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Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

We’ve Got the Answer!

Are Gaming Chairs Worth It

Let’s cut straight to the chase, gaming chairs are completely worth purchasing, and most gaming enthusiasts will agree. While many people find the idea of buying a gaming chair nothing but fancy, gaming chairs can actually improve the gaming experience and performance (like the best gaming mice, keyboard and so on).

Even though they are popular for their aesthetic appeal, there’s more to gaming chairs than mere style. In this guide, we’ll answer the popular question “are gaming chairs worth it?” in detail, for those who are still on the fence when it comes to buying a gaming chair. Read on to get your answer.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Gaming Chair

Even though gaming chairs are more expensive than the regular office chairs, here are 5 reasons why you should not think twice before buying one:

1. Gaming Chairs Have a Bold and Stylish Design

Firstly, most gaming chairs on the market comprise a sharp, eye-catching design. You’ll find gaming chairs in bold, vibrant colors; cool patterns and macho styling. Some gaming chair models also sport colors and patterns from popular games. 

Secondly, gaming chairs always comprise a bucket seat, which helps a great deal in ensuring the utmost comfort during long gaming sessions. The chairs come with support cushions and a high backrest for a healthy posture. Various chair and headrest height adjustability options allow you to position your eyes and body per your convenience, to minimize strain. Adjustable armrests prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Lastly, almost all gaming chairs come with reclining and rocking features that allow you to relax your body during intensive and exhaustive gaming sessions.

2. Gaming Chairs Are the Epitome of Comfort

Yes, that’s right. As a gamer, you know how long gaming sessions can last; sometimes from the morning till night. Therefore, having a comfortable chair is nothing but essential.

Initially, you may find your gaming chair less comfortable than your regular office chair; however, once your body gets used to the comfort and support provided by the gaming chair, there’s no going back. We bet you’ll use the gaming chair for your office space too.

3. Gaming Chairs Come with a Variety of Adjustable Features

Gaming chairs come with a plethora of adjustable features that you may not find in regular office chairs. Even the most basic gaming chairs come with adjustment options.

As already mentioned above, all gaming chairs provide gamers with the option to adjust the height of the chair, armest, headrest and so on. High-end gaming chairs have 4D adjustable armrests, which means that you can adjust the angle, height and width of the armrest per your convenience. 

Reclining backrests are also a blessing that come with gaming chairs. Many top-end models also allow you to lock the backrest upon reclining it.

4. Gaming Chairs Are Available in a Variety of Sizes

Another great thing about gaming chairs is that they are available in a wide range of sizes to suit different body types and heights. It doesn’t matter how much you weigh or how tall/short you are; there’s a gaming chair for each gamer out there on the market. However, choosing the right-sized gaming chair can be a daunting task and should be done carefully.

5. Gaming Chairs Enhance Your Performance

As discussed above, gaming chairs ensure a comfortable and delightful gaming experience, which translates into better and faster performance. The right posture provides the utmost comfort that leads to increased concentration and faster action time. 

So, Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

Yes, yes, yes! Gaming chairs are absolutely worth every dollar you invest in them. In fact, according to a report by Business Wire, the gaming chair market is expected to grow by USD 71.3 million between 2020 and 2024. The gaming industry has evolved significantly in the last few decades, which has resulted in the increased demand for gaming chairs and consoles. 

Americans are using gaming chairs not only for gaming but also for regular use; thanks to the excellent comfort provided by gaming chairs.

For Whom Are Gaming Chairs Not Worth Buying?

Firstly, if you are not a gamer or don’t spend a lot of time sitting at one place, it won’t be a good idea to invest in an expensive gaming chair. 

Secondly, if you already have a habit of maintaining a good posture, even a regular office chair can work wonders for you.

Lastly, if you are a frequent traveler, you may not find it easy to carry your gaming chair around. Therefore, you can skip the idea of buying one.

Best Gaming Chairs on the Market – Our Top 3 Recommendations

Now that you know gaming chairs are worth buying, here’s a list of 3 top-rated gaming chairs on the market. We’ve tried and tested each chair and completely loved all 3.

1. RESPAWN 110 – Best Overall Gaming Chair


  • Great back padding
  • Comfortable and adjustable headrest and lumbar pads
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Solid build; sturdy and durable
  • Looks cool and stylish
  • Value for money


  • Armrest was a little loose and uncomfortable

We found this chair to be the best in terms of everything – comfort, durability, price, style and so on. There’s not even one area where the chair disappointed us. 

Firstly, the chair is covered with high-quality leather, which is sweatproof. Therefore, you can spend hours in this chair, gaming or watching your favorite TV shows, without feeling uncomfortable. 

Secondly, it is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs we’ve come across. The padded armrests provide the utmost relief to your elbows during intensive gaming. Not only this but the adjustable head and lumbar pillow provide you with all the support you need to prevent physical strain and stress. Another interesting comfort-feature of this chair is the extendable foot support. So, whenever you feel your feet are getting tired, you can provide them with a luxurious cushion.

Lastly, you can recline and lock the gaming chair at any angle. In conclusion, RESPAWN 101 is one of the best gaming chairs on the market.

2. GTRACING Music Gaming Chair – Best Gaming Chair With Speakers


  • Comes with a detailed instruction manual
  • Comfortable; great for lumbar support
  • Speakers deliver crystal clear and high-quality sound
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Bluetooth is easy to set up and use
  • Can be connected to PC, smartphone, tablet or any other devices that supports Bluetooth
  • Multipurpose chair


  • Assembly can take up to an hour

We found the GTRACING Musical Gaming Chair really interesting. What’s gaming without powerful sound? And, this is exactly what the GTRACING chair delivers. It provides you with the utmost comfort to enhance your gaming experience and delivers excellent sound to make it more realistic. 

Initially, we picked this chair based on its look. It was later that we found out that GTRACING is a musical gaming chair. You can connect the gaming chair with different devices, such as your smartphone, tablet and all other Bluetooth-supporting devices.

Firstly, the phenomenal surround sound provided by the speakers bring your games to life. The stereo sound is crystal clear and comprises solid bass. The speakers are situated at the back of the headrest.

Secondly, the chair looks chic and stylish. It is also sturdy and durable; thanks to the premium-quality metal-based construction. The seat is padded and great for long gaming sessions.

Lastly, the chair comes with an adjustable armrest, headrest and a variety of recline options. You can also use it as a rocking chair or swivel 360 degrees. You can also make the most of the removable headrest cushion to pamper your neck. 

We bought this chair specifically for gaming; however, we now use it as an office and a study chair too. Yes, it’s that comfortable. It not only feels but looks great too. In conclusion, the GTRACING Music Gaming Chair can be a great buy if you are looking for a gaming chair that’s unique, comfortable and stylish. We did not experience any issues with the gaming chair.

3. BIRDROCK HOME Gaming Chair – Best Floor Gaming Chair


  • Extremely comfortable; the material used is very soft; thickly padded on a metal frame
  • Easily affordable
  • No installation required; can be used out of the box
  • Can be adjusted to lay flat and up to 90 degrees
  • High-quality product
  • Ideal for adults and kids
  • Strong and durable


  • Height of the back is not enough for adequate neck support

First things first, don’t get confused here; this gaming chair is different from both the gaming chairs discussed above. The BIRDROCK HOME Gaming Chair is a floor gaming chair, meaning you place it on the floor and you use it like a floor cushion to support your back.

At first, we were not happy with the idea of buying this chair, even for testing purposes as it did not come across as a gaming chair at all; however, upon conducting market research, we realized the popularity of the chair.

No assembly, no installation; all you need to do is place the chair on the floor and enjoy a comfortable gaming session. 

Firstly, the gaming chair is made of premium-quality chopped foam and a piece of luxurious fabric to provide the most comfortable gaming experience ever. We really underestimated the value of this chair. If you think the chair doesn’t provide back support similar to the other gaming chairs on our list, you are wrong. You can make the most of the 14 different positions to place your back in whichever position you like.

Secondly, you can easily store the gaming chair wherever you like. Place it under your bed, table, or in your wardrobe. It doesn’t consume much space.

Lastly, the floor gaming chair is a multipurpose product. You can lay it completely flat and use it as a yoga mat, meditation cushion and what not.

So, if you are someone who believes in comfort over everything else, we suggest you buy the BIRDROCK HOME Gaming Chair. It’s unique, comfortable, portable and extremely affordable too.

Final Words

So, you have got the answer to the question “are gaming chairs worth it?” But, have you decided if you want to buy a gaming chair? Well, once again, gaming chairs are worth every dollar you spend on them; especially, if you are a big-time gamer. If you’ve invested in good gaming accessories, such as the best gaming mice and so on, why not invest in a good gaming chair too?

Both the gaming chair recommendations shared above are equally phenomenal. We bought both the chairs and tested them before writing their reviews. We promise to bring you more gaming chair recommendations soon.

We sincerely hope you found the guide useful. If you have a different opinion about gaming chairs, do let us know by posting your thoughts in the comment section below.

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