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7 Best Gaming Backpack Options in 2023

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7 best gaming backpacks
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Another important element of a complete gaming setup is a gaming backpack. Why carry your gaming consoles or laptop in an old bag when all the other accessories in your gaming setup are new? Traditional backpacks do not comprise features that are required to protect gaming gear from bad weather or an accident.

Therefore, if you want to ensure your gaming laptop or consoles stay protected, we suggest you look at some of the best backpacks for gaming laptops and consoles to make an informed purchase. Irrespective of whether you have a premium-end gaming laptop or a refurbished gaming laptop, you need a solid backpack for your gaming laptop. 

To help you pick the right gaming backpack, we selected 20 top gaming laptop backpacks on the market and tested them for durability, quality, water resistance, design, and more.

Out of all the backpacks we selected, we shortlisted the 7 best gaming backpacks that impressed us big time. In this guide, we will talk about the 7 best gaming backpacks in 2023 in detail and list their pros and cons. We will also discuss a variety of topics related to gaming backpacks. Read further to know more.

7 Trending Gaming Backpacks

4 Types of Gaming Backpacks on the Market

Before deep-diving into the 7 best gaming backpacks on the market, let’s learn about four types of gaming backpacks that you can explore:

  • Gaming laptop backpacks
  • Gaming console backpacks
  • Gaming backpack with USB charger and/or headphone jack
  • Tactical gaming backpacks

Gaming Laptop Backpacks

Gaming laptop backpacks are specially designed for gaming laptops of all sizes, ranging from 13 inches to 18 inches. They come with special compartments for laptops that are well-padded for sufficient protection. 

Gaming Console Backpacks

Gaming console backpacks comprise special compartments for storing gaming consoles, such as the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and so on. While some gaming console backpacks comprise large compartments for storing the console and controllers, others come with separate pockets for both.

Gaming Backpacks With USB Charger and/or Headphone Jack

These days, you can find gaming backpacks with an external USB port and charging cable attached to a power bank inside the gaming backpack and/or a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Don’t worry; gaming backpacks with USB chargers are not expensive. Some top gaming backpack brands offer the USB charger and/or headphone jack as extra features to gain an edge over their competitors.

Tactical Gaming Backpack

Tactical gaming backpacks are heavy-duty, multipurpose gaming backpacks. They are best suited for traveling and are designed to be rough and tough. 

It’s important to understand that many gaming laptop backpacks come with special compartments for gaming consoles and vice-versa. So, don’t get confused while picking the right gaming backpack to satisfy your requirements. Just focus on your primary need and act accordingly.

7 Features That Make a Great Gaming Backpack

It’s always good to have a checklist handy when looking for a good quality gaming backpack. We’ve got the checklist ready right here. Here are 7 things that make a high-quality gaming backpack.

1. Durability 

First and most importantly, ensure you buy a gaming backpack that is durable and sturdy. The durability of the gaming back will depend on the material used in the construction of the backpack, and the quality of the zipper, locks, and handles. The best gaming backpacks should be long-lasting and solid.

2. Weight

Secondly, ensure the gaming backpack is not very heavy as most gaming accessories and peripherals are heavy themselves, especially gaming laptops. The best gaming backpacks should be lightweight yet sturdy to avoid back pain.

3. Storage Capacity

Thirdly, you must assess the storage capacity of the gaming backpack carefully before purchasing it. The best gaming backpacks provide ample storage, and come with multiple compartments, pockets, zippers and so on. 

4. Compatibility

Gaming backpacks are available in different sizes. So, ensure you pick one that is compatible with the gaming accessories and peripherals you want to carry. Are you looking for the best backpacks for large gaming laptops or best console gaming backpack? The gaming backpack should have enough compartments to house all the gaming stuff you need to carry. 

5. Waterproof Fabric

Since gaming backpacks are typically used to carry electronics, it’s important to buy a gaming backpack that is waterproof. Even the slightest moisture buildup can lead to malfunctioning of the gaming devices, especially gaming laptops. The best gaming backpack should provide complete protection against harsh weather and accidents. 

6. Cushioning

Imagine you are traveling in a crowded bus with your gaming backpack and the crowd is constantly pushing you against the door. Ouch, your gaming laptop is hitting getting pressed against the door, now what? To avoid such situations, ensure you select a gaming backpack that is well padded. Sufficient cushioning can protect your gaming accessories and devices.

7. Handles and Zippers

Multiple handles make it convenient to carry the gaming backpack when you are traveling, especially when the backpack is heavy. Most gaming backpacks on the market come with adjustable handles that can be adjusted to reduce the load on your back. The best gaming backpacks also come with zippers that allow you to increase the capacity or volume of the backpack per your requirements.

How We Selected the Top Gaming Backpacks

When finding the best-rated gaming backpacks on the market, we took into account all the 7 factors mentioned in the previous section, and other factors, such as:

Existing Reviews and Ratings

Even though we tested each product to provide you with first-hand experience, we also checked the reviews and ratings shared by existing customers to ensure we’re on the same page as them. 


Even though we did not pay a lot of attention to price, we did consider the fact that not all gamers have a lavish budget. In fact, some people simply believe in purchasing great products at affordable prices (true; not all excellent products are expensive). It’s a myth that expensive gaming accessories are always the best. While most gaming backpacks on our list are somewhat expensive, we’ve included the best budget gaming backpacks to strike a balance between all the gamers out there.

7 Best Gaming Backpacks in 2023 – Tried and Tested

As already mentioned at the beginning of the guide, out of 20 gaming backpacks, we narrowed down our choice to the 7 top gaming backpacks based on all the factors listed in the previous section. Let’s now look at them one by one.

1. Razer Rogue V2: Best Backpack for Gaming Laptop


  • Waterproof exterior
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Ample storage space
  • High-quality hardware


  • Expensive

Out of all the gaming backpacks we tested, we found the Razer Rogue V2 Gaming Backpack to be the most comfortable, durable and compatible with a variety of gaming laptops. The gaming backpack is available in three sizes – 13 inches, 15 inches and 17 inches. Therefore, you can pick a size that suits your requirements the best.


Firstly, the Razer Rogue V2 gaming backpack comes with two compartments. The main compartment can easily hold a gaming laptop, while the accessory compartment can hold a wide range of gaming accessories. With two compartments, the backpack has ample space to store your gaming laptop, gaming console, gaming mice and so on. The backpack also comprises two mesh side pockets that can be used to carry your favorite drinks. 

Design and Style

Secondly, the Razer Rogue V2 Gaming Backpack comes with a simple yet stylish design, which is perfect for gamers. The back material is a breathable air mesh to allow proper air circulation and the inner lining is a green TPU material to ensure maximum safety of the laptop. The shoulder straps are properly padded for the utmost comfort. 

Waterproof Ability

Another reason why we picked the Razer Rogue V2 Gaming Backpack as the best backpack for gaming laptops is the waterproof outer material. So, the next time you get drenched in the rain, you don’t need to worry about your gaming laptop going for a toss. 

All in all, the Razer Rogue V2 Gaming Backpack is a comfortable and sturdy gaming backpack for laptops that can also be used as a daily use backpack. We liked everything about this backpack right from its capacity to its material. Even though it is more expensive than the other gaming laptops on our list, it is value for money.

2. Alienware 17” Vindicator 2.0: Best Backpack for 17” Gaming Laptop


  • Padded carrying handle
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Enclosed in high-density, protective nylon case
  • Multiple pockets for organization
  • Molded front panel for protection


  • Expensive

Even though the Razer Rogue V2 Gaming Backpack is available for 17” gaming laptops, we found the Alienware 17” Vindicator 2.0 Gaming Backpack to be the best choice for 17” gaming laptops. It was purely a delight to see how easily the gaming backpack accommodated our 17” Asus TUF Gaming Laptop. 


There’s no dearth of space in the Alienware 17” Vindicator 2.0 Gaming Backpack. The backpack comprises three main compartments and multiple pockets here and there. So, you can easily carry your 17” gaming laptop and other gaming accessories in this backpack without any hassles. We used the backpack to carry our 17” gaming laptop, Sony PlayStation VR, two gaming mice and several cords. 

Design and Style

The moment you look at the Alienware 17” Vindicator 2.0 Gaming Backpack, you know you are looking at something rough and tough. The backpack is protected by a high-density nylon case that looks like armor. The backside is molded and ventilated for sufficient air circulation. The inner compartments are properly padded to minimize any external impact on your gaming devices. Moreover, the backpack comes with a power adapter bag to ensure the power adapter does not leave any scratches on your laptop. The shoulder straps are adjustable and well-padded for maximum comfort.

In conclusion, the Alienware 17” Vindicator 2.0 Gaming Backpack can be the best bet for your 17” gaming laptop. The fact that it comprises dedicated compartments for the laptop and gaming accessories makes it a hit among gamers. However, the gaming backpack is expensive and not suitable for those who are on a shoestring budget. Therefore, if budget is an issue, we suggest buying the Razer Rogue V2 17” Gaming Backpack.

3. Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack With Gaming Console Sleeve: Most Versatile Gaming Backpack


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Value for money
  • Chic and stylish
  • Protects your gaming gear
  • Waterproof
  • Ample storage space


  • Expensive
  • Frontal strap can be uncomfortable for women

The Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack With Gaming Console Sleeve can be a great pick for organized gamers. If you don’t prefer carrying your gaming console in the same compartment as your gaming laptop, you’ll love this gaming backpack.


The Everki Beacon Gaming Backpack comprises a dedicated compartment for laptop up to 18 inches, and a large zippered pocket with a variety of dividers, slots and so on. The frontal zippered pocket also comprises a removable gaming console sleeve that can easily fit your Xbox, PlayStation, or any other gaming console. So, you don’t need to worry about the gaming console and laptop struggling for space in the same compartment. 

Design and Style

Unlike many gaming backpacks on the market, the Everki Beacon Gaming Backpack is ergonomically designed. It comes with a 5-point balanced strap system (2 shoulder straps, 2 quick slide straps, and 1 strap in front of the chest) that distributes the weight in the backpack uniformly on your shoulders. 

In terms of construction and design, we simply loved this backpack. It comprises a ventilated back for proper airflow and premium-quality inner lining.

Waterproof Ability

The entire exposed area of the bag is covered with a water-resistant weather cover. So, you don’t need to worry about your gaming devices getting damaged because of water, hail, dust and snow. 

In conclusion, the Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack With Gaming Console Sleeve is perfect for gamers, especially those who are frequent travelers. The overall construction is excellent and there’s ample room for your gaming laptop, gaming console and gaming accessories. Therefore, it is the most versatile gaming backpack.

4. Freebiz 18.4 Inches Gaming Backpack: Best Backpack for Large Gaming Laptops


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Comfortable, well-padded shoulder straps
  • Plenty of padding in the inner lining
  • Multiple compartments and pockets
  • Lightweight


  • Lacks padding at the bottom

If you are the owner of a large gaming laptop, the Freebiz 18.4 Inches Gaming Backpack is all you need. At first, we thought it would be really difficult to find the best gaming backpack for an 18-inch laptop; however, we were delighted to find the Freebiz backpack for gaming laptops as large as 18.4 inches. In fact, the backpack can easily fit laptops of all sizes up to 18.4 inches. We tested this backpack with the Dell XPS 18 laptop and had a great experience.


The multifunctional Freebiz 18.4 Inches Gaming Backpack comprises 3 compartments. The frontmost compartment comprises 2 zippered pockets that can easily accommodate small gaming accessories. The second compartment comprises ample space and can easily store items, such as tablets, books, and so on. The third compartment is the laptop compartment, and can be used to carry even an 18.4-inch laptop. Isn’t that great? This compartment also had 2 mesh pockets. Other than the 3 compartments, the gaming backpack has 4 side pockets (2 on each side). 

Design and Style

The design of the Freebiz 18.4 Inches Gaming Backpack is fairly simple. However, as far as the design is concerned, the showstoppers are the external USB port and headphones jack. You won’t find such features in most of the gaming backpacks. The backside is designed to ensure proper airflow and the shoulder straps come with sufficient padding. Overall, the gaming backpack’s nylon construction is great. 

In conclusion, we really liked the Freebiz 18.4 Inches Gaming Backpack for its water-resistant properties, light weight, sturdiness, durability and features. The only thing which can be improved is the padding at the bottom of the backpack. It could have been more dense to ensure safety of the gaming laptop.

5. ENHANCE Universal Console Laptop Gaming Backpack: Best Console Gaming Backpack


  • Ample storage space
  • Perfect for safely carrying gaming consoles
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Affordable
  • Looks stylish
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Excellent padding


  • Straps are not as durable as the rest of the backpack

We’ve got another stellar option for organized gamers! The ENHANCE Universal Console Laptop Gaming Backpack comes with dedicated storage spaces for laptops (up to 17 inches), gaming consoles, games and other gaming accessories. We haven’t seen a more organized gaming backpack than this one. We loaded the backpack with the Acer Predator Helios 300 gaming laptop, Oculus Rift S VR headset and controllers, a couple of gaming mice, earphones, HDMI cable, 8 gaming discs, pen, notebook, car keys and what not. And, the gaming backpack beautifully accommodated all the products.


The ENHANCE Universal Control Laptop Gaming Backpack comprises 2 storage pockets on the front that can accommodate 2 controllers each. There’s a separate compartment on the top of the backpack for the gaming headset. And the backpack comprises a main compartment on the side for storing your gaming laptop, keyboard, gaming console, and whatnot. We easily fit the gaming laptop and gaming keyboard in the main compartment. 

Design and Style

The design of the ENHANCE Universal Control Laptop Gaming Backpack is stylish. It looks like an arsenal carry-case for gamers. The entire surface of the gaming backpack comprises padded liners for protection against external impact. The fabric used at the backside and bottom of the backpack is resistant to moisture as well as harsh weather conditions. 

Overall, the ENHANCE Universal Control Laptop Gaming Backpack is indeed the best console gaming backpack on the market. The way the storage compartments are distributed throughout the backpack is great. Also, the backpack is easily affordable and priced much less than the other gaming laptop backpacks on our list.

6. KROSER Molded Gaming Backpack: Best Budget Gaming Backpack


  • Large compartments
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Made of water-resistant material
  • Functional and safe
  • Affordable
  • Stylish design
  • Provides great protection


  • Does not come with a protective cover

The KROSER Molded Gaming Backpack can be a great buy for gamers who are on a shoestring budget. We bet you won’t find a more “affordable and high-quality” gaming backpack on the market. While you may find other affordable gaming backpacks, you won’t find one as versatile and feature-laden as the KROSER Gaming Backpack.


The KROSER Molded Gaming Backpack comprises 3 compartments. The frontal compartment is more of an organizer and comprises several tiny dividers and pockets for tiny accessories. The large main compartment comprises ample space to store gaming consoles, books, gaming headsets and other gaming accessories. Lastly, the laptop compartment, as the name suggests, can be used to carry your gaming laptop (up to 17.4 inches). Therefore, it is one of the best backpacks for a 17.3” gaming laptop. Apart from the 3 compartments, the gaming backpack has 2 side pockets for carrying your bottle.

Design and Style

The design of the KROSER Molded Gaming Backpack is unique in a lot of ways. Firstly, the gaming backpack comes with RFID pockets, meaning that there is RFID shielding for all common frequencies. So, you don’t need to worry about your credit/debit cards being stolen by thieves. Another interesting feature is the anti-theft back pocket that can be used to store your valuables. The pocket is designed in a way that it is concealed. Another compelling feature is the external USB port that is attached to the bag. Imagine, the best budget gaming backpack has so many stellar features. Can you believe it? We could not either!

Overall, the construction of the affordable gaming backpack is good and the backpack is made of durable, water-resistant material. The gaming backpack can also be used as a school, college or travel backpack.

7. Acer Predator M-Utility 1680D Ballistic Gaming Backpack : Best Multi-Utility Gaming Backpack


  • Excellent waterproof qualities
  • Large; comes with ample space
  • High-quality gaming backpack
  • Heavy-duty and durable


  • Expensive

The Acer Predator M-Utility 168-D Ballistic Gaming Backpack is truly a beast. There’s no dearth of compartments in this gaming backpack. Also, it is one of the best 17.3” gaming laptop backpacks and tactical gaming backpacks on the market.


The Acer Predator M-Utility Gaming Backpack comprises a main compartment for the gaming laptop and removable organizational box. So, you can easily carry any gaming laptop up to 17.4 inches. Not only this but the main compartment can be accessed in four ways, from the left, right, top and front. The backpack also comprises a pocket on the top and front. 

Design and Style

The Acer Predator M-Utility 1680D Ballistic Gaming Backpack is made of water-resistant fabric and waterproof zippers. The feel of the high-quality 1680D Ballistic Polyester material is simply luxurious. The back comprises air mesh for sufficient air circulation and the shoulder straps are generously padded for maximum comfort.

In conclusion, the Acer Predator M-Utility 1680D Ballistic Gaming Backpack is a monster in the gaming backpack market. It is indeed one of the top gaming backpacks in 2023. We packed our 17-inch Acer Predator laptop, a heavy power adapter, 4 notebooks, a gaming headset, a gaming mouse and a gaming keyboard in the Acer Predator Gaming Backpack without any hassles.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gaming Backpacks

What all can I carry in a gaming backpack?

As mentioned throughout the guide, your choice of gaming backpack with depend upon your requirements, i.e., what all you need to carry. Most gaming backpacks can be used to carry:

– Gaming laptop
– Gaming console
– Gaming headset
– Gaming mouse
– Gaming keyboard
– Game discs
– Notebooks
– Pens
– Keys
– Bottles
– And much more…

Why should I buy a gaming backpack?

Most gamers need a gaming backpack to not only carry their valuable gaming gear but also complete their gaming setup. When you have all the top gaming accessories in your gaming setup, why skip a high-quality gaming backpack?

What is the best gaming backpack?

Out of all the 7 gaming backpacks discussed in the guide, we found the Razer Rogue V2 Gaming Backpack to be the best overall gaming backpack. It comes with an excellent capacity, it is comfortable and durable, and it is value for money.

Can I use a gaming backpack for the office?

Yes, why not. Most gaming backpacks on our list are multipurpose backpacks. They can be used for school, college or office. However, it is important to ensure the backpack looks professional and not too colorful. The Acer Predator M-Utility 168-D Ballistic Gaming Backpack can be used for the office.


So, by now, you know everything about gaming backpacks, right from the types of gaming backpacks on the market to the best gaming laptop backpack in 2023. We seriously want to help you make an informed purchase. 

If you ask us to choose the best backpack for gaming laptop, we will pick the Razer Rogue V2 Gaming Backpack. Everything about the backpack, right from its capacity, durability, functionality, usage to construction is simply great. We couldn’t find any flaw in the gaming backpack.

The world of gaming backpacks is huge and you can make the most of the useful information provided in this guide to pick the right gaming backpack for your gaming setup. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to post them in the comment section below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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