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Best Gaming Mouse For Small Hands In 2023

Check Out the Top 5 Options on the Market

Best Gaming Mouse For Small Hands In 2020
Short on Time? This Gaming Mouse for Small Hands Ranks #1 on Our List

Logitech G300S

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Not all the gaming mice on the market are made to suit gamers with small hands. However, it’s of the utmost importance to have a gaming mouse that fits your hand and is comfortable to use, and that’s where the importance of the best gaming mouse for small hands comes into the picture.

Over the years, gaming mice have evolved. These days, they are not just used for clicking around but also for performing a plethora of functions during gameplay. For instance, some of the best MMO mice on the market come with multiple buttons that allow you to perform multiple actions. Therefore, it’s extremely critical to find a gaming mouse that fits in your hand. 

We have 3 members on our team (big-time gamers) with small hands who had a really difficult time finding suitable gaming mice for themselves. So, as a team, we all took up the responsibility to find the best gaming mouse for small hands. We explored the gaming mice market and found 50 odd gaming mice that are meant for small hands. We tested each mouse to find the 5 best gaming mice on the market.

In this guide, we’ll list the top 5 gaming mice on the market, discuss them in detail and list their pros and cons. By the end of the guide, you’ll be able to find a suitable gaming mouse to suit your hands!

Top 5 Gaming Mice for Small Hands

Who Should Buy the Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands?

As already mentioned at the beginning of the guide, an average American male has a 7.6-inch hand, while an average American female has a 6.8-inch hand. According to Healthline, both these measurements fall into the extra small (XS) to small (S) category.

Therefore, if your hands measure somewhere close to these measurements depending on your gender, you may need a gaming mouse design to suit small hands. Even a medium (M) size gaming mouse may feel uncomfortable and large for you.

5 Best Gaming Mice for Small Hands – We Simply Loved Them!

Let’s deep-dive into the detailed reviews of the best gaming mice for small hands.

1. Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse: Best Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse for Small Hands


  • Comfortable to hold; lightweight
  • Provides great precision in FPS games
  • 4 programmable LED colors
  • 4 buttons that can be programmed; work flawlessly
  • Dedicated mode switching button; 3 macro modes
  • Easy DPI switching with dedicated DPI-switch button
  • 5 DPI setting that can be customized between 200-2500; no dpi lag on screen
  • Ergonomically perfect; great for small hands; no grip issues
  • Durable and sturdy


  • We did not face any issue with the mouse

If you are an ambidextrous gamer with small hands, the Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse can be a great buy. The gaming mouse comes with a stylish design and a grey matte finish. The smooth finish of the mouse makes it perfect for gaming.

We tested the mouse twice, just to ensure we are making the right decision by including it to our list of the best gaming mice for small hands. However, if you are someone who prefers a wireless mouse; you may not like it as it is a wired mouse.

Another great thing about the mouse is that it’s plug-and-play, so you don’t need to install any drivers or software. Simply plug in the mouse and start playing. Thanks to its symmetrical and compact shape, it’s perfect for small hands and doesn’t slip. Overall, the Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse is the best ambidextrous gaming mouse on the market (we could hardly find any issues with the mouse).

2. Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse: Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands With Excellent Grip


  • Dedicated DPI button for switching DPI for creative work and gaming
  • Durable mechanical switches
  • Comfortable to use; perfect for players with small hands
  • Grips on the scroll make the experience even more comfortable
  • Braided cord
  • Decent matte finish; doesn’t get slippery
  • All buttons are customizable
  • Easy to customize the color scheme
  • Super-fast and accurate optical sensor


  • Thumb buttons are a little slippery

The Razor DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse is beautifully contoured from both sides to accommodate smaller hands. Nevertheless, that’s not the best thing about this mouse.

The top reason that drew us toward the gaming mouse is the ridged, rubberized scroll wheel for great accuracy. The tiny bumps enhance grip and allow more control during strenuous gaming sessions.

Another reason why we loved this gaming mouse is its price. For a gaming mouse with 7 programmable buttons and RGB lighting, it’s easily affordable and value for money.

The mouse runs on the Razer Synapse 2.0 software, which has a great interface and is among the best software on the market for customization of a gaming mouse.

3. Redragon M711 Cobra Gaming Mouse: Most Comfortable Gaming Mouse for Small Hands


  • Comfortable and lightweight; easy to grip
  • Fits perfectly in small hands; the buttons are responsive
  • Movement is accurate, smooth and fast; we even had to lower the DPI to keep up with the pointer
  • Excellent RGB lighting
  • 5 adjustable DPI settings
  • Extremely accurate sensor
  • 7 programmable buttons
  • Cord is fabric coated and durable
  • Budget gaming mouse


  • Not suitable for larger hands

There’s something unique about Redragon M711 Cobra’s design that left us spellbound. Yes, it’s that good; we aren’t over-rating the gaming mouse. In fact, it’s an excellent combination of comfort and precision. Therefore, whether you are attaching, aiming, punching, slashing, or targeting, the mouse won’t slip out of your hands.

Another interesting feature of this gaming mouse is that it is equipped with a professional gaming chip AVAGO that makes it accurate and fast. You can quickly switch between 5 different DPI settings to suit different gaming scenarios. Not only this but the mouse also comes with 7 programmable buttons that can perform different functions. 

Overall, the Redragon M711 Cobra Gaming Mouse is well-made with a durable cord and spectacular LEDs. In terms of comfort, it is as smooth as butter (seriously). It’s hard to find such a comfortable mouse at such a budget-friendly price. We used the mouse to play Fortnite, Warface, and League of Legends. We highly recommend the gaming mouse for gamers with small hands!

4. DeLux Ergonomic Vertical Mouse: Best Vertical Gaming Mouse for Small Hands


  • Button arrangement is such that all 5 buttons are placed well-apart from each other; convenient for gamers
  • Extremely comfortable; no stress on fingers and wrist
  • Easy to use
  • Highly suitable for gamers with carpal tunnel issues or other hand or forearm-related injuries
  • Great build quality
  • RGB lights work perfectly
  • Value for money


  • Software only works with Windows; so, if you are using the mouse with your Mac, you may not be able to customize the button configurations

It was during our testing phase that we discovered the vertical gaming mice category. And, we were absolutely delighted to try out the Ergonomic Vertical Gaming Mouse by DeLux. It is a lot more comfortable than a traditional gaming mouse, especially for gamers with small hands.

The ergonomic design along with a unique button arrangement, rubber coating and thumb groove allow you to use it more comfortably and easily, without putting too much stress on your wrist (removable wrist support) and fingers. Although the brand’s sizing chart states that it is ideal for medium to large hands, our experience was different; we strongly feel that it’s made for small hands.

Also, like all the other gaming mice for small hands on our list, it comprises a separate switch to change the DPI settings (3 DPI settings included). Therefore, if you haven’t tried a vertical gaming mouse before, we highly recommend you buy this mouse; we bet you’ll absolutely regret not using a vertical mouse before.

5. VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse: Best Wireless Gaming Mouse for Small Hands


  • 5 adjustable DPI settings; LED indicator light flashes while changing the DPI
  • Stable wireless connection
  • Comfortable for prolonged usage
  • Easy to use; lightweight
  • Clicks are silent
  • Back light feature is great
  • Highly suitable for gamers with small hands


  • Comprises only 2 customizable buttons

The VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse can be a great choice for gamers who hate wires (who likes them by the way?) Since almost all our gaming mice for small hands are wired, we thought of doing some testing for the wireless-preferring clan too!

Firstly, the ergonomic design of the mouse makes it really comfortable and suitable for small hands. Secondly, the mouse’s finishing is great; it doesn’t slip even if you have sweaty hands. Thirdly, it is lightweight and feels really good in the hands. Not only this but the right and left buttons are also soft and smooth.

We used the wireless mouse for different MMO games, as well as casual games, such as Xcom and Civ 5. The overall design is nice and suitable for most gaming themes. While many of us are reluctant to use a wireless gaming mouse due to latency issues, we did not experience any such issues with this mouse. Throughout the gameplay, the wireless connection was stable, fast and precise.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gaming Mice for Small Hands

Which is the best gaming mouse for small hands?

As you have seen above, we have listed 5 best gaming mice for small hands. However, according to our personal experiences with the product, we would vote for the Logitech G300s Optical Mouse as the best gaming mouse for small hands. Nevertheless, if you are comfortable with using a vertical gaming mouse, the DeLux Ergonomic Vertical Mouse is also not far behind.

Are smaller mice better for gaming?

Smaller gaming mice are lighter and provide a better grip for gaming, especially for smaller hands. However, if you have larger hands, you may not find them comfortable to use.

Do you aim better with a smaller mouse?

In our opinion, the size of the gaming mouse has nothing to do with its ability to aim. It’s just that smaller gaming mice are easier to adjust and hold.


As you can see in this guide, there are multiple gaming mouse options on the market that are suitable for small hands. All you need to do is be a little more vigilant and find the right product. Why do you want to spoil your gaming experience by using gaming mice that are bigger than your hands? Had it not been for our teammates with small hands facing issues with larger mice, we would have never explored this gaming mice category. However, now that we have studied it inside and out, we really want to help you find the best gaming mouse for small hands.

Our personal favorite is the Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse. It is affordable, extremely comfortable, and beautifully contoured, easy to use and delivers a powerful performance. It has everything you need to take your gaming sessions to the next level, without overspending.

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