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Best Dynasty Warriors Games Of 2022

For Dynasty Warrior Lovers

Best Dynasty Warriors Game

Hack and slash games are something that will never go away. From Diablo to Dungeon Hunter, there’s no dearth of hack and slash games. But, none have come close to the acclaim and success Dynasty Warriors has tasted. Dynasty Warriors, originally launched in 1997, was one of the most sought after games of that decade. Let’s learn more about the best Dynasty Warriors games.

Dynasty Warriors Games: An Overview

Basically, cross Mortal Kombat with Tekken and give all the characters their own weapons, and there you have it, Dynasty Warriors. But, Omega Force, the developer of Dynasty Warriors, soon realized that for them to go places, they will have to change the game.

In comes Dynasty Warriors 2. One may say that Dynasty Warriors is the game with the biggest change in overall gameplay from one version to the other. Omega Force changed the whole dynamics of the game. Now, users don’t just play a typical PvP match. Users pick a “General” and head into a fight, having to kill minions called “Troopers” first, before having a boss fight with another General.

Many similar games typically have 4-5 editions, and thereafter come to a halt. But Dynasty Warriors has 9 editions, with multiple other spin-offs and sister storylines. One may say that it is one of the biggest gaming franchises till date, in the hack and slash category.

With Dynasty Warriors 9, Omega Force have tried to go one step beyond their innovation to the hack and slash game style with Dynasty Warriors 2. The 9th edition of the game is based in an open world environment, i.e., players can roam inside the game map as they wish to. This change, although put in question by some people, was very well received by users, both new and old.

Which Are The Best Dynasty Warriors Games?

When a new edition of a game is launched, the franchise gets better and better. But that is not necessarily the case. Dynasty Warriors is a franchise that has been a host to a number of different game styles, viz., One v One, Musou and Open-world Musou game styles. Therefore, to simply say that Dynasty Warriors 9 is better than Dynasty Warriors 8. Or Dynasty Warriors 5 wasn’t as good as Dynasty Warriors 7, wouldn’t be accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dynasty Warriors

Will there be a Dynasty Warriors 10?

There is nothing out there that tells us that there is definitely going to be a Dynasty Warriors 10. But, the publishers Koei Tecmo have dropped a hint via a teaser about a new game launch. With the positive response Omega Force and Koei Tecmo have received for Dynasty Warriors over 3 decades, it wouldn’t come as a very big surprise to see a 10th edition of the game.

What does Musou mean?

Musou genre of gaming refers to the“Hack n Slash Beatdown” games. The usual Hack n Slash games have players controlling a character, who battles with certain enemies coming his way. But, the Musou genre refers to those hack n slash games that allow you to pick a character and hack n slash through a whole bunch of mindless in-game characters. Dynasty Warriors is the pioneer of the Musou gaming genre.

What is Omega Force?

The name Omega Force will always be next to the Dynasty Warriors. This is because Omega Force are the developers of the famous Dynasty Warriors games, starting back from 1997. Omega Force is a japanese game development studio. It was founded in 1996 by Akihiro Suzuki and Kenichi Ogasawara. They’ve also developed other Musou genre games, viz., Samurai Warriors and One Piece: Pirate Warriors. These games are also often referred to as sister games of Dynasty Warriors.

How many Dynasty Warriors games are there?

So far, Dynasty Warriors has had 9 editions. The first Dynasty Warriors game, i.e., Dynasty Warriors 1, was released in 1997. As discussed earlier, the first game was different from all other games, with Dynasty Warriors 2 being a totally different game and an actual pioneer of the Musou genre. There is high anticipation for Dynasty Warriors 10 among gamers.

Is Dynasty Warriors good now?

Much like Dynasty Warriors 1, Dynasty Warriors 9 is also a standout in the the Dynasty Warriors series. The first edition was similar to Tekken. The latest edition supports an open world gameplay. This is a first in the Dynasty Warriors franchise and so far the reviews have been amazing from critics and players.

What is Samurai Warriors?

Samurai Warriors is a sister series of the Dynasty Warriors game. The game, with regards to gameplay, is the same as Dynasty Warriors, i.e., Hack n Slash beatdown. Though, Samurai Warriors is based around the Sengoku period of Japanese history.

Will there be a Samurai Warriors 5?

Thus far, there have been 4 games in the Samurai Warriors series. Talking about Samurai Warriors 5, the game is definitely under development and a release date will soon be announced Koei Tecmo. So far, there has only been a touch up on this matter by the developers and publishers, as a part of their 15th anniversary broadcast for Samurai Warriors.

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