascertain the exact price of the setup, we bet it isn’t easily affordable.

#2 The Razor Family; Credit: u/IAmCharcharbear

All Razor Gaming components

“The Razor Family” gaming setup is simple yet captivating. As the name suggests, the setup comprises a wide variety of gaming components by Razor. After all, it’s best to be associated with a company that manufactures premium-quality gaming accessories. We also liked the simplicity and quality of the Ikea Linmon desk. Both monitors are Samsung monitors; however, the left one is a Samsung 27-inch curved monitor. All in all, we found this gaming setup to be budget-friendly and beautiful.

#3 Clean and Simple; credit: u/kevinlee609

Clean and simple gaming arrangement

If you are someone who prefers simplicity, the “Clean and Simple” gaming setup is something you will like. The design is minimalistic and looks beautiful. In fact, this setup is an example of excellent cable management. You can hardly see any cables on the desk. The base of the setup is made of 1 Ikea Alex Drawer, 1 Ikea Saljan Countertop and 3 Ikea Desk Legs. The monitor are the Asus PG279Q Monitor, Dell U2719DC Monitor and LG 43-inch 4K TV, the keyboard is Corsair Strafe RGB Keyboard, the mouse is Razer Viper Ultimate Mouse, the headset is Phillips SPH9500 and the speakers are Logitech Z337. On the left side of the keyboard, you can find a Griffin Powermate volume knob.

#4 Work-From-Home (WFH) + Gaming Setup; credit: u/OrdinaryInformation

Work-from-home cum gaming setup

This is one of the most creative gaming setups we came across. In fact, the setup is more relevant than ever in today’s scenario. The 4 monitors are tactfully arranged to provide a great WFH and gaming experience.You can open multiple files using the split-screen option or enjoy different gaming screens in one go. All the monitors are Dell 24-inch monitors. While 2 are 1080p, the remaining 2 are 1440p. The main monitor is 1440p and 144 Hz.

#5 A Budget Gaming Setup; credit: u/FatJigglyWan

Finally, we have an option for those who are on a shoestring budget. This gaming setup is pocket-friendly in every way. The chair costs less than $50 and microphone less than $25. Can you believe it? We couldn’t either. The microphone is the Akiro BM800. The CPU and other gaming accessories are Corsair products. All in all, this gaming setup is a super-saver option.

#6 Nice and Compact; credit: u/htxv3ngeance

Nice and Portable Gaming Setup

We found this gaming setup to be really compact and user-friendly. No fanciness, no extra components; the setup comprises all you need for a spectacular gaming experience. The RAM is Corsair Vengeance Pro, the motherboard is MSI B450 Tomahawk Max and the desktop processor is AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 4-Core Unlocked Processor with Radeon Graphics. The gaming setup comprises an Acer monitor (however, we are not sure about the model). What do you think about this gaming setup? Do you agree it is compact and useful?

#7 The White Beauty; credit: u/declasm

Elegant white gaming setup

“The White Beauty” gaming setup (as we call it), is simply stunning. It is neither too compact, nor too elaborate. It’s just perfect for those who have a good amount of space in their room. The white furniture looks beautiful and provides the gaming setup with a clean look. The setup comprises an R9 3950X workstation in a Lian Li Lancool 2 Case, an Asus ROG GL702ZC R7 1700 laptop and a concealed R5 3600 RTX 2060 gaming PC for VR. The best thing about the setup is that the VR-portion is neat and clean. The bottom 2 monitors are Samsung 32-inch 1440p, 144 Hz Curved. The speakers are Audioengine A2+. The white-desk-setup is absolutely stunning. The white cabinet is an Ikea Cupboard. All in all, this is one of the most productive gaming setups on our list.

#8 Flaming Red; credit: u/Samdinavian

Bright Red Gaming Setup

We loved this gaming setup for the thoughtful arrangement and striking red lights. The Acer Predator X34P Monitor looks like a monster amidst the red LED light arrangement; it gives the true gaming feeling. However, we would love to tilt it a little more and use it straight instead of angled. The angled arrangement is not good for your posture. The gaming setup comprises two gaming mice – the Razer Naga for MMOs and Razer Mamba for daily use. The smaller monitor is the Huion Kamvas Pro 12; a sturdy and durable tablet-like monitor. The Ikea Fredde desk provides the entire gaming setup with a grand look. The keyword is the much-loved Razer Blackwidow TE. Although the setup comprises USB LED lights at the back side, most of the red light is emitted by the monitor.

7 Things You Need for a Perfect Gaming Setup

Since we couldn’t list each and every gaming accessory or component of the above mentioned best gaming setups, we decided to provide you with a list of 11 things without which a gaming setup is incomplete. Let’s look at them!

1. Gaming Mousepad

We aren’t talking about “any mousepad.” We’re talking about a gaming mousepad. Gaming mouse pads provide the right amount of friction to hover your mouse during intense gaming sessions. They are neither too slippery nor too rough. We tried a wide variety of gaming mousepads, but found the VicTsing Mouse Pad to be the best. It is a textured, slip-resistant mousepad for gaming.

2. Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice comprise a variety of controls that allow you to perform different actions during your gaming sessions. They also come with beautiful lighting options and many other exciting features. You can find the best gaming mice here.

3. Mouse Wire Holder

A mouse wire holder can be a useful accessory for those who are into FPS games. No more losing your games because of the annoying wire of your mouse. We liked the Mouse Bungee Mouse Wire Holder. It is one of the most durable and sturdiest mouse wire holders on the market. 

4. USB Cooler Fan

A USB Cooler Fan is a must-have gaming setup component for the sultry summer months. A USB desk fan will keep your surroundings cool when your PC is emitting heat. We tested over 20 USB desk fans and found the SmartDevil USB Desk Fan to be the most suitable choice for one and all gamers.

5. Portable Hard Drive

If your system is overflowing with games, we suggest you get a portable hard drive before it crashes. The WD 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive is one of the best portable hard drives for gamers. It is budget-friendly.

6. LED Lights

What is a gaming setup without LED lights? As you can see in each gaming setup above, LED lights are the heart and soul of the best gaming setups. They provide the gaming setup with an eye-catching look. You can pair LED lights of different colors based on the theme you are planning for your gaming setup

7. Gaming Chair

While office chairs are comfortable for gaming, they are not as good as gaming chairs. All gaming chairs on the market come with unique features that support your posture and provide the utmost comfort while playing for long hours. Are gaming chairs worth it? Here’s the answer!

Other items that you can look at include cable management sleeves, webcams, microphones and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gaming Setups

How much does a basic gaming setup cost?

The price of a gaming setup can range anywhere between $700 to $3000. Yes, that’s a wide range; however, the price will completely depend on the peripherals and gaming accessories you are choosing. The more accessories and components you add, the higher will be the cost of your gaming setup.

Are gaming PCs worth it?

A gaming PC can be a smart purchase if you are an avid gamer and spend most of the time playing games on your PCthat require a sturdy CPU and graphics processing unit (GPU). However, if you are asking about the price, it will completely depend on your requirements and budget.

How much RAM do I need for gaming?

The minimum RAM requirement for PC gaming is 8 GB. With 8 GB RAM, your PC will not create any issue with most of the games. Nevertheless, if you are looking for an ultra-smooth and hassle-free gaming experience, we recommend getting a 16 GB RAM.

Final Words

So, what do you think about the 8 best gaming setups discussed in this guide? Did you have a fan moment with any? Well, from what we understand, there’s nothing like the “best gaming setup” or “right gaming setup.” The gaming setup you want to build will completely depend on your personal requirements and budget. Each element of the setup, i.e., the monitor, CPU, GPU, USB desk fan, gaming mouse, gaming keyboard and so on, will depend on how much you are willing to spend and how passionate you are about gaming. Therefore, there’s nothing right or wrong when it comes to creating your dream gaming setup.

We hope you found our guide on the best gaming setup useful. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the comment section below. You can also share pictures of your gaming setups with us and we’ll post them right here, on our list. We look forward to hearing from you.

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