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10 Best Desk for Streaming Options

Best Desk for Streaming

Understandably, a streaming desk isn’t your priority when there are many other pieces of equipment to set up and take care of, such as displays, mics, cameras, camera equipment, and light stands.

The reality is that your workplace is crucial to your performance, efficiency, and comfort as a streamer. It serves as the foundation for all of your other endeavors.

As a streamer, you need a streaming desk that can accommodate your needs without breaking the bank.

To assist you in picking the best desk for streaming, we’ve compiled a list of gaming desks specifically for you.

Roundup of the Best Desk for Streaming Options

SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk 60 INCHOverall Best Streaming Desk
Casaottima L Shaped Gaming DeskBest L-Shaped Streaming Desk
Cubiker L-Shaped Streaming DeskBest Multipurpose Desk
EUREKA ERGONOMIC Standing DeskBest Electric Height Adjustable Desk
SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming DeskBest Spacious Streaming Desk
FLEXISPOT Adjustable Gaming Computer DeskBest Comfortable Streaming Desk
EUREKA ERGONOMIC Z1-S Pro Gaming DeskBest Budget Streaming Desk
VITESSE Gaming Desk 63 Inch, Ergonomic Gamer Computer DeskBest Streaming Desk for Beginners
CubiCubi Battleship Gaming DeskBest Stylish Streaming Desk
Rolanstar Streaming Computer DeskBest Lighting Streaming Desk

Why Do You Need a Streaming Desk?

Why Do You Need a Streaming Desk?
Why Do You Need a Streaming Desk?

You need a streaming desk to give your room setup a nice, clean look and house all your streaming equipment without hassle.

Things to Consider When Buying a Streaming Desk



We hate to be the ones to ruin your good time, but you should never ignore costs.

Even if the price is over the roof, that doesn’t mean it’s great quality. It can, however, serve as a decent indicator of the product’s quality.

For instance, a product with a suspiciously low price may be made with cheap materials and won’t last very long.



The size of your future desk is crucial, whether you want to use it for streaming or playing games. Even if you discover a desk that seems perfect in every way, it will be useless if it doesn’t fit into your designated area.

Similarly, it will be useless if there isn’t enough space on the tabletop to keep your stuff or if you don’t account for future equipment purchases.

The desk’s height is also critical. You won’t use it for very long if it’s too cramped. Some people indeed favor standing workstations.



The materials you choose for your streaming desk are crucial, and many options are available today.

It may not seem important to pick a tabletop made of PVC, particleboard, or anything else. Still, serious gamers and streamers will always value the ones allowing them to move around the table freely.

Of course, it’s a big benefit if anything is durable, scratch-resistant, or watertight.

We also recommend that you carefully consider the desk’s frame material since this will determine whether or not you end up with a sturdy, reliable desk or a shaky, unstable one.

Add Ons

Add Ons
Add Ons

You may not think you need a desk with accessories like a monitor stand, shelves, storage space, USB connections for charging, headphone hooks, or cup holders. Still, in reality, most people appreciate having these options.

They aren’t added as gimmicks to drive the price but as features necessary to make the desk useful.



Desks come in various shapes and sizes, and the one you choose will likely come down to aesthetics.

However, the desk’s design may be decisive in certain cases, such as while working in confined quarters.

If you’re limited on floor space, an L-shaped desk may be your best option.

Tabletops designed with comfort are also well-received in the gaming community.

10 Best Desk for Streaming Options

1. SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk 60 INCH

Overall Best Streaming Desk

  • Great design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sturdy
  • Easy assembly
  • None

When the word “warrior” appears in the name of a gaming device, you know it will be revolutionary in appearance, massive in size, and extremely dependable. The Seven Warrior Gaming Desk fully delivers on this and more. Hence, no wonder it is the best overall streaming desk on our list.

You can use this desk in a residential or professional setting; the maker emphasizes this aspect.

Based on our evaluations, we can tell you that the Seven Warrior Gaming Desk provides a lot of room for all your games and streams. Thanks to the alloy metal construction and the T-shaped legs with adjustable footpads for various surface conditions, it’s sturdy.

In that manner, no matter where in the room you set up your desk, the top will be perfectly flat.

The best thing we liked about the Seven Warrior gaming desk was that the desk has a cool textured carbon fiber top with a dragon design that is both a brand emblem and a stylized representation of the animal.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, this top layer is also entirely waterproof, making it functionally equivalent to a mouse pad in cleaning and upkeep.

Additionally, we love that a standard cup holder, a gaming handle rack, and headset hooks are some goodies that come standard on the Seven Warrior Gaming Desk.

We must pay particular attention to the last point. For example, it has 4 USB charging connections at the base and can store gamepads or CDs.

In conclusion, this workstation is great for streaming because it has plenty of room for your equipment, you can spread out comfortably, and you won’t get squished against the wall. Moreover, it will make you feel at ease, whether playing video games or watching streams online, so that you can put the entire surface to good use.

View on Amazon: SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk 60 INCH

2. Casaottima L Shaped Gaming Desk

Best L-Shaped Streaming Desk

  • Offers plenty of additional space
  • Ergonomic
  • Various customization options
  • Versatile
  • The cup holder is a bit small

What if you need a desk for a corner location (in a room, an office, etc.), but you’d like to access both sides of the desk simultaneously? The 51-inch and 66-inch versions of the L-shaped Casaottima L Shaped Desk fill this need. The Casaottima L Shaped Desk is the best L-shaped streaming desk on our list; you’ll see why below.

The L-shape and built-in monitor stand of an L-desk make it a versatile piece of furniture. Have your monitors on one side and your desk or game console on the other? Don’t worry!

During our evaluations, we found that the iron hook and monitor stand included with this desk will give you extra room to spread out your work materials, play games, watch shows, or do your homework.

Plus, we feel that you will love this if you are a realist.

The company designed the desk with these aspects in mind so that you can have a more satisfying gaming experience.

We also feel that thanks to the carbon fiber finish, you won’t have to worry about your desk being scratched or skidding around. Instead, it’ll be simple to wipe down after use.

It has enough space for at least three workstations. It may accommodate more if necessary and is sturdy enough to support your essential office machinery.

When you’re done, you’ll have a solid desk in front of you because the materials are top-notch, and the instructions are thorough and helpful.

In conclusion, this desk is a fantastic option for those who want to put everything in one corner – the necessities for gaming, business stuff, and extra shelving. It is a wonderful choice for individuals who wish to keep everything in one corner. We highly recommend this desk as the best L-shaped gaming desk.

View on Amazon: Casaottima L Shaped Gaming Desk

3. Cubiker L-Shaped Streaming Desk

Best Multipurpose Desk

  • Affordable
  • Well designed
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not great value for the money

Cubiker’s L-shaped desk is a great example of the company’s commitment to creating cheap multipurpose workstations throughout its product lines, especially its gaming desks. As a result, this gaming desk is the best multipurpose desk on our list.

The Cubiker L-shaped workstation is optimized for gaming and streaming thanks to its layout and accessories. During our reviews, we felt that this L-shaped desk will fit neatly into the corner of your office, living room, or dorm room, which may seem like stating the obvious at this point.

Considering that the desk’s surface is large enough to handle all your streaming gear and other accouterments, this becomes especially crucial for casters who operate in a cramped space.

Another appealing quality of this desk that we loved was that its L-shape also lends it a degree of modularity. So if you take two Cubiker L-Shaped desks and put them together, you’ve got yourself the ideal desk and streaming arrangement.

With efficiency in mind, Cubiker’s L-shaped workstation has a second monitor rack. The extra monitor can be placed on it and attached to the left or right side of the table or wherever you like. We recognize this usefulness for those of you who are only interested in design as a side hustle.

Moreover, we feel that the X-shaped braces added to the metal frame ensure the structure won’t wobble. This quality also contributes to their increased load-bearing capacity.

Last but not least, you can fine-tune your desk’s stability on uneven surfaces with the help of leveling foot pads.

In conclusion, the Cubiker L Shaped streaming desk is excellent. The desk is solid and can support up to 225 pounds, so you can put a lot of stuff on it without worrying about it falling over and obstructing your view. This desk is ideal if you require space for many monitors or streaming equipment.

View on Amazon: Cubiker L-Shaped Streaming Desk


Best Electric Height Adjustable Desk

  • Ample space
  • Very sturdy
  • Great value-for-money
  • Superior build quality
  • Hard assembly

EUREKA ERGONOMIC Standing Desk offers unrivaled quality for the price. This is because adjustable electric desks usually cost twice as much as their manual counterparts. Moreover, the EUREKA ERGONOMIC Standing Desk is the best height-adjustable desk on our list.

Keeping your back healthy when working from home is easier if you vary your position every so often, as is the case for many of us. It’s impossible to avoid sitting all day unless you use a standing desk. While manual models are affordable, a motorized workstation is much more convenient.

This standing desk is ideal for both professional and recreational use.

Reviewing the EUREKA ERGONOMIC Standing Desk, we discovered that it has a spacious bamboo desk that you can purchase in many colors and a solid steel frame. This desk type may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option, but it has everything you need to improve your posture.

We love that you can change the height of the desk by just pressing a single button on the front of the desk. While the desktop is somewhat substantial, the motor is surprisingly quiet and operates flawlessly. However, there is one drawback: the desk does not have a memory function that allows it to return to previously established heights. Further, there is no slot for threading cables.

In conclusion, when it comes to electric height adjustable desks, the EUREKA ERGONOMIC Standing Desk is the best. It has all the bells and whistles you’d want in a gaming desk. Also, we’re sure you won’t find a more reasonably priced motorized standing desk than the EUREKA ERGONOMIC Standing Desk.

View on Amazon: EUREKA ERGONOMIC Standing Desk

5. SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk

Best Spacious Streaming Desk

  • Simple design
  • Ergonomically made
  • Appropriate for different uses
  • Value for money
  • Hard to assemble

The Seven Warrior gaming desk is your best option if you want a new setup but don’t have a tonne of bulky equipment that needs extra shelving.

Reviewing this desk, we found that this desk’s generous measurements of 55.10 inches in width, 25.50 inches in depth, and 29.50 inches in height provide ample room for your work. Its solid construction allows it to support a considerable amount of weight—up to 330 pounds, to be exact—so you can set down any of your gear without worrying about it toppling over.

Hence, we can safely say that if you have dogs who like to hang out around your desk, don’t worry about scratching or denting the carbon fiber surface because it feels great and is highly sturdy.

Also, we noticed that you can adjust this desk’s feet to accommodate various flooring types and heights, so it can function well in homes with varying levels of flatness and bumpiness.

In conclusion, it’s a fantastic option for gamers because of its spacious design and plenty of extra features, especially if you utilize a couple or more monitors at once. So whether you’re furnishing a brand-new gaming den or giving your old one a facelift, this straightforward desk will do the trick.

View on Amazon: SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk

6. FLEXISPOT Adjustable Gaming Computer Desk

Best Comfortable Streaming Desk

  • Electronic height adjustment
  • Excellent value for money
  • Highly durable
  • Great ergonomics
  • Heavy

You can expect the most discerning gamers to be pleased by the FLEXISPOT adjustable gaming computer desk’s outstanding gaming surface, sturdy yet elegant construction, and clean overall design. Also, the desk is so comfortable that you’ll feel you’re operating on a recliner. No wonder it is the best comfortable streaming desk on our list.

Like many other FLEXISPOT items, the manufacturer promotes this desk as a flexible workspace suitable for various tasks. We feel that everything about the table was indeed made with gamers in mind, from the ergonomic form of the surface to the various extras.

Also, we love that the surface is thin enough that mike boom stands won’t be an issue. Our Blue Yeti boom stand performed as planned, so we were not surprised.

Reviewing this desk, we found that the metal structure is built to last, offering support and room to stretch your legs. Nice touches include adjustable feet that prevent scratching, slipping, and toppling over.

Last but not least, the FLEXISPOT gaming desk comes with “necessary” gaming features like a cup holder and a clip for your headphones.

In conclusion, the FLEXISPOT gaming desk is outstanding. It offers ample space, superior comfort and great ergonomics. The electric height adjustment is the best feature of this desk. Simply attach it to the underside of your desk, and you’ll have a sturdy platform upon which to work while standing.

View on Amazon: FLEXISPOT Adjustable Gaming Computer Desk

7. EUREKA ERGONOMIC Z1-S Pro Gaming Desk

Best Budget Streaming Desk

  • Cable management system
  • Controller stand
  • Custom mouse pad
  • Affordable
  • Not the most ergonomic

The Eureka Z1S-Pro is now one of the gaming workstations with the most appealing aesthetic. It features RGB lighting, which improves the atmosphere of your gaming room. In addition, the desktop has a texture that looks like carbon fiber, which contributes to the great appearance of the product. Also, this desk is the best budget streaming desk. When you look at the price, you’ll be surprised to see the value for money you’ll get with this desk.

Reviewing the desk, we felt that the Z-leg design makes it a stable workstation, which is ideal for broadcasters and gamers both. The manufacturer created this workstation with e-sports practice in mind specifically. This gaming desk has a balancing lever that helps reinforce the table, making it as stable as possible.

Based on our evaluations, we also loved that the Z1S-Pro also comes with its mouse pad meticulously crafted with utmost care and attention to detail. Grommets for cable management are also present with this desk, so you won’t have to worry about tripping over any wires. Have we also mentioned the cupholder, the headphones hook, and the controller stand?

In conclusion, the Z1S-Pro is a fantastic streaming desk. It has various features, is highly affordable, and has superior comfort. Additionally, it has great build quality to ensure its longevity for years to come. We highly recommend purchasing this streaming desk because it is among the best available.

View on Amazon: EUREKA ERGONOMIC Z1-S Pro Gaming Desk

8. VITESSE Gaming Desk

Best Streaming Desk for Beginners

  • Affordable
  • Large size
  • Multiple storage options
  • Lightweight
  • Build quality could have been better

The Vitesse gaming desk, while being packed with storage choices for your gaming gear, being adjustable, wearing minimalistic aesthetics, and being either black with red or blue stripes, depending on the model, nevertheless manages to appear visually effective. It is the best streaming desk for beginners.

Reviewing this desk, we noticed that this inexpensive desk has all the features and proportions a beginner gamer or streamer needs and comes reasonably priced. While it may not be perfect, serious gamers won’t discover many issues.

We feel that the sturdy construction and long lifespan of the Vitesse gaming desk result from its cutting-edge design and high-quality materials. The desk’s legs not only add stability but also give you plenty of room to stretch out your legs.

The vast array of compartments to store your gaming gear is undoubtedly the most amazing aspect of the Vitesse gaming desk and what sets it apart from the competitors.

Based on our due diligence, we conclude that if you’re a gamer, you’ll love the Vitesse workstation because it has room for all your gear. It conveniently stores things like headphones, drinks, and game controllers. In addition, the 63-inch surface area allows for numerous monitor setups without compromising room for other gaming necessities.

With this gaming desk’s built-in charging connection, you can charge many devices at once. Plus, complete with a gaming mouse pad, it’s ready to go as soon as you unpack it.

In conclusion, the Vitesse gaming desk is outstanding. It has superior ergonomics and offers various features for beginners. Also, you won’t find a better gaming workstation than this one. Its wide range of capabilities, sturdy construction, and reasonable price make it a top pick. We highly recommend this streaming desk.

View on Amazon: VITESSE Gaming Desk

9. CubiCubi Battleship Gaming Desk

Best Stylish Streaming Desk

  • Looks amazing
  • Great ergonomics
  • Adjustable
  • Additional space
  • Can feel heavy

Although there is room for a lot of equipment on this desk, and it is capable of doing the duties of a streamer, it will most likely be useful for people who work from home, such as programmers. Moreover, it is the best stylish streaming desk on our list. As soon as you look at it, you’ll fall in love!

Reviewing this desk, we noticed that the first thing that jumps out about this desk is its modern work surface, which features an eye-catching wood design that lends an air of refined sophistication to any office area.

Nevertheless, we feel that besides its good appearance, this desk offers you a great deal of adaptability in terms of its utility.

We also love that you can change the desk’s height to one of three different settings, depending on what feels most comfortable. The legs are also adjustable.

As the mechanism that enables this function is steel, the robustness of the desk will not be affected by anything you do to it.

Due to all of these features, this desk has a capacity of up to 330 pounds, which means that it can accommodate everything you require.

Even though the wheels on the desk can rotate, you can easily arrange everything to stay in place and avoid scratches and other similar things from happening. That’s because the casters on the desk have locks on them.

In conclusion, the CubiCubi Battleship gaming desk looks absolutely stunning. It has great ergonomics, offers superior comfort, and is very long-lasting. Moreover, the desk offers plenty of streaming and gaming-related features to ensure a seamless streaming experience.

View on Amazon: CubiCubi Battleship Gaming Desk

10. Rolanstar Streaming Computer Desk

Best Lighting Streaming Desk

  • Excellent lighting
  • Good, reliable build
  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality desk
  • Bulky

The Rolanstar streaming computer desk is a great piece of furniture that can accommodate as many as three regular-sized monitors or numerous ultra-wide displays. With its inwardly curved shape, you’ll be at a comfortable working distance from your displays while also having room for a stream deck and a desktop computer if you like to keep it off the ground.

Moreover, this streaming desk has excellent lighting. Hence, you’ll love this desk. No wonder it is the best lighting streaming desk on our list.

Reviewing this desk, we discovered that the desk’s height varies, ranging from 28 to 32 inches. The desk has a monitor attachment mechanism, a desk pad, and a cable management basket.

We also found that the desk can support up to 176 lbs when fully loaded. Cords can be hidden away in netting under the desk and accessed through three holes in the desk’s surface. The space is large enough to accommodate three monitors and all the necessary streaming or gaming gear.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a streaming desk that has all the bells and whistles for a streaming desk, go no further than the Rolanstar streaming computer desk. The streaming desk can accommodate various pieces of equipment and has nice lighting. Overall, this workstation is perfect for you if you have a lot of extra gear and monitors.

View on Amazon: Rolanstar Streaming Computer Desk

Frequently Asked Questions About a Streaming Desk

What Is the Ideal Desk Size for Streaming?

The standard dimensions for a gaming desk are 60 inches in width, 30 inches in depth, and 30 inches in height. This size provides ample room for your gaming accessories, plus some. Likewise, how you play a game can affect what size desktop is ideal for you.

How Should I Organize My Gaming Desk?

There’s no right or wrong rule in organizing a streaming desk. Instead, you must organize the desk according to your needs and taste.

Are Streaming Desks Expensive?

Not all streaming desks are expensive. And, at the end of the day, it’s all about your choice. In fact, there are lots of inexpensive streaming desks that compete with the pricier versions.

Is a Streaming Desk Worth it?

A streaming desk is worth it because it gives you additional space, a good aesthetic appearance, and a comfortable working and streaming position.

Final Words

Getting a new streaming desk that is both effective and affordable might be a challenge.

That is why we made sure our list was comprehensive and gave you a good look at what’s out there.

We’ve included affordable options and more ostentatious desks that make a bold statement about your streaming or gaming fervor.

The SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk is the best streaming desk overall.

However, go with the FLEXISPOT Adjustable Computer Gaming Desk if you want more comfort.

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